LY-F1 'Official' JB imminent!

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Oct 6, 2010
Ok, I know this isnt strictly a development post but its worthy news indeed, and I appologise if this is already mentioned elsewhere - I could only find threads about ICS or Cyanogenmod10 for this tablet.

I have an LY-F1 that I bought from Amazon and in case anyone isnt aware, the makers have a fairly good development team and have released several very good pre-rooted roms already.
The main download page is not english but can be found here: There is an english version, but it has out of date downloads.

I braved the language barrier and emailed their developer to ask if 4.1 Jellybean is being released for the LY-F1. I got the response: (after a google translation)

"Hello!We are currently adapter 4.11 well, I will as soon as possible on the official website go. Enjoy the wait. Thank you"

So, although there isnt a date mentioned, they are working on and will be releasing JB 4.11 for the LY-F1. Given it uses Livesuit, it will re-partition automatically - which I know is an issue for some users.


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Jun 27, 2011
Targu Mures
Looks like there's an update to our rom. New version of 4.0.4 is 1.0.5, a fix that brings more stability, fluency and fixes wifi thetering.
We should definitelly check it out.


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Sep 13, 2012
Very good firmware, indeed

Thanks to your post I managed to revive a Hamlet "Exagerate XZP700" tablet, which I discovered to be an exact clone of the LY-F1.
I am now on a 4.0.4 ICS rom, and I am more than proud of it.
Unfortunately, the ROM you mention is for the A10 chipset, while mine is an A13. Livesuit won't let me flash that update, and I am grateful of that, knowing how painful is getting off a bricked device.
Do you, by any chance, know if a 4.1 JB rom is being released for the A13?
I own a samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" as well, and the improvement in performance I got passing from ICS to JB was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


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Jan 6, 2012

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    I know my OP said JB was imminent back in Oct, but looks like they have finally got round to releasing it. (Chrome will auto translate)

    I have not tried or tested this release as I drowned my LY-F1 last week with spilt tea and it is dead. My new tablet is a tegra3 unit.