Low-persistence display when rooted?

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Oct 3, 2022
Hi all,

The latest official update for the Pixel 5 dropped the FEATURE_VR_MODE_HIGH_PERFORMANCE system feature flag.

I don't have one of these devices myself, but I'm wondering if at least the display mode is still available when rooted.

If someone's running the latest AOSP on their Pixel 5, can you do an ls on /sys/class/backlight/panel0-backlight/ and see if there's a vr_mode in there? I reckon writing 0/1 to that file should enable/disable it.

I've got an AOSP ticket requesting that "low persistence" just be exposed as a display preference, so I'm interested if there are devices that have the display option still even without flagging FEATURE_VR_MODE_HIGH_PERFORMANCE.