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Question Low brightness (not dimming) on F3 ?

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Senior Member
Mar 23, 2013
Hi to all.

I've received my F3 today. I'm so happy.

The only flaw I've seen on it is about its brightness : it seems to be a bit low and we must push it quite almost 100 % to have decent brightness. To those who have received the phone : did you notice that ? I'm not talking about dimming but regular brightness for regular use (not heavy use)

Thanks for your answers


Jul 19, 2016
brightness seems fine to me,but unfortunatly it doesnt get as bright as a oneplus 8 indoor on max brighntess, but in the sun(max peak), the display of the poco is a bit brighter, so i am satisfied with the results.


Senior Member
Apr 29, 2018


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Feb 13, 2015
OnePlus One
Xiaomi Mi A1
Hi all,
I have just experienced a brightness problem,
It went very low on its own while not being in auto mode,
It even affected the brightness while the phone was off and charging, which scared me a bit lol,
I was about to seriously consider a factory reset and the brightness came back to its original levels,
The "brightness bar" was still at max during the issue,
And i think it is because i've stayed for too long under the hard sun 😬, playing videos for one hour or two and it happened while i was reading an article on Chrome.

Gud day!

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    I don't have any complaints either, the maximum brightness is excellent. Compared it to my brother's OnePlus 6T and the F3 is for sure brighter.
    Seems like a lot of people here like to have their brightness set to retina burn mode.

    I haven't used a OLED display phone yet but I'm pretty sure it'll be brighter than an IPS one at 450 nits max, even then I only have the brightness set to about 75%.
    Yea it's brightness is less than my oneplus 7t pro but it's Amoled is way better than my old phone when I watch YouTube video.
    thank you, but do you notice any brightness/grey background problems with low brightness in dark enviroment? Like the problem showed here
    the picture u send, looks pretty good to me
    I don't think so but I feel the brightness is way less than oneplus 7t pro which also Amoled if not mistaken but the youtube video I watch pco f3 wins hands down.