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low framerate and lag especially on google play videos (but also netflix)?

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Oct 18, 2007
I'm on Dtux Corp v7.5 had issue on 7.2 and on stock firmware on this Note 4 (and my previous one).
Rent a video on Google playstore (even just an SD video) and the framerate is jumpy as hell i'd guess about 12 fps or so and complex scenes choke up the device freezing playback. UI remains responsive and sometimes clicking pause/play or just tapping the screen gets it going. This seems to happen even on downloaded locally cached / offline content. Happens to a lesser degree on Netflix.
I'm on a clean install, on multiple devices, and multiple different firmwares.
Anyone else having these issues? Is it the DRM?
Help greatly appreciated. I've searched and not seen anyone else mentioning this.
+power save is off
+standard kernel
+does not occur on Note 10.1" 2014 version.
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