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Jul 14, 2008
Hershey PA
This is my review in my own words coming from the owner of a Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 tablet and a android user for over 20 years and Yes I received this tablet at a discounted price but in NO WAY does that change my views or thoughts on how I review this product, with that said this is the perfect tablet for first time users or like me "power users". This tablet is $81.99 and based of that price all this tablet does as far as performance and ease of use and just overall build quality it deserves 5 stars. As a heavy tablet user of $700 tablets I find myself using this tablet over my other tablets mainly because of the screen size which is 10.1in compared to my largest tablet that is also 10in BUT in all honesty the screen (as in colors) looks better on this tab. As as android developer this tablet offers "tech people" lots of fun too as this tablet is running Android 5.1 Lollipop and is pretty fast at handling tasks with its Quad Core processor and 1GB RAM. I am trying to keep review in simple terms but if you like to root and add modifications to your devices this tablet/pc is also very easy to root and mod. A few specs on the tablet I liked were, Quad Core Processor 1.3GHZ/Google Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System/Dual Cameras: Front 0.3 MP and Rear 2.0 MP but picture quality is not great but again this is a tablet not a camera and most every tablet I have owned in the past which is over 10 I never use the tablet for picture taking but if needed this does take good pictures and does the job/*8 GB capacity, extendable to 32 GB with an SD card* This is a HUGE feature and not offered on most tablets out there and neither of my $700 tablets offer extendable storage/5500mAh is a nice size and Im very much a gamer and my battery lasts a full day so im very happy with battery life. This is a tablet/Pc which means you also get a keyboard/case with this tablet, I don't use these often but for reviewing purposes I used the USB driven keyboard case which I found to be a good design and worked very well, I really liked the protection the case provided and loved the pull out stand on back of case for watching movies or using tablet as a PC and the magnetic closure worked well. They keyboard layout was nice and keys seem very soft when typing and had no issues navigating around screen. Tablet fit securely in case and also liked that the case has 2 holes or loops which are used for a stylus which I use when using a tablet. WiFi and BLUETOOTH worked as expected and had no issues connecting to multiple routers and at least 5 BLUETOOTH devices. Overall I was very impressed with this tablet, I put it through some very heavy loads to test speed and it handled everything I threw at it and PLEASE watch video to really show off tablet/PC in action and also show screen resolution and how screen reacts to scrolling and just a better overall view of the whole package. iRULU has absolutely wonderful customer care, I emailed them numerous times with questions and always received a fast/courteous reply. I really wanted people to see this in product decryption also " Tablet is GMS Tested and Certified by Google to guarantee consistent quality, assure reliability, and maximize privacy protection for secure browsing and communications"


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