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lumia 640 xl windows phone 10

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New member
Oct 9, 2021
Short im looking for lumia 640 lte EFIESP.bin MAINOS.BIN DATA.BIN for flash my lumia whit wpinternals i hope i get any (cant use my sim card for calls all time flight mode and cant check *#06# for imei pls help :)

hello , i have lumia 640 lte and i use other stuff long time ago to update windows 10 it was runing all thing working. last weekend i turn it on to my laptop and it becomes to update for windows 11 i lost all my data recovery for lumia 640 lte RM-1072 RM1072_02177.00000.15221.30005_RETAIL_prod_signed_1022_026134_ORG-PL.ffu
i did every thing i get in internet google and other and my phone is all time un flight mode cant turn it off no matter what i do i try all oficial and unoficial windows 8.1 and 10 ffu all time flight mode and cant even check my imei doing *#06# wifi working gps also i download here maps and are working . i done many flashes and other untill screen go black and game over . yesterday i turn my lumia whithout batery to windows recovery and i get download emergency file for RM 1113 ! (my RM 1072 ) and phone wakes up to flash mode ,done flash whit oficial recovery and it turn again on flight mode all time . found Yours wpinternals and used google drive flash EFIESP.bin MAINOS.BIN DATA.BIN . again my phone get crashed and back to live whit no battery in recovery .