Low volume from wired mic in all custom ROMs

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May 11, 2011
Hello guys and gals

I've been trying a lot of custom ROMs for our beloved 9T, and as is usual they all have their little bugs and quirks, some more some less.

However, one problem I noticed affects ALL custom roms for our device (well, the ones I tried at least) is that the microphone audio from any wired (3.5mm jack) headset has a VERY LOW VOLUME. Whenever I record a voice note in Whatsapp or any other app, or when I have a meeting with Google Meet, or even just recording my voice with a Voice Recorder app, it's extremely quiet, unless I talk right into the mic.

This was not the case on MIUI, so it's clearly a custom ROM issue. I wanted to know a couple of things:
1) I'm not crazy right, external mics DO have low volume on custom ROMs, yes? Or is this some issue specific to my device?
2) Any workarounds/solutions you can suggest?

By scouring the forums and searching on google, I think the problem is some misconfiguration in the /vendor/etc/mixer_paths_idp.xml file, however I have no clue which values to modify, since from what I read the values you should change are different depending on the device.

Any help or suggestion on this matter would be appreciated.