[LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980


Recognized Developer
Feb 20, 2010
TERA Prime.

Dorimanx LG G2 Kernel for STOCK 5.0.2 Branches!


Can be used Only for:
D800 Model!
D801 Model!
D802/5/6 Model!
LS980 Model!
VS980 Model!

STWEAKS == DORIMANX APP! there is NO more STweaks!​

My PM box, is for Emergency ONLY! do not send me PM's just because you cant post! that is lame, post something useful and post in thread.

IF you need answers to QUESTIONS not belong to Development???

My kernel was based on LG G2 Stock Kernel 30B.

Kernel Tree is 3.4.113, + LG LP updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning!

Global Credits!
Savoca for many kernel mods
Cyanogen ([email protected]) for many kernel mods
Faux123 for UV/OV, Sound Gain Control, Inteli Hotplug, Fast Charge support! and more!
Alucard_24 for Alucard Hotplug and mods.
LG for Stock kernel base!
MyFluxi for kernel updates and fixes.
To all my sources in GITHUB!
Linus Torvalds for Linux source!


  • Default I/O Scheduling: ZEN.
  • More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: ROW, FIOPS DEADLINE, NOOP, CFQ, SIO, BFQ.
  • Default CPU frequency: 300Mhz-2.26GHz (MAX OC up to 2.8Ghz speed!).
  • You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in Dorimanx App.
  • You can set MAX freq for screen OFF state!
  • Default CPU governor: Ondemand.
  • More CPU Govs present, conservative, performance, Intelidemand, Intellimm, Interactive, Nightmare, Hyper, Pegasusq, IntelliActive, Alucard, Darkness, Impulse, YankActive.
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Intelli HotPlug by @faux123)
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (Alucard HotPlug by @alucard_24)
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG (MSM HotPlug by @myfluxi)
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG ThunderPlug
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG AutoSMP
  • Support Inteli CPU Temp control (by @faux123)
  • Support for Touch BOOST CPU'S code (by @alucard_24)
  • Support for Async CPU, every core can have it's own min/max + cpu governor! (by @alucard_24)
  • Support 4 GPU Govs! + Tuning in Dorimanx App. (by @myfluxi)
  • Support limit OC to 2.5Ghz / 2.7Ghz / 2.8Ghz (by @faux123)
  • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface (by @faux123).
  • Debugging is OFF by Default to save CPU cycles, and extend battery life.
  • Internal kernel function fixes (ie, memory leaks, scheduler fixes).
  • High performance, low latency kernel.
  • Compiled with -O2 flags and hardware neon-vfpv4 FPU enabled.
  • Built from official LG 30B kernel source.
  • File systems support: Ext2/3/4, FAT32, CIFS, USB OTG.
  • Support F2FS filesystem! code updated up to 4.9.x backported for 3.10.y FS
  • Auto F2FS Mount on boot for /system /data /cache if formatted as F2FS you need Blastogator TWRP Recovery for this!.
  • EXFAT, NTFS supported but need USB OTG APP! it's not native!
  • Sound Driver Control or via Dorimanx APP or via Faux Sound App.
  • Dorimanx Kernel Control App will be installed with kernel.
  • Busybox 1.27.0 will be installed in ROM on BOOT. including all needed applets, compiled with GCC 6.2.0 by me.
  • Synapse Kernel Control/Status App will be installed with kernel.
  • Allowed forced fast charge! hack.
  • Sweep2Sleep! allow sweeping from right to left and backwards! on soft buttons to turn off the screen.
  • Kernel created using GCC 6.2.0 compiled by me, powerful ToolChain + all needed mods for it.
  • Running Scripts from /system/etc/init.d/ is SUPPORTED but OFF in Dorimanx App! if you need it, enable.
  • Added UltraSound high performance audio hardware support.
  • Added support for MultiROM kexec-hardboot! (by patrik.KT) (disabled! cant be used for now. no bootloader support!)
  • Added support for relaxed CPU idle functions to save power.
  • Added GPU OC/UC to Max 650Mhz Min 100Mhz (by @neobuddy89)
  • Added support for KK BootLoader! "BUMPED" kernel (by @Cybojenix && @Thecubed)
  • Advanced Color interface + App (color control) (by @savoca)
  • Support using phone as keyboard and mouse for PC over USB! (by @pelya)
    need APP USB Keyboard! also to enable USB keyboard in Dorimanx App.
  • Added UKSM driver to allow apps to share same RAM, and by this free global RAM for other things.
  • Added LCD State Notifier to signal different drivers in kernel to suspend when screen is OFF and 10sec passed.
  • Added ZRAM virtual swap with LZ4 merged from 4.6.y kernel. to extend memory pool by 25% using multiple concurrent compressors.
  • Added ZSMALLOC driver from 4.6.y kernel to support memory fast allocation and swap control.
  • Merged 98% of all the memory code from 3.10.y android kernel, and some parts from 3.12.y kernel. to fight with LP RAM leaks!
  • Merged 98% of all cpu sched core code from 3.10.y android kernel, and some parts from 3.16.y kernel.
  • Merged 98% of all FS and BLOCK code from 3.10.y android kernel.
  • Merged 99% of all SCSI active drivers from 3.10.y android kernel.
  • Set internal kernel clock to 300HZ.

  • DATA ENCRYPTION! DO NOT ENCRYPT!!!! use STOCK KERNEL for encryption if you need it.

Known BUGS!

Post reports, i will fix.

Standard disclaimer:

By installing this kernel YOU will take full responsibility for any damage to your device!
Hardware or software! no one forcing you to install it.
So please do not blame me if you read wrong! or didn't read at all the instructions that i have written for YOU.

But you can feel SAFE to use it, as I test every release on my phone!
Before I publish it for download.

Your warranty will be void by installing custom kernel as my.

This kernel CAN ROOT ADB Shell!

Global Info About LG Models:
D800 = AT&T Model
D801 = US Tmobile Model
D802 = International Model
D803 = Canada Model
F320* = Korean Model
D805 + D806 (same as D802)
LS980 = SPR Model (Sprint)
VS980 = VZW Model (Verizon)
L01F = Korean D802 model that missing some parts to reduce cost.

Kernel Sources:
TO DOWNLOAD GO DOWN!!! YES MORE DOWN...(do i need to repeat?)

How To Install:

Before you install, Change system settings to list view!
or settings will FC after install, strange bug when Selinux is set Permissive.
open settings long press on recent and select list view.

You will need to have ROOTED device with Recovery installed!
Refer to other threads for recovery install process and for bootloader install.
You can download TWRP Recovery HERE: Recovery Mirror

YOU NEED KK BOOTLOADER 20A and UP best to have 20H for D802!!! other models find what was last one version!
Download kernel, upload it to your SDCARD, anywhere.
Always have STOCK Kernel for your device!
so you will always have it on sdcard in case of any disaster!!!
Reboot to Recovery.

THINK AGAIN! did you made backup? NO!!!! DO IT NOW!

IF ABOVE is OK! proceed.
Install kernel as you installed ROM or any mod.

Reboot! :)

In case that you stuck on boot logo and want to revert to STOCK kernel.

Connect USB Push PWR + Vol Down till phone reboot and you will see LG Logo!
Release and press the buttons again! till you see screen asking if you want to WIPE your device!
if you have recovery installed, then it's will just OPEN the recovery! no WIPE will happen!!!

Just push 3 time the PWR key. and you will be moved to recovery.
Install your device STOCK kernel and wait for FIX.

To enter recovery from LG logo now have different button combo!!!
Power OFF by holding long the power button till black screen!
Press and hold power and volume down until you see the LG logo then release and press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons until reset screen appears.

it's will ask SCARY QUESTIONS!!!! if you want to hard reset your device!!!
SAY YES/YES!!!! 2 times, then its will show LG logo and boot your custom recovery! in this case the bumped TWRP.

If you have STOCK Recovery!!!! it's will WIPE your device...

Have Fun and report.


*About force fast charge. not all devices/models support that HACK.
so if it's not working for you and you are using DEFAULT profile in Dorimanx App.
Then it's NOT WORKING FOR YOU. no need to complain. it's HACK. not LG feature.

Donation Board:
  • ME donated 600+ hours to update stock to now.
  • Rune K. Serious Donation!
  • Diechel X7 Serious Donation!
  • Robert W. Serious Donation!
  • Krija + Dorimanx App updates! (Serious Donation!)
  • Iko11 X3
  • [email protected] X3
  • Siggey X2
  • Marek_poland X2
  • Vitali T. X2 (guest)
  • Ati75
  • Lycidias
  • Jamesd1085
  • Floodland
  • Minotavros
  • Beggar23
  • Bromoxitos
  • **** Gordon
  • Ribou
  • Remorema
  • RyperX
  • Gozzaa
  • F_4Strings
  • Alexr71
  • Samuele94
  • Wimmme
  • Brahialis
  • 4r44444
  • TMG1961
  • AlexVipXDA
  • 60nine
  • Joeben1
  • Gabrech
  • Straylight23
  • Urushiol
  • Thevinh.btr
  • MrN1484
  • Asalvi0
  • Luq529
  • LeoPosas
  • Blastagator
  • Stroge
  • MrN1484
  • 5nickers
  • OT-Xtreme
  • Harkis123
  • Kobredabre
  • Lynxrz
  • AlexOB1
  • Krizko1979
  • Edgd1er
  • Sucky1983
  • StructureDr
  • vPro97
  • Solnyshok
  • Stormbringer83
  • Avram S. (guest)
  • Jerzy G. (guest)
  • Massimo C. (guest)
  • Alejandro V. M. (guest)
  • Diogo J. (guest)
  • Florian N. (guest)
  • Michael N. (guest)
  • Didier V. (guest)
  • NURİ A. (guest)
  • Alister C.B (guest)

First banners (user/Contributor) made by @coowkeee

Contributor banner is for people that feel they really made a contribution to any of my kernels! :)

You can use Power USER banner if you wish :)

Mirror #1 by willflint
Mirror #2 by GITHUB!

Info for Web Hackers,
in my mirrors, there is nothing to take!
My work is public and for the people!
Please let my mirrors work in peace.

For kernel Install, Best to use OTA APP by @Diechel

Get it in Google Play

Change logs:

Kernel 12.0 STABLE Final Build.

*Updates to Dorimanx App by @krija big Thanks for that!
*Merged updates to NET,FS code.
*Created kernel with 6.2.0 GCC with latest libs tuned for our CPU.
*Merged new updates to busybox now it's 1.27.0 build with today changes.
Restored few options to fix CRON and other scripts that kernel use on boot.

Kernel 11.9

*Allowed modem to go to deepsleep when there is no data traffic.
User can control the modem state via dorimanx app. (see TWEAKS TAB)
when modem is in sleep state, it's may delay incoming notifications,
as whatsup and push mails over data connection. but will save standby power!
if it's critical to get all notifications on time, then switch to awake mode.
Kernel modem driver was set in awake mode in last 10 kernel builds!
Delay can be from 5 to 30sec, but power usage is from -10mA/h~25mA/h(sleeping) to -35mA/h~-60mA/h (Awake)
*Merged updates to ZRAM driver from main line kernel.
*Merged fix for NET code.
*Merged updates to File System code from CM14.1
*Updated EXFAT driver from my source.
*Merged huge update to F2FS driver from 3.18.y kernel. many fixes for SYNC code that was broken before.
*User profile will be RESET on first boot.

Kernel 11.8

*Fixed broken FS SYNC for F2FS driver.
*Merged fix for BFQ I/O driver.
*Added F2FS to ASYNC_FSYNC code.
*Merged fixes to DSYNC/O_SYNC AIO.
*Merged massive update to android binder driver from google kernel source.
This driver is main driving power or all applications and memory allocations.
ROM and APPS getting speed boost when running, see GIT for tech dev info.

Kernel 11.7 (BUG in F2FS driver)

*Merged fix for speaker volume control using faux sound app, when returning from mute to sound state.
*Merged few changes for F2FS from 3.18.y that are missing in 3.10.y source!
Driver should be stable again, for using it on critical partitions.
*Merged fix for memory allocation for touch driver and missing null terminator char.
*Merged fix for Low Memory Killer that will account memory that cant be free to have more accurate
free/used ram readings when driver needs to free ram for something else.
*Merged fix for double-free when drives detach during SG_IO and fix Audit driver.
*Merged latest fixes for busybox and compiled it with gcc 6.1.0 for us.

Kernel 11.6 (BUG in F2FS driver)

*Merged updates to BINDER driver from main line.
*Merged fixes for ARM code
*Merged updates to sound driver code. (no sound output changes, just bug fixes)
*Merged updates to memory code and ram leaks fixes.
*Merged updates to F2FS driver from 3.10.y stable tree including all changes up to main line kernel 4.9-rc3
*Merged 3.4.113 last kernel patch that included many fixes to NET,ARM,FS,TIMERS,MM
*Merged fix for screen panel that will reduce screen shatter during app transitions for all models.
This fix existed only for D802 till now. :(
*Merged cleanup for MMC driver.
*Merged ram leak fix for touch screen driver.
*Updated busybox with latest patches from source.

Kernel 11.5 STABLE

*Updated kernel GCC builder to latest 6.1.0 build + all needed fixes found during kernel build.
*Updated busybox with all latest code changes from source.

Kernel 11.4 BETA

*Merged fixes for NET,ASHMEM,SOUND,FS,BT,USB,BLOCK,PROC code from CAF (kernel 3.10.y + 3.14.y)
*Updated GCC Kernel builder to 5.4.0 latest edition.
*Merged update to Dorimanx App by @Krija
*Updated Busybox with latest updates from source.

Kernel 11.3 STABLE

*Merged update to ZSMALLOC from 4.8 kernel.
Memory control improved.
*Merged updates for HID,NET,PPP,USB,Sound drivers.

Kernel 11.2 STABLE

*Merged updates for USB/NET/BT from CM13 and CAF sources.
*Merged updates to sound driver for stability.
*Changed Modem driver power save state to allow suspend in low level connections as G/Egde (2g)
has no effect on high level connections, as H/H+/4G. pwr drain is NORMAL in limits, and allow steady link in suspend.
for notifications/mails/other.

Kernel 11.1 STABLE

*Merged updates to NET and WIFI code.
*Merged HUGE update to F2FS driver from 3.18.y kernel.
*Merged update to CPU code.
*Merged update to GPU driver.
*Updated Busybox to 1.26.0 from source.

Kernel 11.0 STABLE.

(I have skipped 10.8/9 as old KK kernel has that numbers already as last builds.)

*Merged fix for persistent ram code.
*Merged updates to sound driver.
*Merged updates to WIFI driver.
*Upgraded GCC from source, made with updated crosstoolng by me.
*Merged fix for ZSMALLOC from 4.6.y
*Merged small fix for GPU driver.
*Merged updates for keys and crypto drivers from CM13 source.

Kernel 10.7 STABLE.

*Fixed DATA modem IRQ enable in suspend. will help with connection stability and notifications.
*Merged MMC driver fix.
*Merged WIFI driver fix after switch to 300Mhz kernel internal speed.
WIFI connection is more stable even with LOW signal.

Kernel 10.6 BETA

*Merged fix for USB driver
*Switched MMC core affinity to per IRQ to save power. all cores waste too much.
*Fixed problem with ram cache drop. now we can use CROn again with no fear of stuck CPU.
*Fixed bug with muted headphones when there is In CALL. reported by few users.
*Merged optimization fix for boot config order.
*Merged fix for unbalanced IRQ 61 when suspended.
*Reduced VM pressure file min to 68 to reduce apps kill by LMK.
*Profiles will be RESET on first boot.

NEW MIRROR 2 is in github.

Kernel 10.4 BETA

*Merged updates for USB driver.
*Merged updates for sound driver.
*Merged update for CPU code.
*Merged updates for ZSMALLOC and ZRAM from 4.6.y kernel.
*Merged fix for F2FS.
*Merged MMC driver update for PM QOS, that speedup storage operations,
and help with fast suspend of MMC to save power.
MMC will work on ALL active cores now. reducing time to read/write in cost of small battery usage.
During USE only. i didn't noticed any heavy drain.
*Merged Dorimanx App update by @Krija
*Updated Kernel Debug Log. and added LIVE debug log in case of need to report
BUG in kernel or system, when ROM is still alive! and kernel didn't crash.

Kernel 10.3 BETA

*Merged updated to sched clock code.
*Merged big update to futex code and sync it with 4.6.y kernel.
*Merged swap speed update to ZRAM driver.
*Merged fixes for netfilter code.
*Merged fix for procfs from CM13
*Fixed clean cache code by reverting one change that i cant use yet.
Now RAM cache clean CRON will work as should.

Kernel 10.2 Cron of RAM cache clean BUGGED

*Merged all mutex/spinlock locking code from 4.6.y! and many other changes to support it.
it's main driving force of kernel. all work on it.
many things fixed, and new code added.
*Merged new code for RCU used by percpu locks.
*Fixed cache release and calculation code by reverting few changes in memory code.
there is much to do more before using that part of code. all was great before, and should be now.
*Merged some updates to memory code from 4.6.y and some fixes to shrinker code.
*Merged updates to busybox from source and included in kernel.

Kernels 9.9 to 10.1 DELETED as found unstable. fixed changes moved to 10.2

*Merged update to sound driver.
*Merged fix for GPU driver.
*Merged updates for USB,arch_timer,NET,DM
*Merged kernel patch 3.4.112 many changes to NET/FS/USB/KERNEL/CRYPTO/TTY
*Restored lost configuration for FREQ INPUT. now all drivers that used that working again.
this fixed the "battery overheat bug" and many others that we didn't see.
*Merged updates to SCHED CORE.
*Merged big update to MUTEX lock/unlock code, core base for all drivers in kernel.
*Merged updates to stop machine (CPU) code.
*Merged updates to pipe code to limit apps hunger for RAM.
*Merged updates to FUSE and other FS code.
*Merged updates to F2FS from 3.18.y stable branch.
*Merged updates to SCSI and SG code.
*Tuned LMK to start free RAM at 294MB Free, to reduce LAGS with RAM under 300MB.
*Disabled Cleancache,ZBUD,ZCACHE to reduce LAGS with LOW RAM, battery drain, and cpu stress.
*Added new control to dorimanx app in Memory tab. for LMK min RAM before aggressive apps kill.
*Updated sweep2sleep driver and released ram usage when it's OFF.
*Updated state notifier driver.
*Merged updates to LIB code.
*Merged many updates to SMD,FUSE,QOS,THERMAL,SPM,CPUIDLE drivers.
*Merged many updates to sound driver.
*Merged many updates to memory code, including vmpressure and new shrinker API.
*Merged many updates to FS code including F2FS,EXT4,NOTIFY,PSTORE.
*Merged many updates to SCHED CORE and RT.
*Merged new LZ4 Cryptographer API and enabled it. used by ZCACHE.
*Merged new ZCACHE,ZBUD,CLEANCACHE code from 3.10.y and parts from 4.4.y kernel to help
with RAM access speed and reduce ram drain by apps.
by compressing cached RAM with LZ4 compression till needed again.
*Boosted internal kernel clock to 300 from 100 to speedup all functions and drivers.
this was tested and adapted in new kernels by google.
LG forgot us. so I went there and took it my self! big thanks to neobuddy89 for sharing!
*Merged many updates to ION,GPU,NET,IRQ,BLOCK,BDI,MMC,SWAP drivers.
*Updated busybox to latest build from source today!
*Merged Dorimanx app XML descriptions corrections.
*Changed CRON tasks timers, google service will be restarted every 8 hours now.
other RAM cleaners will run every 3 hours. ONLY if enabled!
*Allowed to use 1GB ZRAM Compression! and enabled 1 concurrent compressor for each 256mb of ZRAM.
to boost ZRAM performance, also added it to synapse to show how many compressors online.

Kernel 9.8 STABLE

*Merged fix for pipe buffer
*Merged changes to ARM memory TLB.
*Merged updates for sound driver stream code.
*Merged support for ALAC/APE/VORBIS sound codex's for sound driver + FLAC switch fix.
*Merged fix for WIFI roaming standby drain. and fixed frame buffer overflow.
Wifi will use less power and connect faster. maybe drain less memory.
*Updated busybox from source.

Kernel 9.7 BETA

*Merged many changes to ARCH memory defines for all ARCH drivers and other global drivers.
Memory management is improved and less RAM wasted for cache that never released.
few crash bugs fixed, hard to trigger but one day kernel can stuck on them.
many fixed! many to find and fix :) same story with programming.
*Merged update to definition code to optimize RAM speed for our SOC and CPU.
*Merged updates to sound driver. for WMA format.
*Merged latest updates to F2FS code from 3.18.y F2FS branch.
*Merged CRC32 API for new F2FS driver.
*Updated Busybox with latest updates from source.

Kernel 9.6 STABLE

*Merged fix for video driver.
*Merged fixes for Qseecom driver.
*Merged updates to ZRAM and ZSALLOC from 4.6.y kernel.
*Merged fix for stagefright bug, now hackers will have hard times, till next HOLE found in ROM development.
*Merged updates to BLOCK,SLIMBUS,FORK
*Merged EXT4 driver from 3.18.y kernel with all needed changes in the system to support it.
Reduced power usage and many things optimized and bug fixed.
*Updated F2FS to support FS changes for 3.18.y EXT4 driver.
*Merged many updates to SCHED CORE code, driver perform much better with task management.
*Merged updates to SOUND,NET,MODULE(big update),MDSS,SCRIPTS,USB
*Merged updates from patch 3.4.111, many changes to NET and some FS and other drivers updates.
*Included updated Busybox from SOURCE made with new GCC compiler 5.3 + new libs.
*Reverted change for BT driver power save mode, it's create kernel crash when connected to BT audio
and call is received, modem in ROM crash and device stuck. very rare, but it's reproduced in my tests.
*Made few changes in cron scripts and added profile DIFF in debug log, so i can see what changed by user.
*Compiled new GCC 5.3 with updates to LIBS and compiled kernel with it. also used the GCC libs to build.
should be more stable. as toolchain now used fully. before my Linux box LIBS where used to build some stuff.

Kernel 9.5 STABLE

*Merged global CPU and Process fork code from 3.10.y
Many changes to why kernel work with process starting and controlling.
Including starting apps, maintain there RAM usage and close them when asked.
*Merged big update to cputime code to fix many bugs in cpu accounting code that run all the time.
*Merged code update that git rid of many code complications in kernel boot code.
*Merged fixes for GCC compiler used to create kernel, so it's will not brake kernel RAM
limits and other preset values during compile to binary code.
*Merged kernel patch 3.10.99 and 3.10.100 that included many fixes to:
and other global kernel code!
some of them are critical! and found by main line maintainers and published for us.
*Found missing SCHED CORE config that was OFF long time, and enabled.
Provide more accurate tick sched readings for SCHED CORE in sched mode that we use.
*I have set reset systemUI every night OFF by default. its crash systemui for some ROMS.
Can be enabled if no problem found before.
*Merged Dorimanx APP XML updates by @zdrawko12

Kernel 9.4 BETA but STABLE!

*Merged many updates to sync more with 3.10.y
and much more common code that i missed before.
Many bugs fixed and new code optimizations added.
*Merged fix for BT drain! when BT used by some device. need to test.
*Fixed all Ondemand based GOVS, and fixed LAG with Ondemand GOV.
Now will work fast and balanced.

Kernel 9.3 BETA! not so stable! and LAG

*Merged updates to Alucard HotPlug from DEV.
*Merged Alucards Touch Boost update from DEV.
*Merged update to all ondemand based CPU GOVS to optimize load calculation
and produce more performance. also many bugs fixed after long hours of testing.
now we get more calm CPU freq when there is no actual high load.
affected govs = HYPER, Alucard, Conservative, Darkness, IntelliDemand, Intellimm, Nightmare, Ondemand, Pegasusq.
*Merged updates to DM-CRYPT driver.
*Added Touch Core boost code to AUTOSMP hotplug and to Thunder HotPlug now when you touch the screen,
Driver will boost cores as set in Control APP. same as MSM HOTPLUG do. + many fixes!
*Updated BUSYBOX from source.
*Added check if /sdcard was not linked and SuperSu failed for some ROMS. with stock all OK!!!
And LINK it! as should.
*Added control to disable LG MLT app and then disable LOGCAT. no more cpu load from that APP.
Read the description about what is it doing in your device. if app is removed. then it's just OFF
By default i have disabled LG MLT + LOGCAT in control app.
*Profiles will be RESET on first boot.
*Many correction in dorimanx app xml by @zdrawko12 very good job.

Kernel 9.2 BETA but works good!

*Merged updates to USB,HID,SPI,JBD2,EXT4,AIO and to other FS code.
*Merged updates to sound drivers.
*Merged updates to TTY,CYPTO,SSR,KLIST,CPU HotPlug code.
*Merged all updates to CIFS driver and some other missing code updates for FS from 3.10.y
*Merged update to MMC,DM-CRYPT.
*Merged 2 new HOTPLUGS! AutoSMP and Thunder HotPlug added to CONTROL APP.
AutoSMP is more aggressive toward performance, thunder hotplug is more balanced but also strong!
*Merged updates to NET,KGSL,RPM,RMP-SMD
*Merged updates to Alucard Hotplug from DEV.
*Merged big update to SCSI driver that load our storage and control USB stick mounts. full sync with 3.10.y
*Merged updates to Module,FUTEX,DMA,MM,TRACE,driver-core, and full sync to ASYNC driver.
*Merged full update to F2FS for 3.10.y FS from source! many fixes and optimizations. original code from 4.5.rc1
*Merged fix to Binder driver from 4.5.rc1.
*Added new control to turn logcat OFF and save power! logcat is OFF by default now.
*Merged CONTROL APP XML corrections by @hermitblue thanks for your work!
*Added new CRON task to reset SYSTEMUI service and reload it every night. to release stuck RAM.
*Few bugs corrected in cortex,swaptweaks and CRON service scripts.

Kernel 9.1 BETA!

*Merged updates to ARM code, used for GCC code alignment and other fixes.
*Merged update to SMD driver. and to camera VIDC.
*Merged code updates to thermal sensor driver.
*Reverted changes to FS from 3.16.y in order to update FS to 3.10.y much of that code was bugged anyway.
*Merged all FS(filesystem) code from 3.10.y, that includes: EXT4,FUSE,NTFS,FAT,CIFS,INOTIFY,EXFAT,F2FS,PROC,RAMFS,ENCRYPTFS,PIPE, and more.
This is huge step toward making kernel for LG G2 that is 3.10.y, where LG failed, i have won.
*Merged all BLOCK and INIT code from 3.10.y to support new FS and other massive changes in kernel drivers.
That include updates to ALL I/O Sched govs to 3.10.y version.
*Merged updates to sound driver, bug fixes, not sound quality related.
*Merged all IPC code from 3.10.y to support new FS and BLOCK code.
*Merged many updates to Audit code for selinux and other drivers in FS.
*Merged updates to Memory code to support new FS and BLOCK.
*Merged many updates to NET code to support new FS/PROC code.
*Updated touchboost code to check min/max freq ranges from sysfs.
*Tuned process reclaim code.
*Converted BT driver to support new FS structure.
*Merged updates to USB,SCSI,DM code.
*Updated ram console code to support new FS.
*Merged updates to Alucard and Nightmare CPU GOVS. and tuned Ondemand Gov.
*Merged new updated to SCHED CORE,FAIR,DEADLINE and workqueue code.
*Merged mods to ZRAM to support 3.10.y BLOCK code.
*Allowed KSWAPD memory reclaim to run on all 4 cores to speedup memory release for other needs.
*Merged updates to LIB code.
*Fixed ADB switch script in Control App.
*Reduced SWAPPINESS to 50 from 60 in all profiles.
*Merged XML descriptions for control app rewritten by @hermitblue big thanks for hard work!
*Added new option to enable storage SWAP to extend RAM by 256MB or 512MB, in cost of storage space and cpu power, and battery.
set OFF by default, if you have high RAM shortage, you can enable to get some air. if not, leave it OFF.
It's read/write to storage and consume I/O speed. there are no free gifts here :)
*Integrated new swap to synapse status.
*Profiles will be reset on first boot.

Kernel 9.0 BETA!

*Merged updates to NET code.
*Merged updates to Alucard HotPlug by DEV.
*Merged updates to Alucard,Nightmare CPU govs by DEV.
*Merged updates to sound,usb,hid from patch 3.10.96
*Merged updates to LIB drivers, many changes that change the way code is made and operate.
*Merged updates to Crypto drivers, many new crypto features and performance boost.
*Merged updates to random32,radix-tree and genalloc.
*Merged updates to LZ4 compression driver.
*Merged updates to QSEECOM,Android-Alarm and camera VIDC.
*Merged many changes to ARM LIB code. this boost performance and correct memory distribution.
*Merged fix for Selinux driver.
*Updated GCC 5.3 toolchain with latest binutils and other libs, and used to compile kernel.
*Enabled encryptfs and set all needed to allow DATA encryption when using EXT4! will not work for F2FS!!!
*Merged updates to SCHED CORE,FAIR and NOOP I/O Sched.
*Merged fix for serial tty used for BT connections.
*Merged fixes for ratelimit and llist code. some are critical!
*Added new tuning in Dorimanx App for HotPlug sample rate.
it's best to sync with CPU gov sample rate! but if you feel performance drop,
feel free to set it to 10 samples. this was the default.
*Disabled UKSM by default, this driver is helping to save 25MB or little more, but drain power.
so it's should be used only if you think you need that 25mb for one small app in ram.
*Added FSTRIM crontab option, disabled by default. will run FSTRIM on system/data/cache at 22:00 every day.
*Fixed CRON service OFF/ON and other scripts belong to CRON, there was some mess :) now all good.
*Updated BUSYBOX with latest changes from busybox source!
*Fixed AD UPDATE script that run every SAT, now it's will work as should. it's was missing connection and fail.
Now it's will try to connect to internet longer...
*Changed OOM profile to STOCK, it's work good for me for 2 weeks now. and i have free RAM for my needs.
*Updated DEBUG script to include also live dmesg log that written to /data/logging/ all the time by ROM.
So i will have more bigger picture what happened before device crashed.
*Profiles will be RESET on first boot!!!

Kernel 8.9 STABLE!

*Merged critical fixes for ZMALLOC for ZRAM.
*Fixed Process Reclaim code, now releasing RAM as should.
*Merged fix for FUSE driver.
*Added new sysfs for checking ram pressure for LMK and Process Reclaim
And added them to SYNAPSE status page. now you can see your RAM pressure
*Added new CRON task to clear RAM cache from apps only! every 2 hours.
This will help to get smooth and stable device for longer time.
The option will not kill any apps from RAM, it's just strip cached RAM
by them. so other apps that running for you right now, will run faster.
*Fixed CRON timezone script, and fixed few small bugs in scripts.
*Merged updates to ramdisk and init from D802H stock kernel for D802 build only.

Kernel 8.8 BETA!

*Merged Selinux updates and fixes.
*Merged updates to Memory process reclaim, now less aggressive and less CPU power used.
this lead to less heat and more battery save. ram is still managed as should.
*Merged updates to FS and MM to improve global kernel performance.
*Merged updates to KEYS code including vulnerability fix that can crash kernel by using loop
script to drain all RAM. and many other fixes added from 3.10.y source.
*Merged updates to Camera driver, only few critical memory leaks and buffers crash fixes.
camera driver should be much more stable now. no quality changes!
*Merged new update to Dorimanx APP by @krija big thanks for fast corrections!
*Merged updates to EXT4 and USB drivers from 3.10.95 kernel patch!
*Merged log cleanup for NET IPV6 code.
*Updated Busybox with latest source code updates. compiled with GCC 5.3 by me.
*Merged spelling and grammar updates to Dorimanx APP config XML. came from users that wish to help!

Kernel 8.7 STABLE

*Merged updates to FS Proc, Memory, and cpumask.
*Merged big update to Lib Bitmaps from 4.5.y source.!
Used in every driver, for every printing info function and other common stuff.
*Merged more fixes to F2FS driver. now it's considered STABLE by Linux foundation.
*Merged updates to ZRAM from 4.5.y
*Merged HUGE updates to Network code, many optimizations in buffer driver and his friends.
*Reduced max CPU heat on boot, to allow some devices to boot safely.
*Reverted change to RMNET that seems to crash on workqueue process.
*Merged updates to RPM-SMD that allow to use much better way to communicate with modem and other drivers.
*Merged big update to IDR code that used in every driver in kernel + converted old IDR to new API
And removed old bugged IDR code as done in 4.5.y!
*Included NEW Dorimanx App made by @Krija looks great. big thanks for this update.

Kernel 8.6 MEGA BETA (stable 90%)

*Merged massive update to base regmap driver that used by other drivers.
full sync with 3.10.y source.
*Merged updates to ARM code, including mem leak fixes, many bug fixes, optimizations, cleanups!
*Merged many updates to FS,SHCED CORE,RCU,OOM,DMA, and other global and common functions.
*Merged updates to MMC,CRYPTO,ION, and massive update to ADSPRPC (modem driver and sound soc).
*Merged updates to SCM, and massive update to USB driver including OTG and MTP + MIDI out updates.
*Merged updates to LIB,KEYS,PRINTK,EXT4,FAT,CPUIDLE,SYS and other critical fixes for CPU core.
*Merged massive update to memory code from 3.10.y and upstream code aurora updates backported from 4.5.y
Including many optimizations, bug fixes, and new ways to speedup kernel functions that work with RAM.
*Merged update to COMPILER defines and optimizations to get more stable kernel made by GCC compiler.
*Merged many updates to NET,RPM SMD,SPI,BUSPM,MSM_BUS, and other mods belong to network and kernel to ROM API's.
*Merged updates to timekeeping,net unix, cleanups in ARM code to release lost ram regions.
*Merged update to Alucard hotplug from DEV.
*Merged latest updates to ZRAM from 4.5.y kernel that include critical bug fixes with memory and IO allocation.
*Merged MASSIVE update to F2FS driver! all from latest 4.5.y kernel branch about 97 commits! + all needed changes
in global kernel code that lead to optimizations in many functions.
*Merged latest updated from CM13 and Aurora 3.4.y kernels, including updates to RMNET(data connection), USB, and ARM updates.
*Merged update to cron script that allow to use cron tasks with user timezone! and not UTC.

Kernel 8.5 STABLE

*Merged many updates to workqueue code.
*Merged updates to USB and MTP code.
*Merged Memory, SLUB, PAGE ALLOC and UKSM critical updates.
*Merged ARM IRQ updates, many bugs fixed, and new optimizations added.
*Merged update to Alucard CPU gov.
*Merged updates to KGSL GPU driver.
*Merged updates to DMA and IOPOOL.
*Merged updates and optimizations to DEVRES, CMA and SLIM.
*Corrected debug log script to detect chargerlogo log, and tell user that it's useless for dev.

Kernel 8.4 STABLE

*Merged updates to SIO I/O gov and its named now SIOPLUS!
*Merged updates to rbtree code.
*Merged massive update to SCHED CORE,FAIR,RT,TIME,CPUTIME,SMP
it's brings many bug fixes and performance vs battery save optimizations that hold CPU in idle when nothing to do,
with less spikes to higher freqs, and allow max performance when needed,
always considering the heat! that actually reduce performance.
*Merged updates to MMC code.
*Merged updates to power management code.
*Merged updates to Memory code.
Many ram leaks fixed in kernel drivers.
*Merged big update and bug fixes for workqueue code.
*Updated ToolChain with GCC 5.3 builder. + optimizations.
*Cleaned some junk fails and errors on boot in log. some fixed now,
some just removed as not exist in code from stock.
*Merged updates to memory group counter code. and enabled it for ROM.
*Merged updates to NET code to support new counter code and CGROUP updates.
*Merged updates to GPU sync driver and to ION CMA HEAP code, mem leaks fixed.
*Merged many updates to IRQ code that allow enable/disable IRQ's based on active cores and not just on core0,
by this improving performance of kernel tasks and drivers operations.
*Merged update to impuse cpu GOV.
*Merged updates to Suspend code to show more info about wakeup sources.
*Merged updates to RPM-SMD, and QMI drivers mostly bug fixes.
*Merged updates to ARM DMA driver and few other null pointer bug fixes.
*Updated busybox from source and build it with GCC 5.3 and optimized gcc flags.
*Cleaned some broken not existing commands from ramdisk boost scripts.

Kernel 8.3 STABLE

*Compressed kernel with better LZ4 compression.
*Fixed F2FS mount when Selinux enabled.
*Allowed better support for busybox functions when Selinux is enabled.
*Removed useless console drivers that never used.
*Changed kernel GCC optimization to increase performance.
*Merged updates to PROC FS code.
*Updated Busybox with latest updates and better GCC optimizations.
*Updated debug log script and Dori App XML descriptions + cleanups.

Kernel 8.2 IN TEST

*Merged updates to sound driver, wma,flac sound quality improved!
And more optimizations and code fixes!
*Merged update to NET code that prevent total crash in kernel.
*Merged update to memory code to calc total used ram by apps.
needed for devs to see whats is going on... see GIT.
*Updated kernel toolchain with updated crosstool compiler.
*Merged change to remove ipc router logs, no one read them...
*Merged update to core load balance code.
*Merged update to irq affinity code.
*Merged fix for wifi on/off in suspend possible crash fix.
*Updated Memory OOM profiles, and removed LOW profile, it's useless.

Kernel 8.1 STABLE

*Merged updates to RCU code.
*Merged updates to Memory code!
ram performance boosted!
*Switched to zone0 thermal sensor to reduce too high cpu temp.
ROM and Kernel thermal drivers will have better global temp
value for max freq cut when cpu is hot. made many tests,
CPU is holding very good.
*Merged update that allow to limit kswapd service to use only 2 cores!
This allow to reduce power usage and increase performance!
Kswapd is the ram cleaner that work non stop to release ram.
with many ways. less it's consume, more we have for us :)
*Merged updates to workqueue code and fs LRU buffers.
*Merged updates to kernel modem code.
*Added new oom profile named LP STOCK. it's same tuning as ROM INIT
set on boot. it's more aggressive than my default, but help to get more
free RAM for ROM and APP by removing background apps from RAM.
*Added kernel version to kernel debug zip. as requested.
*Allowed to disable the screen off oom profile set.

Kernel 8.0.1 IN TEST

*Updated Impulse CPU gov.
*Fixed sound bug with players.

Kernel 8.0 (sound bug fixed in 8.0.1, build removed)
*Merged NET code updates.
*Merged fixes for WIIMOTE driver and enabled it. it's possible to use phone as WII remote.
No idea HOW ask CM13 what to do.
*Reverted changes to GPU driver that create BUG in adreno dispatcher. they seems to be reverted in CAF kernel.
*Merged SCHED CORE/FAIR/DEADLINE code updates from Code Aurora (CAF) all from 3.10.y source.
I was missing much! as my sources didnt sync with CAF. and DEVS there are best in the WORLD!
Merged all possible! cpu loadbalace and power save is greatly improved.
many controls of sched added. none given to user for now.
I need to check what i can do with them and how to config them.
Also this code fix some memory leaks in SCHED functions.
*Merged sound driver code updates. to prevent bugs and reduce possible CPU power leaks.
*Updated all profiles with UKSM changes, and temp range set to 10C to reduce overheat.
Profiles will be RESET on first boot!

Kernel 7.9 BUGS with GPU!

*Merged critical updates to kernel modem driver. should prevent modem crashes,
in rare conditions. if ROM modem driver crash, it's will not help.
*Hard limited CPU min freq to 990Mhz not possible to set higher! to prevent overheat
if user set higher than should.
*Cleaned not usable min/max freqs limits from dori app xml. so user will not be able to
set wrong freq that can lead to cpu stall or cpu critical overheat. see ramdisk GIT.
*Fixed touch boost driver bug with possible lock min freq to touch boost freq in rare condition.
Also respond to heat checks that say if CPU heat is above 70C do not force CPU min freq boost!
this should prevent too high temps playing games.
*Corrected thermal zone sensor set for ROM thermal. now set as kernel thermal zone.
this fix freq reduce too early without reaching real overheat point, and loosing performance.
now thermal control will work more effective.
*Merged updates to GPU KGSL driver from 3.10.y MM kernel. many bugs fixed,
many optimizations added to boost GPU performance with high thread priority's.
*Merged small fix for NET code.
*Enabled CPUSETS tuning, for now without user controls. it's set to allow 4 cores usage
for active on screen app, and only 2 cores for background apps and system services.
so this should give us small power save. :)

Kernel 7.8 STABLE!

*Merged updates for ipc router.
*Merged updates for diag driver.
*Merged many updates for proc base driver and it's friends. massive update!
*Merged update for memory oom driver as made for marshmallow kernel.
*Merged many NET updates from 3.10.y
*Merged fixes for memory leaks in ARM code.
*Merged Many updates to Sound and USB drivers.
*Compiled kernel with more stable build flags to support ROM code.
*Converted all kernel drivers to use optimized helper function.
*Merged updates to keys driver that had memory leak!
*Merged updates and fixes to kernel modem driver.
*Merged new code for SDIV/UDIV emulation for ARMv7 processors will be needed one day.
*Merged updates and fixes for MMC driver!
*Merged updates for Kernel: timer,sched core,cpusets(massive update), and many many!updates
to kernel core drivers, All came from 3.10.y marshmallow kernel!
*Updated debug script to create zip with USELESS name if there is nothing for me
to find inside. to save YOUR time. and mine. :good:

Kernel 7.7 stable for 97%

*Merged update to video code, overflow fix and optimizations.
*Merged fixes for smd_pkt driver to prevent crashes.
*Merged fix for sched core global defines.
*Merged fix for GPU for better register touch.
*Merged fix for ondemand cpu gov.
*Created updated kernel toolchain with updated crosstool builder.
*Merged latest init binary and other updates for D802! from stock 30F kernel.

Kernel 7.6 stable!

*Merged all RCU and SRCU code from 3.10.y kernel.
Huge update 225 commits!
It's change the way kernel operate with every driver.
Code is optimized and many bugs that lead to crashes are fixed.
*Merged code optimization to all RCU functions in every possible driver in kernel.
*Merged few fixes for GCC kernel builder.
*Merged few NET updates to support new RCU code.

Kernel 7.5 IN TEST

*Merged updates to memory and io global kernel defines.
*Set sweep2sleep to off by default in kernel. to fix always ON
after boot. now if user leave it ON in config, it's will be enabled
30sec after full boot.
*Fixed ondemand gov tuning that prevented usage of high OC freqs.
and speedup performance for all other freqs.
*Merged updates to sched core.
*Merged updates PM code.
*Reverted CPU QOS code that was merged from Nvidea kernel long time ago.
Found to be unstable with new cpuidle code.
*Reverted CPU relax code from Nvidea kernel, to gain stability in cpu code.
as we have 3.10.y sched core now.
*Merged updates to kernel futex code that allow faster code processing.
*Merged updates to time code.
*Merged update to SMP to prevent memory leak from hotplug driver.
*Reverted few changes to WIFI driver. now it's 99.85 stock. any wifi bugs!
Report to LG. i dont have answers for you.
*Merged updates to MMC driver from CM13.
*Disabled DMUX fast shutdown, possible bug hit on calls.
*Reverted HACK for modem no crash. was added to fix D805 modem, now we don't need it.
Seems it's was blocking modem restart and panic kernel with it.
*Updated all profiles! they will be reset on boot! do not restore your saved profile.
Just tune new one for your needs.
*Updated UKSM sleep limit to max 1000, no more can be set.
*Trying to fix F2FS with SELINUX ON. need to test.


*Merged HUGE amount of updates to kernel core from 3.10.y!
CPU code and scheduler code updated big time, many bugs fixed.
Fair scheduler updated to max, CGROUP and AUTO GROUP for task per CPU updated to max.
*Fixed binder min_nice level set bug.
*Merged many updates to sound driver that allow great sound and safety from buffer overflow and null panics.
*Merged fixes to driver core printk functions.
*Updated BFQ with new cgroup structure.
*Merged NET and module fixes from CM13.

Kernel 7.3 IN TEST

*Reverted changes to slimbus driver, added at 7.0 kernel and we started to have stuck at call.
*Merged updates to cpufreq table code, to allow to monitor other cores freq usage. when they online!
*Merged updates and fixes to USB Gadget driver.
*Merged updates to binder driver that allow to speedup all android OS.
*Merged updates to RMNET(data internet) driver mostly code fixes and optimizations.
*Merged updates to alarm timer code, should allow to wakeup device from SHUTDOWN state!
when ROM default alarm is set. Need to test this
*Merged updates to sound voice call driver.
*Updated busybox with more applets and added missing user/group information for cron and other applets.
*Fixed cron scripts.
*Fixed no access to storage after boot if usb was connected all the time and original ADB is used.
No need to unplug and plug now. kernel will restart USB by auto.

Kernel 6.9/7.0/1/2 BUGGED DELETED

*Merged many updates to sound driver code. audio quality and code checks improved!
*Added HIFI audio performance mode that allow to improve sound for hifi flac and wave formats.
for MP3 this mode is auto off in kernel to save power, as there is no difference.
Now you will be able to listen to music a lot longer on one charge cycle.
*Possible fix for strange hang after call bug. not sure if it's kernel related.
*Updated kernel toolchain with new libs and crosstool updates. made for 3.4.110 build.
*Merged many updates for modem driver, more stable operation and crash checks and subsystem restart
in case of modem stuck. if kernel cant hot restart modem without reboot, then kernel will reboot.
*Merged many updates to critical code named susbsystem restart, it's responsible for everything in kernel!
every driver that register ON/OFF its self, use it, and now it's very smart in it's way of operation.
see git, it's a lot more complicated! :)
*Merged updates to ZRAM driver from 4.2.6 kernel! and to ZSMALLOC that support ZRAM.
*Merged many updates to percpu macros defines that now check many many things before allowing drivers
to use cpu, preventing crashes and optimizing cpu speed! made my tests and i see 25% improvement!
in cpu power from cold to hot state.
*Made new busybox 1.25.0 from source! using my custom toolchain for LG.
Busybox will be auto updated on first boot. it's include new applets and its much better than what we had before.
*Fixed audio hissing and pop/bz sound bugs! i didnt hear anything wrong so far :)
Sound driver now irq aware and power management aware. Should be great.
*Fixed EXFAT windows check disk errors.
*Updated ZRAM dmesg prints.
*Merged update to Memory, XHCI, Module load code.
*Merged big updae to sound driver code, improve MIC detect and sound output.
My headphones love the change :)
*Disabled watchdog, causing false reboots.
*Updated toolchain gcc 5.2 with new libs, stable tuning, and new crosstool.
*Merged big update to SPS,SPI,SLIMBUS,OF, drivers from 3.10.y
improved HDMI,SOUND, and other global functions in drivers.
many bugs fixed, many optimizations added.
*Tuned all profiles for dirty memory usage tuning. to reduce ram drain.
Profiles will be reset on boot, once.
*Merged update for input driver.
*Merged update for NET, MEMORY, VFS, SPS, MUTEX, SOUND
*Merged fix for LZ4 compression used in ZRAM.
*Allowed to modify VFS pressure and set it to 100% default value.
*Fixed and updated state notifier code.
*Merged update to ZRAM, now will compact its self when screen goes OFF.
*Disabled cpusets code, our core manage cpu better than ROM.
*Found missing config for multicast IP that needed for mirror cast driver.
*Updated ToolChain GCC 5.2 wiht new libs and new crosstool that create it.
*Modified profiles, see GIT. will be reset on first boot.
*Allowed to modify dirty cache down to 0.

Kernel 6.8 IN TEST

*Merged fix for sound driver recording max allowed bit rate.
*Merged many updates to Selinux Driver. from 3.10.y kernel.
it's not used by default, but works very good if enabled.
*Tuned UKSM to wakeup every 1000ms by default. to save power.
*Set selinux to permissive on boot by kernel.
*Merged fix for NET driver.
*removed kernel logcat from config, logcat run always by ROM.
LP do not use kernel logcat anymore. it's OFF in stock.
*Fixed Ondemand GOV stuck with max freq if more than 1 core forced to be online.
*Fixed Intelli Hotplug stop working and stuck with all cores ON after suspend.
*Updated boot script for selinux enabled kernel. now will patch xposed if installed.
with selinux perms. when switching from selinux OFF to ON. when rebooting, kernel
will order dalvik-cache delete on boot once. and reboot! all written in dorimanx app.
for selinux switch button.
*Added internal kernel cron task to clean ram cache every day at 1:00AM. to speedup
device for many days.

Kernel 6.7 IN TEST

*Merged critical fix for kernel workqueue driver.
*Updated GCC 5.2 ToolChain with latest libs and patches.
*Updated cpufreq Limit control driver. now suspend min freq works.
and much more fixed.
*Updated state notifier driver, fixed sound BZBZBBZZZ when music play and screen goes off
now it's possible to hear some "BZ" as max freq switch from high to low. players need to catch up.
possible to hear on high CPU usage and screen goes off.
*Merged fixes for NET driver.
*Merged updates to ARM MMAP from 3.10.y aurora.
*Fixed few bugs in boot scripts and cortex function.

Kernel 6.6 IN TEST

*Fix possible SOD bug in state notifier driver.
*Updated cpufreq limiter driver to have better protection of cpu code during changes.
*Merged update to touch boost driver from Alucard24, speed optimizations.
*Merged updates to FS code from 3.10.y to support new F2FS driver for 3.10.y kernel.
*Merged global kernel fixes from patch 3.10.91 :) only needed parts.
*Merged update to memory code to compact all RAM zones during screen off.
*Merged massive update to F2FS driver from 3.10.y kernel. + F2FS encryption support.
Maybe even fixed the EXT4 Data encryption. need to test.
*Few fixes in dorimanx app CPU tab descriptions. and suspend scripts.

Kernel 6.5 DELETED Possible BUG found.

*Merged kernel patch 110, many fixes to different parts in kernel. see GIT.
*Enabled Process Reclaim function, it's will shrink used RAM from apps that in background,
And make if free RAM for something else. also will shrink ZRAM by auto if there is free RAM to spare.
and inflate ZRAM if more RAM is needed.
*Added controls for process reclaim and LMK vm pressure range, read descriptions in dorimanx app. memory tab.
*Merged update to state notifier, now it's running in high priority, as it's very important for wakeup speed.
*Updated touch boost driver to respect min freq set on cores from dorimanx app. it's will not reset it to 300Mhz
If other min freq is selected.
*Updated cpufreq driver to check if min freq is locked to some freq, and not allow to change lower!
So now we can set higher min freq, and it's will stick!
*Updated cpufreq Limiter driver, now more advanced in code structure, and allow to set higher min cpu freq in suspend only, when resume, then set the default selected.
Please note that sysfs path is changed for lock/unlock freq limit. see my ramdisk changes.
*Allowed to use lower freq for max freq in screen off state. 2 more steps down.
*Found old bug in cpufreq stats driver, that was creating kernel panics in suspend. and fixed it.
*Updated main sysfs code from 3.10.y it's critical code for all kernel. some heavy bugs fixed.
*Added process reclaim average efficiency to synapse status.
*Added control for zram swapiness. default is 60%

Kernel 6.4 STABLE

*Merged all changes (bug fixes and code optimizations) for ZRAM + ZSMALLOC + ZPOOL from 4.2.y main line kernel!
I was thinking if i can use the 3.10.y code, why not try to merge up to maximum that i can get from 4.2.y!
and it's took some time and few adaptations and manual relocations, and it's BOOTED! and works GREAT!
New driver is made by non humanoids! that's for sure :)
super complex and reprogrammed by 90%
*Fixed wrong compression set for ZRAM. now it's LZ4 as should be. was LZO (slower but stronger compression)
LZ4 is much faster but little less compression.

Kernel 6.3
*Fixed RAM allocation for Camera Decoder thanks to @duki994
*Merged ZRAM driver from 3.10.y kernel with LZ4 compression and highly advanced features!
it's able to compress RAM up to 45% and create more FREE RAM pool for apps to use.
by default set to 512MB for default and above and 256MB for battery profile.
Also added synapse status for ZRAM and control in Dorimanx app.
*Removed D805 build. all D805 users should use D802 kernel + LP D805 MODEM!
*Enabled advanced ZSMALLOC driver that help to operate memory allocations
and speedup the kernel.
*Fixed UKSM config defines in ramdisk scripts.

Kernel 6.2 IN TEST

*Tuned low mem killer driver to work harder and when ram pressure is in range of 85-94% it's will
order quick RAM release first by low priority apps in RAM, then to middle, and only then to highest RAM drainers.
*Merged changes to BINDER code from 3.10.y, it's should prevent few unexpected bugs with ROM stuck.
but kernel is OK... binder needed to run apps and ROM system.
*Merged fix for GPU ION Ram DMA corruption bug.
*Merged few mods to NET code, and profiling code.

Kernel 6.1 IN TEST

*Updated slimbus driver that operate the hdmi and mirracast.
*Merged huge update to kernel timer code that needed every where!
all logic is based on time in nano seconds, so bugs in that lead to crashes.
Found few critical bugs that added with wrong patches in the deep past.
*Updated NTP code from 3.10.y and merged new driver to sync time after power loss.
*Merged few kernel core fixes.
*Tuned lowmemkill driver to be less aggressive and not burn too much power by releasing ram
when there is no need.
*Added few changes to kernel debug script, to add more info for me, and simplified check operation.

Kernel 6.0 IN TEST

*Merged updates to kernel modem driver.
*Merged update to alucard hotplug from dev.
*Merged many updates to lowmemory driver, and to global ram shrinker code from 3.12.y kernel.
Now ram managed much much faster and better. result is amazing! ram growing free on it's own! :)
*Merged updates to random char code (entropy) + tuning. apps start faster and no more shortages
that lead to lags.
*Merged all updates to BAM_DMUX driver that allocate RAM for video, audio and much more.
*Merged few kernel fixes for futex and smp.
*Merged updates to color change driver from DEV.
*Merged SPS driver from 3.10.y operate modem and other hardware connected to network.
*Merged fixes for ext4 driver, about memory calculation.
*Merged fix for Selinux driver.
*Merged fix for ARCH DMA ram cache release.
*Merged updates to BUG trace code. so i will see more info if any BUGS will happen.
*Merged update to NET CUBIC congestion driver.
*Merged update for suspend notify driver, fixed bug of stuck in suspend and LAG like hell.

Kernel 5.9.2 STABLE

*Fixed freeze on boot.
---Update for mem release in lcd driver.
---Fixed wrong control set for BUS control for GPU.

kernel 5.9
*Merged update for mem release in lcd driver.
*Merged updates for driver load core and power control from 3.10.89 kernel patch.
*Cleaned hotplugs from not needed control for io busy.
*Merged update to Alucard Hotplug from DEV.
*Fixed wrong control set for BUS control for GPU. LG BUG... now fixed.
possible performance boost in video driver.

Kernel 5.8 STABLE

*Updated with kernel patch 109. many drivers updated.
detected bugs by world DEVS now fixed.
*Merged new way to signal drivers when device screen is OFF
when to enter suspend mode and when to wakeup!
it's replaced older driver that seems to create reboot bugs
with LP stock kernel. and working fine for KK code.
so now all CPU Hotplugs, FS drivers, LMK, and logger use new code.
it's called State Notify. using LCD driver to ON/OFF to signal.
*Merged fixes to Alarm Timer code and RTC that used to sync device time
with NET, now should save correct time after shutdown for some time.
also other code fixes and optimizations added.
*Merged fix for mem leak in bam_dmux driver. (modem and chip set)
*Merged updates to interactive GOV.
*Merged speed boost for MMC driver.
*Merged fix for VMA ANON naming code.
*Merged updates to Alucard Hotplug from DEV.
*Switched all CPU govs and Hotplugs + touch boost to more stable
workqueue function. there is noticeable performance boost!
and should be more stable now.
*Updated Sweep2Sleep code, now it's OFF in second that screen is OFF.
No more screen touch regs when screen is OFF and suspend timer still
in range of 0 to 10sec.
Some reported that they can END CALL when screen is OFF by touch where
the button is located. now it's will not work :)
*Adapted cortex script to work with new state notifier to mod kernel
based on screen ON/OFF
*Updated CPU LIMIT driver, now it's fully using state notify and when
suspend Freq is set, it's set on all 4 cores! before was set only on core0
so now when we listen to music and screen is OFF. we save more power.
*Suspend delay for all effected driver is set to 10sec after screen was
been turned OFF by user or by auto. if in that range screen is turned ON.
counter is reset. and device remain in full wake.
that help with quick wake during usage.
*Disabled msm watchdog code that create false panic when CPU is loaded with something.
kernel know to panic when there is a real problem. (it's will reboot device).

Kernel 5.7 IN TEST

*Updated all CPU GOVS with more checks to prevent BUGS in CPU code when GOV start on cores.
This should prevent many random unknown reboots.
Thanks to Alucard for help! for more info see GIT.
*Updated LMK code that was found bugged and crashed kernel when there was LOW RAM. in some
rare conditions. now more stable.
*Merged few updates to memory code from 3.10.y updates.

Kernel 5.6 BETA

*Removed kernel flag optimizations. as i use GCC 5.2 to compile kernel.
it's best to let GCC to set what needed by auto.
Any way i don't see any performance drop, or high battery usage.
kernel is stable and perform as expected.
*Merged fixes for 3.10.y memory code from 3.10.y main line.
*Merged bug fixes for Sound driver. no sound output change.
*Cleaned memory code from patches that belong to 3.4.y memory code.
we have 3.10.y memory code now.
*Updated PROC code to be able to use new memory code structure.
*Updated CpuSet code to use new memory code.
*Set Alucard Hotplug sample rate to 50. to reduce battery drain.
*Set watchdog timers to default to prevent possible bugs from my customer sets.
*Merged full update to IPC code from 3.10.y, it's responsible for memory allocation
and permissions check and filter from ROM to Kernel. and much more.
very big update! 100 commits.
*Merged code updates to Alucard,darkness,nightmare CPU govs from DEV.
*Set hotplug suspend OFF (always ON) after tests it's save more power than
when it's suspend. when we listen to music with screen OFF.
When device is going to sleep more, hotplug not working anyway.
*Profiles will be reset on first boot.

Kernel 5.5 IN TEST

*Merged code updates to ARCH timer that seems to be broken long time now.
and crushed kernel in suspend when irq thread was corrupted. not any more!
*Merged code updates from 3.10.y kernel for PM,CORE,FS,MM all for better performance
and bug fixing in Memory code.
*Merged update to Alucard hotplug from DEV.
*Merged lockless wake queues to speed up driver wakeup from suspend.

Kernel 5.4 BETA

*Merged ARCH code updates from 3.10.y to comply with all memo

XDA:DevDB Information
[LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980, Kernel for the LG G2

dorimanx, alucard_24, neobuddy89, Diechel, Computoncio, d_Schizzo, vPro97, bloof, siggey, Tinchoska, cybernetus, johnbeetee, xanthrax, berryman13, Ganjax, jeebspawnshop, g.paganini, blastagator, krija, Kryten2k35
Source Code: https://github.com/dorimanx/DORIMANX_LG_STOCK_LP_KERNEL/commits/master

Kernel Special Features: Read the What Inside.

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 12.0
Stable Release Date: 2017-01-08
Current Beta Version: 11.9
Beta Release Date: 2016-12-19

Created 2015-05-07
Last Updated 2017-01-08


Recognized Developer
Feb 20, 2010
TERA Prime.
One post for me! :)


To use LP ROM with exposed framework you need to install latest arm 21 v75 or newer exposed framework
And exposed apk latest provided at XDA exposed for LP thread.


In order to get Viper4Android working with LP ROM:

download from my storage version (http://www.dorimanx.com/LG-LP) it's ORIGINAL APK, no changes.

toss it to /system/priv-app/ using any ROOT file manager.
set 0644 permissions on file.

edit /system/build.prop
make sure to use GOOD editor that allow large file support!
last line should be:
ro.pip.gated=0 (or at least you must see it with editor! = good editor)

at the end of the build.prop add:

# Viper4Android

save, make sure perms are 0755 on file.

edit /system/etc/audio_policy.conf

delete or comment deep_buffer function! from: deep_buffer { BLA BLA BLA } (# = comment, ROM will ignore that line)

#      deep_buffer {
#         sampling_rates 44100|48000
#         channel_masks AUDIO_CHANNEL_OUT_STEREO
#         formats AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_16_BIT
#      }
save, make sure perms are 0755 on file.

Reboot, you will see viper4android app, open and install driver after SU access..

now you have viper4android working :)
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Recognized Developer
Feb 20, 2010
TERA Prime.
One more post for me. (backup)


Kernel 3.9.1+2

*Found and fixed nasty bug in all CPU GOVS.
*Fixed all 3 Alucards CPU GOVS. now fast again.
*Fixed Thermal Core driver! now will be activated on boot faster.
and will check for CPU0 temp. and not global cores temp.
this will allow much colder device, and stable performance.
no more overheat BUGS that crash and reboot during high pressure
tasks. like Facebook + music play :)

*Merged few missing MMC updates for power shut code and voltage checks.
*Merged fix for lowmemkiller driver.
*Merged fix for sharedmem probs! broken in 3.8, now all ok.
*Added fix checks in workqueue on boot. to reduce warning logs.
*Disabled sched auto group code, we use ROM cpu group control.
*Fixed bug in CPUFREQ code, for ALL GOVS, including alucard,nightmare,darkness
*Ordered to delete chargerlogo binary in case we boot to ROM!
to prevent strange bug that kill ROM using that file.

Kernel 3.8

*Merged and synced kernel work queue and scheduling code with 3.10.y android kernel.
Many bugs fixed, now kernel will try to resolve stuck schedule and not to reboot.
major update! lots of code. see GIT
*Merged IDR code to support new kernel work queue also maxed to 3.10.y source code.
Also updated many kernel drivers to use new IDR code structure to speedup and secure from bugs.
*Merged fixes to KGSL (GPU) to prevent ram drain and bugs.
*Merged fix to Alucard Hotplug from DEV.
*Merged fix NET code.
*Merged fixes to USB driver.

Kernel 3.7

*Removed Modem hack in D800/1/2 builds, possible bug with IMEI and modem crash and reboot!
*Locked Modem restart code that comes from LS980 Source to LS980 kernel only.
Probably crash other models modem and create reboots.
*Reverted change to try to catch modem reboot logs, if modem should restart, do it!
dont block it, as if it's not rebooting, device is Rebooting! we dont even see that happen
it's in kernel, and very fast.
*Optimized work queue code for HYPER, Intellimm, Pegasusq
*Found bug in Idle/suspend with CPUIDLE code that added in updates,
but i was missing critical fix from main line kernel.
*Merged updates and bug fixes for CPUIDLE code from main line kernel.
*Added D805/6 model build that include Cloudy Fix RIL script. it's same as D802 in code base.

Kernel 3.6.1

*Made big MMC rework restoring our voltage and RAM controls to restore WIFI
Driver operation on many devices.
Also found out the in old days i have make mistake in workqueu priority change
that prevented MMC from getting high priority in system chain.
and on high load it's could stuck! this = DEAD device... reboot/Sod broken data.
Now it's FIXED.
With big help from my great beta tester @iko11 i was been able to fix MMC for WIFI!
now all works as should!

Kernel 3.6


*Merged HUGE mass of code to MMC driver from 3.10.y android kernel.
it's brings many fixes to many many bugs!
it's will save power!
it's will give faster access!
it's will use less CPU to work.
*Merged fixes to camera and LED panel.
*Merged change to help with modem reinit.
*Merged mods to WIFI to save more power and reduce wakelocks.
*Merged fixes to sound driver.
*Merged fixes to DSI PHY lane.

Kernel 3.5.1

*Merged tuning for WIFI suspend mode
*Merged update from Alucard to CPU GOVS.
*Merged fix for sound driver ocmem allocation.
*Fixed busybox running and probably other things.
by restoring default protection for null pointer bugs.
no other choice. need to seek for bugs and fix them in code.

kernel will show 3.5 as build number.

*Merged updates to ARM and IRQ
*Merged updates to CPUFREQ stats code.
*Merged updates to QsecCom driver.
*Merged updates to SPI_QSD driver.
*Merged change to allocate 2MB RAM more for sound driver to prevent crash!
*Merged MMC change that allow to boost write performance or reduce bu save power.
*Added new control option in Dorimanx App for MMC power/performance.
till now we had it set to powersave. now we can have faster MMC.
*Merged Update to all CPU GOVS that allow correct CPU freq limit checks.
*Merged tuning to WIFI suspend mode.
*Merged updates to CPUSET CGROUP as i have seen that some kernel panics came from it.
*Restored min RAM for apps to 16MB was 64MB this was my change to fight with panic bugs.
but it's was no helping. just reduced allowed RAM for apps. the null pointer protection should help.

Kernel 3.4

*Updated AIO FS code. cleaned old hacks from it. now in sync with 3.10.y by 98%
not all can be ported without more changes.
*Restored MMC code change that needed for LP, i have removed it in early builds 1.xx
with KK it's crash MMC. but here it's was by default from stock... so i have tested and restored.
*Cleaned wakelock check/clean on every check for charger... to many checks, can lead to bugs.
we dont need it any more, was made for KK.
*Merged fix to Selinux perms in case used in enforce mode by @blastagator
*Merged Google Services power drain and wakelock fix by @Alcolawl
*Merged fix for switch mutex guards from KK kernel.
*Merged fix to speedup I/O for SSD flash.

Kernel 3.3.1

*Merged patch 3.4.108 and lost patches 3.4.0->1
*Merged Adreno Idler that save power by quick drop GPU to idle if no load on GPU.
This will save power when screen is ON and OFF
*Fixed App WatchDog to stop rebooting kernel when his own IRQ stop responding
as kernel busy with other things... then it's respond again.
But watchdog think that system is frozen, and order REBOOT. now will order reboot
on REAL bugs only. not on it's self.
*Merged fix for WIFI/NET code checks.
*Merged fix for VFP cpu on/off code.
*Cleaned BOOT scripts from possible boot fail triggers! and some other ramdisk mess.

Kernel 3.2

*Switched to LINARO 2015.03 GCC 4.9.3 as it's was great all the time.
I suspect that RAM bugs that lead to reboots started when i changed to GCC 5.1
*Reserved more 32MB for kernel drivers. so apps cant touch it. best to kills apps
to release RAM, and not kill kernel... and REBOOT or just stuck.

Kernel 3.1.2

*Fixed mount of cache as EXT4. was broken from 2.9 no SELINUX.

*Fixed reboots from watchdog kill it's self... extended check time out.
*Enabled 3 cores when screen is OFF and system is no sleeping! (call,music,file transfer, and others)
When will enter suspend, then only core0 is in deepsleep, others OFF.
This should fix reboots from resource shortages.
one core cant handle LP ROM. and our needs.

*Reverted change that make reboot in suspend. now stable (i had reboot too!)
*Merged fix for Alucard cpu hotplug by DEV.
*Merged fix for HDMI code. resolution change fix.
*Fixed OTA app access to /cache/recovery/
*Set max GPU freq to 450 for performance profile. just in case. set higher if you wish.

kernel 3.0/3.1 will be removed. BUGGED.

Kernel 3.0

*Merged updates to cpufreq code structure.
*Merged big update to drivers/base code including power and RAM code fixes.
Many bugs fixed, code updates from 3.10.y android msm.
*Merged update to Dorimanx App by @krija
*Set ZEN and other I/O govs to support high fifo batch tuning to reduce load on eMMC
Thanks to @duki994 for pointing this out.
*Set eMMC nomerges = 2 to reduce CPU load when high I/O is needed for APPS or downloads.
this speedup SQL Data Bases read/write by 6sec! it's LONG time to wait for something to "MOVE"
*Enabled CPU accounting and grouping per task as LP ROM need that, and i have disabled in config.
Seen errors in LOGS and enabled. now all clean. should help with CPU power redistribution per apps.
*Fixed max 4 cores online. even if user set max 2 and turned screen OFF/ON, now kernel obey user needs after boost on wakeup.
*Corrected some Dorimanx XML descriptions.
*Fixed setting SELINUX ON, and mounting modem with full selinux rights and perms after selinux was OFF.
*Corrected busybox not working if Selinux is ON and set to enforce.
*Corrected permissions for selinux ON mode in kernel folders and scripts.

Kernel 2.9

*Added support for VS980 Model. need to have last KK bootloader for this model to boot kernel.
*Merged updates to Alucard,Nightmare,Darkness CPU GOV from DEV.
*Merged fixes to kernel modem driver.
*Merged fixes to input driver and to spi_qsd driver.
*Disabled SELINUX totaly on boot. you can enable it via Dorimanx APP if you wish,
This will fix many bugs and increase performance and save more battery power. (if it's stay OFF)
*Merged big update to driver core code. many updates to checks and power code!
device will wakeup from suspend faster! and power is saved more in suspend.
*Disabled ROM kernel log to data, waste of room and power by using CPU non stop.
*Fixed many file permissions bugs that i have discovered after updating drivers core.
*Merged updates to Alucard HotPlug from DEV.
*Merged update to BFQ I/O gov to build v7r8
*Fixed some adb start stop in USB ramdisk scripts.
*Set faster CPU gov sample rate for performance profiles.
*Fixed no GSM link for other models than D802
*Merged Selinux context perms mods by @blastagator

Kernel 2.8

*Added support for D800/1 and LS980 need to test.
Till BETA testers report that kernel is OK, i cant say that it's working!

*Merged updates to memory compaction code.
*Merged updates to BINDER,NET,SOUND,REGULATOR from aurora kernel.
*Added missing check/fix binary for F2FS
*Added more RAM buffer for NET connection.

Kernel 2.7

*Merged updates to kernel watchdog code, this should prevent 80% of reboots.
it's was too slow and was not getting resources when high load on CPU, and think that system is stuck!
and order reboot. now it's works with high priority and have many new checks to see what is going on.
*Merged updates to GPU/ION code.
*Merged update to alucard cpu gov.
*Merged latest F2FS driver updates for 3.4.y.
*Merged mods to RAM cache code to have more free RAM by releasing not used RAM cache.
*Compiled Kernel with new GCC 5.1.0 toolchain, with hard VFP Neon and latest libs.
Kernel code more optimized and fast.
*Cleaned useless spam log.

Kernel 2.6

*Removed limits in few govs for tunable options.
*Fixed setting sample rate for all govs via Dorimanx App.
*Blocked ROM hotplug driver from messing with CPU govs. we don't want that.
*Allowed Hotplug to allow 2 cores max online during standby. when device suspend only core 0 is alive in PM mode.
*Fixed possible BUG in Alucard hotplug suspend function.
*Merged NULL pointer fix in GPU driver.
*Tuned reserved RAM for VM/kernel to 32MB from 16mb this allow faster UI and apps access.
*Restored default rq affinity for I/O to finish tasks on CPU that started them.
*Fixed typo in ram release log. and corrected XML for dorimanx app.
*Enabled highmem_is_dirtyable by default in all profiles. very good tweak.

Kernel 2.5

*Merged updates to fix memory leak in BAM DMUX (core driver for android needs)
*Merged updates to lowmemorykiller driver, should work little faster when low ram condition is triggered.
*Merged sound driver updates to fix ram allocations.
*Merged updates to nightmare,alucard,darkness CPU govs from DEV.
*Merged updates to devfreq code to allocate RAM in better way and code speed optimization.
*Added control in dorimanx app to mark highmem as source of free RAM in case of need, see Memory tab!
it's OFF by default. need to test for long time. this can improve performance, but also can add strange bugs.
*Added new cron task to restart google services every 3 hours, this will make sure to release all leaked RAM
and stop non stop CPU power drain, i have found that this service can stuck after long use without REBOOT.
service is ON by default.
*Tuned profiles for min backlight, temp hysteresis, mic gain, and fixed some cron scripts.
Profiles will be reset on first boot.

Kernel 2.4

*Possible final fix for F2FS support in LP for system/data/cache
Thanks to @xdabbeb
*Reverted few changes in MSM CPUFREQ driver that maybe responsible for CPU GOVS crashes.
need to test now if OK. and CPU GOVS stable.
*Merged few other good changes to CPUFREQ that prevent possible problems with hotplug cpus.
*Merged HACK to stop ROM messing with min/max freqs and not letting kernel cpuboost driver to work.

Kernel 2.3.1

Kernel will show version 2.3 in the info.

(kernels from 1.6 to 2.1 deleted. beta tests with bugs anyway...)

*Reverted sound driver changes to fix stock music player.
*Prevent default hotplug ROm binary to make any CPU freq changes if not selected as hotplug.

Kernel 2.2
*Fixed bugs in all active CPU GOVS. should be stable for all govs.
*Fixed USB/Keyboard HID code and interface. (use only if you need it, then disable to have default USB connection)
*Merged update to speedup rpm_smd code.
*Merged sps low memory guard, adds stability to ROM needs.
*Merged fix for suspend counters that possibly delayed suspend and wasted battery..

Kernel 2.2 STABLE 95%

*Fixed Force Fast charge code. removed possible NULL pointer bugs, works very good now.
*Compiled and used new GCC 5.1.0 kernel build Toolchain! very advanced and powerful tool
on first compile found many bugs that can create many problems. and FIXED...
*Merged special binary for D806/5 models to create stable network connection with modded baseband.

Please try to use profiles that i have set... still more work needed on different CPU govs.
And no need to set OOM to aggressive. default works just fine.

Kernel 1.6 --> 2.1

*Merged more Selinux and NET updates from aurora 3.7.y kernel.
*Merged Alucards CPU Govs cleanup commit from DEV.
*Removed tons of logs from camera when it's active. no one care..
*Fixed and tuned FORCE FAST CHARGE driver.
now will be possible to use 2000ma max charge if charger can supply!
and you select FAST CHARGE and not MTP in USB connection selector.
if you need MTP with charge, then it's will charge ~1600max.
*Removed few RAM tweaks, that seems to brake RAM cache release.
Will work good without it. it's not enabled by LG...
*Removed 300ma forcefast charge limit, we can limit only 500! no less.
*Fixed Nightmare, Alucard, Darkness CPU GOVS. now stable! :)
*Merged updates and fixes to SeLinux code. from 3.7.y aurora kernel.
*Restored and fixed BOOT init scripts.
*Updated Alucard,Nightmare,Darkness CPU govs from DEV.
*Reverted changes to WIFI driver.
*Merged update to Alucard hotplug from DEV.
*Removed added ROM tweaks that maybe where OK with KK, but not good with LP.
*Merged new KERNEL RAM protection code, to block access to critical registers that can be used
to stuck kernel... now it's protected. code from aurora kernel.
*Restored default playback and record timer periods... possible bug with call start.. and freeze.
*Merged USB driver updates from Aurora and my KK kernel.
*Merged USB/Keyboard controller driver. support for usb keyboard app is restored.
*Fixed OndemandPlus gov. now should be stable again.
*Tuned all profiles to balance performance via battery.
*Turned off ARCH POWER and SLEEPERS to gain performance and stability.
*Merged fixes to WIFI driver.
*Disabled one more cpu performance counter that no one need. or use.
*Renamed STweaks app to Dorimanx, and placed it in /system/priv-app
same for color tune app.
*Removed logs from vibrate driver that spam the dmesg log.
*Improved memory usage, by allowing kernel to count high memory free buffers as free RAM.
This allow apps to use more RAM then before, and OOM driver to be more accurate.
My advice is to set screen on OOM to aggressive in Dorimanx App RAM tab.
*Cleaned MSM THERMAL driver from unsupported vdd restrictions and other code for G3 model.

Kernel 1.5

*Merged sound driver updates from aurora.
*Fixed MEM leak with lowmemkill not releasing home and systemui from RAM.
in case of low ram, and not killing system services. not it's will release.
needed services will auto start without mem leak.
*Updated OndemandPlug CPU gov with latest mods i found.
*Merged updates to USB driver.
*Merged updates to MMC driver.
*Major code cleanup for msm cpufreq driver and cpu code. works great and in sync
with android 5.1
*Merged fix for GPU freqs scaling. should work more correctly.
*Merged update to crypto driver.
*Added 499Mhz freq step.
*Removed non needed debug logs from dmesg non stop write..
*Removed Analog PA gain control. it's no longer supported with LP drivers / ROM.
*Fixed CPU UV/OV voltage table code. now works as should. every freq can be tuned.
*Tuned profiles for lower MIC gains. seems that we dont need +10 any more! +3 is good.
Also bumped GPU gov simple ramp threshold to boost video performance.
*Fixed kernel ver check via Dorimanx App.


Kernel 1.4

*Reverted change to lowmemkill that allow to low ram level and system LAG too much.
*Merged Sound driver update from aurora.
*Merged big mass of power saver tweaks and hacks from KK kernel.
All this mods fix many critical kernel panics and possible fails.
It's also boost performance and reduce battery usage in suspend and wake.
for full change log see GIT... all that we had with KK and it's WORKS.
*Merged new updated Dorimanx App, thanks to @krija for support.

Kernel 1.3

*Merged updates to PM configs from aurora.
*Fixed BUG with Selinux code for rootfs
*Fixed delay in music tracks switch.
*Fixed MIN Back light control interface.
Now we can set MIN back light with auto brightness.
*Reverted commit that create LAG with CPU cores.
*Disabled debugs and compiled with -O2 flags for optimization.
*Enabled auto grouping of system tasks. to boost performance.


Kernel 1.2

*Fixed AD block download and set.
*Boosted performance to support LP heavy UI.
*Tuned Alucard CPU gov to deliver higher performance.
*Cleaned Zipalign and Camera reset. no longer supported.
*Few cleanups in boot scripts.

Kernel 1.1

D802 ONLY for now!

PEOPLE DO NOT USE ZIPALIGN!!! it's not supported with ART structure...

*Finished merges of ALL critical parts and good stuff from my KK kernel 10.5
Now you have all that with LP kernel :) and more from LG.

So have fun testing, please report, so i can fix. Remember! this is BETA, bugs are OK to find :)

Lets do it together!
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Mar 8, 2012
Wot Wot... The king has returned! (was there any doubt?!).

Hope the 802 version goes well :)

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