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LOSQ/LiR - LineageOS 17.1/18.1-UNOFFICIAL-GSI

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Aug 6, 2021
My advice bro:
- First flash stock Recovery in fastboot mode using command:
fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk RECOVERY_RAMDISK-9.1.img

- Flash Service ROM Download
(it will erase all your data!)

- Do clean Lineage GSI flashing , follow this guide

Hi Alf!

I did this all step by step. before the clean flash of Lineage GSI i also flashed the new Phenix-Kernel. I checked the new Kernel version in settings from stock rom and it worked. After that i made a clean flash of Lineage and it seems that fastboot made a good job..but lineage doesnt start correct now - there is standing: "Your device is booting" yes but since 30 minutes!?
What could get wrong and how can i fix this problem? back to stock rom and than again a clean flash of Lineage?
please help


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Mar 9, 2011
Huawei P20 Lite
Hi Alf!

I did this all step by step. before the clean flash of Lineage GSI i also flashed the new Phenix-Kernel. I checked the new Kernel version in settings from stock rom and it worked. After that i made a clean flash of Lineage and it seems that fastboot made a good job..but lineage doesnt start correct now - there is standing: "Your device is booting" yes but since 30 minutes!?
What could get wrong and how can i fix this problem? back to stock rom and than again a clean flash of Lineage?
please help
Could you please explain all the steps that are you followed?
Sound strange lineage not boot after kernel flash.
If you flash back stock kernel lineage boot? Have you flash magisk or twrp?



Aug 6, 2021

Installing Magisk (version 23.0) instead of (21.0) and TWRP works like in this description?

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Jan 5, 2019
You are doing something wrong :).
i clearly did everything as you said. Bootloader is unlocked. I extracted the img file and flashed it with fastboot. I waited for around a minute and a half and then i typed fastboot reboot. Then i got to erecovery where i did a factory reset and then when i try to boot it sends me to twrp

Mahad Habib

Jul 24, 2016
Huawei P20 Lite
So I installed Lir-v312 and after a while it started saying emergency calls only? Im getting no signals for some reason. Can someone try it and confirm whether i'm the only one with this problem or are you facing it too.

(I can see my sim toolkit in the app drawer though??)

edit: This was just a problem with my carrier LOOOL please ignore this.
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    I finally managed to install lineageos 18
    Doing some tests, I thought that the calls did not work,
    this because it does not come with ringtones, alarms, notifications.
    so i add them manually and all good.

    I tried to install the GCAM and none of the apks I downloaded worked correctly.
    meh !! it is not a problem for me.
    But great was my disappointment to see that it does not have FM RADIO.
    I will try to find a solution to this, otherwise I will install lineageos 16

    View attachment 5417035View attachment 5417037View attachment 5417039
    FYI footej camera is a good enough replacement for gcam.
    Hey, @-Alf-!

    Thank you a lot for your builds. I was able to install both latest LiR and crDRom (after some tweaking) on a Huawei P Smart 2018 (FIG-LX1 C432).

    I recently unlocked its bootloader and updated it to the latest supported stock version of EMUI9 ( The problem is that it has a small system partition, only about 2.4GB. Looking around, I've found that that most GSI ROMs have multiple versions of the vndk files, so I manually deleted the ones the phone does not need (it uses vndk28 only) and then I could install and boot normally.

    I installed LiR first, but because I plan to use MicroG only and it does not support Signature Spoofing, I move to crDRom. I was the best experience out of box: I could enable NFC using your ZIP (I installed the files manually, but I was not able to fully test if it actually works so far) and even the fingerprint gesture to show the notification shade worked while all other Treble based ROMs didn't.

    There are a few small bugs, if I can help fixing them, please tell me how:
    1. No call or notification sounds: UI sounds work, like touch and camera sounds, but nothing else. Copying a backup I had to the internal storage worked (Alarm/Notifications/Ringtone folders). I can see the file in the system folder, I have no idea why they do not appear in the Sound Picker app;
    2. If I enable only the sound for the charger connect/disconnect events, it still vibrates (the option in the stock Settings is enabled);
    3. Calls work, but I think the signal icon does not display the strength value correctly;
    4. The stock camera app does not work with flash, but I think it is know bug for most Treble ROMs, I have not found a good replacement yet (tried Footej, HedgeCam2 and OpenCamera, I like OpenCamera more so far);
    5. The same goes for the FMRadio app, I was not able to install the stock app back due to some permission issue (maybe I need to sign the APK again).
    Again, thank you!
    As you can see, LiR is not developed nor maintained by me . I just want to share my experience with you all.
    Then ask the autor :
    But I can answer some of the questions:
    3. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...reble-signal-level-path.4327961/post-85571203
    4. Use Footej camera 2-Premium
    5. FM Radio doesn't work on Kirin-devices.

    @-Alf- I think I got too excited and confused the authors of the ROMs, I am sorry. Anyway, you helped a lot. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

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    For those who want to try LineageOS 17.1/18.1-UNOFFICIAL-GSI . IMO stable enough to be used as your daily driver.

    LOSQ/LiR is not developed nor maintained by me!
    Credits: @eremitein

    Requirements: basically full stock EMUI 9.1, with stock recovery_ramdisk.

    Note: I prefer to install in fastboot mode, it's quick, easy and most importantly, safe.

    IMPORTANT! Before booting up the ROM, you will need to perform a factory reset in stock recovery!
    Install arm64-b.. only!

    1. LOSQ - LineageOS 17.1-unofficial-GSI
    with the GAPPS
    without GAPPS
    LiR- LineageOS 18.1-unofficial-GSI

    2. Extract the ROM .img file from the compressed file.
    3. Flash extracted losq/lir... .img from fastboot , use command
    fastboot flash system (file_name).img
    4. Run command fastboot reboot, unplug your phone, when appears on screen yellow warning, press and hold for 3 sec Volume Up . In eRecovery select 'Wipe data/factory reset'.Reboot .

    NFC :

    Magisk root (23.0):

    (Note: If you don't plan to use TWRP, simply install patched Recovery_ramdisk in fastboot mode. Run command
    fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk magisk_patched-23.img ),

    - download and install Magisk manager-23.apk:

    - Install TWRP-9.1
    over eRecovery (it's necessary on EMUI 9.1):
    - copy TWRP file to the SD card, and also copy to the SD card patched Recovery_ramdisk:

    - flash TWRP - run command
    fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk (TWRP's_name).img
    - boot into TWRP, select storage - SD Card, select "Install image", find TWRP-9.1.img file and mark eRecovery, swipe. Go back, find magisk_patched-23.img file, mark Recovery, swipe. Go back to the TWRP's main menu, select Reboot > Recovery. Done.
    Note: you then need to boot your phone every time via Recovery. It'll boot into android as normal but with root.

    To remove Magisk reinstall stock recovery_ramdisk via TWRP or fastboot , download Here

    How to boot into TWRP:
    - Turn off your phone, connect to the PC (or charger), then press and hold Power + Volume Up, device will reboot into eRecovery (= TWRP).

    How to boot into patched Recovery :
    - Restart your phone, when appears the yellow warning on the screen, press and hold Volume Up for ~ 2 sec,
    release the button and immediately press and hold again for ~ 2 sec. Repeat it 6-7 times, the device will reboot into Stock Recovery (you can perform Wipe cache or Factory reset).

    Okay, I have enough gps to use that phone I think with google precision location. But I think if I had to daily dive a car I would get back to stock lol
    Hello, maybe I found how to fix GPS (I'm running Lir again :p ).
    I tried replace some files with default extracted from stock, and it worked :oops: .
    - Download files:
    - Go root/system/etc
    - Replace gps.debug.conf with downloaded gps.debug.conf file
    - Copy to system/etc also second file gps.debug
    - Open system/etc/permissions and copy here android.hardware.location.gps.xml file.
    Did anyone testet LineageOS 18.1 as their daily driver and can give a review?
    I use it for about a week as daily driver.

    I think it's a lot smoother in daily handling than stock ( I use it with nova launcher). After some tweaking every thing I need is working:
    • I get full safety net with magisk and hide props plugin. I also use systemless host. I do not see netflix in playstore, but I could install the app from apkmirror and start it . I don't have an account, so I can't tell if it really works.
    • NFC fix is installed and works. To use it with the german ausweisApp I had to install xposed and nfc extended module. My finding was, that enabled xposed kills safetynet status, so it's not active until I need it.
    • The german bank app dkb tan2go has a very aggressive root detection, it works while magisk is frozen (with titanium).
    • All other banking apps I tried did work with magisk hide (I don't use garmin pay with my watch, so I did not try google pay)
    • Switching audio after inserting / releasing wired headsets does work.
    • Fast charging works (did not try offline charging, I just switch my phone to flight mode if I don't use it)
    I just found two minor issues until now:
    • Bluetooth is sometimes a bit buggy: Headphones disconnect after starting to play audio - but this happens only for 1- 4 times, then the connection is stable. This affects different receiver, so I think it's a problem with the rom / the phone.
    • Signal meter for mobile radio does not work, but you can use apps/widgets from play store to show signal strength
    Hope this helps
    It may be due to Phenix Kernel. You don't need it at all, use it only when you need to switch SELinux.
    No, it's okay, now I tried it with latest Phenix installed, everything works like a charme (lir-v302-bgZ)
    Pardon my mistake, @TureX .
    LineageOS 18.1- unofficial GSI my experience: for huawei owners, this is basically the same ROM as 17.1 except of dynamic root (Z) - 18.1 is pre-rooted with the SuperUser (you can enable/disable superuser root without rebooting).