LSPosed xposed framework [8.0-11.0]. Edxposed Alternetive

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Jul 29, 2013
Luckily, you're wrong.

Only System Framework and Settings Storage need to be hooked. Better yet, the hooking is automatic with XPrivacyLua.
I think you are wrong. Every app needs to be selected, not only the 2 you mentioned.
M66B mentioned that you need to select new apps to restrict them, because there is no api for it yet. So if what you said was true, than this wasn't needed.
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Jan 5, 2016
I think you are wrong. Every app needs to be selected, not only the 2 you mentioned.
M66B mentioned that you need to select new apps to restrict them, because there is no api for it yet. So if what you said was true, than this wasn't needed.

I beg your pardon. You are correct.

I tested with WhatsApp, but I had removed all Android permissions from it, so its failure to read my contacts was because of that, not because of XPrivacyLua.

So, yes, if you want to run XPrivacyLua in whitelist mode, it appears you will need to separately hook every blacklisted package.


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Jan 30, 2016
Luckily, you're wrong.

Only System Framework and Settings Storage need to be hooked. Better yet, the hooking is automatic with XPrivacyLua.
I tried it. For xprivacy you must hook every app. I downloaded some random camera app, didn't hook it, and even though I had camera access blocked in xprivavy the camera still accessed it.

While it would be nice if I didn't have to hook each app it just doesn't work that way. Lsposed is more of a hassle for my use case.


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Jan 5, 2016
In regards to the devs of LSposed; Rikka is listed and credited as one of the main devs. For the unaware, Rikka is responsible for riru core, the component all XPOSED frontends/forks require to operate. Therefore to trust edxposed means to trust lsposed as a key developer is shared between riru and lsposed.

Edit: The source code to lsposed is available, for those inclined maybe taking a peek at that would be better for your overall security concerns.

This point was never clarified, so I should point out that Rikka is a key developer of LSPosed inasmuch as he did much of the work on the codebase up until the point that LSPosed was forked from it. He is not active within the LSPosed fork itself. He does, of course, continue to develop both riru and EdXposed.

Lord Sithek

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some conflict between developers of LSPosed and EdXposed. Basically developer of Edx accused one developer of Lsp making an "rm rf" pr to their github repo in May 2020, leading to the data lost of several user. Now there's flaming between the two teams. (it's a chaos, lets just sit still and see what's next)
Sounds so unprofessional... :cautious:
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May 9, 2015
Yup guys, the telegram channel gone, and there's conflict between edxposed and lsposed on sandhook version.

Don't update to lsposed 1.1.0 from magisk repo or from anywhere else, it's causing bootloop to some devices.


Sep 18, 2020
Hangzhou, China
and mlgmxyysd also published one of LSPosed dev's name on chinese platform coolapk, this triggered that devoloper and he fought back, pulished mlgmxyysd's name, too. (there is a dark side of chinese "network culture", called 恶俗(esu), which means, you publish someone's all informations(real address, real name, parents name, etc) in public and judge his fault with people.
and in edxp's channel, people think it is "normal" to publish someone's name, they said "it's not illegal anyway, just exposed his name"(
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Sep 18, 2020
Hangzhou, China
and there is another reason, mlgmxyysd blamed one of LSPosed's dev for his code, which caused a bug, and the developer only fixed it in the forked repo LSPosed, didn't fix it in the upstream repo EdXposed(when they forked the edxp repo to LSPosed, they are banned in the edxp telegram channel)

and i think, the bug issue is here because i linked the solution commit in it, i didn't know mlgmxyysd would be so mad about it:
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    V1.3.5 released

    - Reduce size by using self-build libcxx
    - Fix crash when a repo does not have any release
    - Support hooking default methods of interfaces (a feature of Java 8)
    - Replace DobbySymbolResolver with AndroidELF
    - Fix in some rare case, LSPosed cannot be activated
    - Higher optimization level of compiling
    - Refine installation scripts
    - Minimum Magisk requirement updated to 21+ (even so, 22.1+ is strongly recommended)
    "requires access to all apps, and have to pay for AppOps on each mobile."

    Can you please add a little more detail on this finding. Are you saying that you have to buy an app called AppOps to use Lsposed and Xprivacy? I am not familiar with AppOps, so I was looking for more information. Thanks

    no, not true. Sorry for confusing wording. AppOps is a (Magisk) app, it's limited w/out payment. I need to apply any template on new apps for my lame users who reinstall malware apps like Facebook all the time (which extracts contacts as a first operation even when it is disabled in app itself), and there are 3 ways:
    1) XPrivacyLua and its simple but working template. Only Pro version has history.
    Requires: EdXposed which doesn't limit apps or LSPosed if you ready to select apps manually every day.
    2) AppOps, but only the paid version has templates
    Requires: Sui magisk plugin (open source) so no Xposed
    3) get LineageOS AOSP with its privacy tool, but lose vendor functionality

    Both AppOps and XPrivacy are pay to play, and pretty agressive in policy (cannot use Family share, pay for every little feature). Which is fine, privacy oriented people need to be milked as they have no choice + there are not many of them ;) Since i paid to XPrivacy several times and there's no development, i rather shell out money at AppOps now. It will get history soon and it's easier to set up. It also works during the transition period of new Android, when XPosed has a traditional delay of couple of months (which might not be the case in future).
    LSPosed is free, and it works better than EDXposed for me in Android 11. Despite the broadly hated app filtering feature:)
    Attached is your decision chart:
    Using MagiskHide and XPrivacyLua as examples, new apps are not enabled by default and we need to enable them manually.
    Yes this is the biggest hurdle I've faced in LSposed hence I switched back to EdXposed... Hope devs do something about this soon..
    One more question, everytime I installl a new app, I have to enable it through LSPosed for XPrivacyLua?
    it seems that this is problem on devices like Samsung and Huawei, LSPosed tries to patch it, but it doesn't work on these devices, so Magisk needs to fix it. But looking at several threads with this issue i didn't identify a working canary version. So i'm just going to wait.
    now LSPosed plugins work again with Magisk 22.1.
    * XPrivacy (the main XPosed plugin) is out of question now as it requires access to all apps, and have to pay for different solution AppOps on each mobile instead.
    * XPosed Edge works with some limitations (no icons displayed in app menu, you can't capture app screen etc) because it requires access to all apps.
    * 3C will work with limitations, it requires access to all apps.
    Basically every plugin except Firefds requires all apps but i will adjust by not using app interacting functions so it's ok. Thanks.
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    Developers: LSPosed Developers
    Homepage: GitHub
    • Magisk 21+
    • Android 8-11
    Description: Riru module providing ART interception framework (natively for Android Pie) that provides consistent API -interfaces with OG Xposed, using YAHFA (or SandHook) interception environment, supports Android 8.0 ~ 11.
    & Installation:
    • Install Riru 23+
    • Install Riru - LSPosed via Magisk Manager
    • Install LSPosed Manager app
    • Reboot your device.

    For stable release, please go to Github Release page For canary build use telegram.
    Go to second post for latest version Download

    I'm just sharing this from github, I'm not responsible if you bricked your device.

    GPay and other banking apps working fine without any issue so this xposed alternative is worth trying and safer.

    Note: If anyone facing bootloop issue, don't panic, hard reboot again and it will work.

    Flash zip file through magisk and then install LSPosed Manager app

    Update 1 March 2021
    I have it working on the Poco X3 NFC, running RR, loaded and runs without issue, I used the YAHFA option, has updated without issue.

    Thought I should add that I can't get SafetyNet on, but I've never been worried about that, I think I've only ever had it working once on one of my devices years ago. The one app that refused to play nice I just used MagiskHide on, and it's not a problem now.

    In saying that I only have one module loaded, I haven't had time to go looking for the below answers, to install any others.

    The only thing I haven't figured out yet is what apps need to be picked with what modules, sure some are obvious as they are named after the apps, but is there anything else that needs to be picked with them? For example, do I need to pick the framework app with everything, I'm sure I don't, but how do I know?
    I'm using YAHFA myself, even though I was using SandHook earlier with EdXposed. Also, I'm passing SafetyNet without an issue and Play Store shows certified as well, so that's nice.

    Coming to your question about "scope", basically for a module, you have to select the apps that are hooked by the module. This is pretty straightforward for modules that hook a specific app, for example, if you're using WATweaker, you have to select WhatsApp in its "scope". Similarly, another example, if you're using Instaprefs, you have to select Instagram in its "scope". However, for more systemwide module (like GravityBox, for example), multiple apps have to be selected in the "scope" as the module is more global in nature, so to speak.

    The only way to figure out which apps need to be added in scope for a module is to ask the module developer or by trial and error. Taking GravityBox as an example, you'll find the list of apps that need to be selected for its scope in the first post of its thread (under apps that need to be whitelisted; "whitelisted" term being used in context of EdXposed, since when the post was written, LSPosed wasn't a thing).

    Also, modules are can support for auto-adding recommended apps to their scope, but that responsibility lies with the module developer. Once again, taking GravityBox as the example, if you install GravityBox in LSPosed, you don't have to select apps manually in its scope. They're auto-selected since the developer has added support for LSPosed and auto-selection of scope apps.

    I know the reply is long-ish, but I hope it helps you and the others who had similar questions. :)
    Can you please provide me with an up to date list of all Android apps (literally millions) ? Do you see the problem?
    Solution could be to implement some kind of direct interface between LSPosedManager and modules using IPC (e.g. service).
    Apart from manifest listed scoped packages, LSPosed could query all modules that implement that predefined interface to query for additional required packages. This way module could dynamically manage whitelisted apps.
    So who is maintaining edxposed now versus this new version? Why the need to develop this, versus just banding together to make a stronger edxposed?
    I think this is an excellent question.

    As it is now, LSPosed is just a random spin off, causing only more confusion and fragmentation. It reportedly works okay though. On the other hand the project could be abandoned tomorrow.

    So, why was LSPosed started exactly? And by who(m) exactly?

    You @YiPing_Huang say it are the same developers. Can you please introduce them?

    Note that people put a lot of trust into the developers. Xposed modifies Android at the core after all.

    Moreover, EdXposed was removed from the Magisk repository for consistent poor maintenance quality. So, the same developers wouldn't even be a good thing.
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