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low mic voice while on loudspeaker

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Senior Member
Mar 15, 2008
When I discovered the inadequacies of the speaker phone on the Tilt, I was unhappy, but figured that I use BT most of the time anyways. Unfortunately, BT is somewhat flaky as well. The Cyberon Voice dialer often takes two or three hits on my BT headset to fully activate to get it to accept a voice command. (Same on several headsets) Otherwise BT works fine. Call quality and volume on the ear speaker is great. But without a functional speakerphone and flaky BT operation, the Tilt is not the best cell phone, at least for my purposes. It is a great little portable computer though! I am probably going to give MS Voice Command a shot to see if that responds better to BT operation. After searching the forums here, it seems unlikely that the speakerphone issue is going away any time soon...


Jan 10, 2008
Not all Tilt have speakerphone problem

my boss' tilt's speakerphone works fine. full duplex. No cutting in or out like mine. What is the Deal?!?! I don't use the speaker, I can't.


Senior Member
Feb 14, 2008
the best voice quality phone i have ever used and better than almost all phones in the market currently is actually the HTC Tornado.

i have a Tornado, this Tilt, Nokia E61... and easily the Tornado is the fastest, best call voice quality, speakerphone quality, excellent signal strength even in poor reception areas..

the Tilt is #2 and the E61 comes in #3.

the only thing i dont like abt the tornado is that it looks too plain and doesnt look cool. but its an awesome awesome phone... i love it too much i dont wanna sell it.

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