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Jan 8, 2018
Hello there,
I have questions about my rooted Lumia 925.
I bought it used, with the latest Firmware. Then I loaded up the correct Firmware with Windows Device Recovery Tool, then I unlocked the bootloader, and now I have root access.

I wanted to load up Win10, I haven't made yet, as my phone works fine.
My very 1st question is: IF I'll be successfull with the OS-update, will I lose the root access later on?
I know I could flash the phone back to Win 8.1 but actually the very annoying part is to customize again the device.
Moreover I have a huge problem with "Back-up" built-in function of my WinPhone. I NEVER had a successful back-up of app, settings and SMS... :mad: Fortunately my contatcs are secured as they are synced with my account, but that's all.

This bring me to the 2nd question:
ANYONE HAS N IDEA HOW TO FIX THE BACKUP PROBLEM?! ... my phone backs-up pictures and Video on OneDrive BUT NOT the Apps and Settings and SMS...
I got this idea: since I have no chance to back-up my data and settings, what IF make a Back-up of all partitions let's say once a week, following this thread or using WPInternals, do I keep my contatcs/sms/settings/apps and so on ?!?
Anyone can confirm this ?

3rd question concerns UPDATE.
since i loaded the firmware 3051.50009.1424.0010 I keep getting this annoying message "there is a critical update, do you want to download it?" If I press on "agree" the phone gets the Firmware 3051.50009.1451.1011 . Then I lose all superuser rights... I tested it.
Is there a way to DISABLE the update completely? Like on Windows Desktop ?!?!
I have to say I got lucky here.
Updating your phone
After you unlocked the bootloader or enabled Root Access, you MUST disable Windows Updates on your phone. Future updates may corrupt the SecureBoot modifications and your phone may not boot anymore.
After you unlocked the bootloader or enabled Root Access, you can only update your Windows Phone by flashing a new Custom ROM which is based on the latest OS version.

Well I did this:
With "ROOT ACCESS ACTIVED" I pressed on agree to get the critical update. The updated failed. The Package has been downloaded but could not be applied (ERROR 800..... don't remember the error-code)
With "ROOT ACCESS DISABLED" the update has been made w/o errors.. and I had for a while the 3051.50009.1451.1011 ... no bootloader corruption !!! :eek: , then switched back to 3051.50009.1424.0010 to keep root access.
BUT can I get rid completely of this annoying message about the UPDATE !??!?! I do not want to challenge my luck again.
OR can I block completely the Win-Update process ?!?
OR can I force the phone to check on instead of checking the Microsoft servers thorugh a registry modification?!?
OR could I modify the HOST file instead !? If I would know the server name, I could try to limit the contact by adding 1 line to the HOST file, something like: !?
Would this work!?

3rd question: I searched long about this... it seems nobody knows... well I try and ask it directly: is there any way to change the GUI ?
I want to know IF / HOW throug registry
1) I can change the tiles fill-colors using custom HEX or RGB format,
2) I can tiles outline/symbols color instead of using the annoying WHITE using HEX or RGB values.. (my idea is to make a "total-black" GUI with darkgrey symbols... :D )
3) If I can change phone FONTS (dream)

4th question:
My phone is branded Vodafone (as it has 32GB memory) I would like to unbrand it and use the nice computer Boor Screen "Energy Star" . I read I have to make actually a Custom-ROM since the splash-screen is part of the firmware. OK. So following WPINTERNALS, I can select a source FFU-file and extract the EFIESP partition and MainOS partition.
WPINTERNALS says: "You can enable Root Access on these partitions"
Well HOW?
If they are not on the phone how can I enable the root access and how can can I customize MainOS if it is on my Desktop Hard-Drive ?!?
I'm sure I do need another tool for that... Any hint for me please?! Anybody?
Then ok... "After you have unlocked the bootloader of the phone, you can flash the custom ROM to the phone". that's easy.

Last question, just curiosity: is there a SHELL in Win 8.1 mobile ?!

It wuold be nice to have sometime a hack-library divided by phone sometime.... hope that XDA mods will think about it.
With WPINTERNALS for WinPhones there is a fully new world to discover. :)

Thanks everyone for your answers.
In case you decide to reply, please be kind... since I cannot read your mind nor I have any "palantir" nor divination skills, try to explain things esaly.... e.g. as you would explain them to your dog.... :good:
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Nov 27, 2020
Have unlocked bootloader and rooted old Nokia lumia 925 through WPINTERNALS... As I did not have many apps or games on it I would like to install some but now am stuck for how to get apps to phone or even is there a custom rom I can flash to it?...any help please..
PS: Phone is on windows 8.1 CYAN, I have made a full backup to pc with WPINTERNALS just in case anything goes wrong/

PS:-All fixed now and can now deploy xap
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