Question Lost rooting Realme GT

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Nov 20, 2022

I am trying to root my phone, I already unlocked fastboot and loaded TWRP. The main problem is that I try to extract with Python the boot.img from the firmware .ozip but I can't find the OZIP file, I just downloaded from realme page and some sites a firmware version with the .zip extension...

I tried to change it's extension to .ozip and then extract but there is no boot.img in the extracted file so I am a little bit lost right now.

On the other hand when I enter TWRP the touchscreen doesn't works and the phone always go to recovery when rebooted or fastboot when I press the - volume button.

What should I do..?

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    i dont know your version so im not sure which solution is better for you
    if you wanna just make boot.img use just download your ROM from here and use payload dumper go from this post

    if you wanna root directly this post will help you (just update the command from 24.3 to 25.2)