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Still is.....mine now running Carbon ROM 8.0 (Android 10)

I'm kinda sad I don't own mine still to be honest, but it makes me feel a bit better that I have the next best thing in my drawer. A OnePlus X running Android 10.

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    Beware of googleys


    1. Device tree is patched mako 5.1.1 with flo's M source
    2. Layers
    3. Day/Night theme switcher from first M preview
    4. Init.d support
    5. Advanced reboot
    6. SuperSu 2.52 flashed with the rom
    7. Volume rocker wake
    8. Volume rocker cursor control
    9. Long press quick settings control
    10. Stock Like feel, please don't ask for features


    Roms can change from update to update that sometimes you can dirty flash but if you have errors that other users don't then you will have to clean flash

    First Time Installation:
    1. Download the ROM and Other Optional files below.
    2. Connect your Nexus 4 to the PC and transfer all the zips to the root of your device’s storage.
    3. Reboot into recovery mode (Shut down, press VolDown + Power buttons. In bootloader mode, select Recovery mode)
    4. Wipe the following partitions: System, Data and Cache
    5. Install the ROM zip file
    6. Let it boot. Setup now and wait for the ROM to settle.
    7. Reboot into Recovery again and Install the remaining zip files.
    Updating from previous version:
    1.Download the ROM and Other Optional files below.
    2.Connect your Nexus 4 to the PC and transfer all the zips to the root of your device’s storage.
    3.Reboot into recovery mode (Shut down, press VolDown + Power buttons. In bootloader mode, select Recovery mode)
    4.Wipe the following partitions: Dalvik-cache and Cache
    5.Install the ROM zip file
    6.Reboot now
    7.Let it boot. Setup now and wait for the ROM to settle.
    8.Reboot into Recovery again and Install the remaining zip files.
    9.If have issues with dirty flash, reboot and redo steps wiping DATA also

    10-19 adreno update
    new adreno libs duh
    Minor update
    enable systemui tuner by default
    add scanning menu into location
    speed up recent app back
    Minor update
    added aldy's kernel in and turned back on usb-otg in fstab
    added minkin text layout engine in thanks to @ckret for pointing it out
    bug fixes!!!
    some changes on the device tree so anyone using it should update
    can build with clang now thanks to @ckret for pointing out the fixes (we are still gcc compiled)
    Fixed downloads dark theme thanks to Branden M
    Fixed supersu and layers icons being off on the dark theme, thanls Branden again
    ambient display color layers inversion fix up ported from lollipop
    Fix annoying usb mounting to computer (Thanks to snak3ater pointing this out to zephik)
    10-13-15 update-1
    added volume rocker wake (in settings/display to turn on)
    add volume rocker cursor control
    added animation transition animations of .25 and .75
    set default animation speeds to .75
    added long press recent button switches to the last app
    removed the spinner from optimizing apps dialogue so it is quicker at dexopting
    added long press on quick settings tile takes you to their settings menu
    minor sepolicy fixes
    disabled the after flash image verification (was breaking multirom flashing)
    10-13 build
    Fixed mac address bug thanks to this pull request 
    Fix a bad copy pasta of the init usb midi support 
    Added ambient display and full rotation
    removed some debugging code
    sped up a few things
    Frank 10-12-15 with theme switcher, update 1
    added google exchange services included in the build, it replaces exchange2
    should be able to remove the layers manager icon from the launcher now
    removed cell broadcast receiver
    added the locked update receiver commit
    beanstown found a line to set doze power saving mode that was set to off in aosp so turn it on
    10-12 theme switcher update
    added day/night theme switcher back to dev settings like what was in M dev preview 1 (only does settings, bluetooth and package installer so we will have to expand on this for layers), will prob move the switch out to the dashboard below layers or some place later.
    added https://github.com/BenzoRom/framewor...54a3aa73367bde which should give core google apps default permissions out the box (you might still have setup wizard bug though)
    Your current layers themes will only work properly in light mode
    new in 10-11-2015
    Removed art optimize everything till we have fully deodexed gapps
    advanced reboot
    init.d support
    supersu and layer manager embedded in setting (you need layers manager of course) (forgot to add the hide icon part )
    too tired for the rest so just read the commit history if you wanna know more https://github.com/marshmako/platfor...b5b1c3bc4419da https://github.com/marshmako/platfor...6896b4d256a871 pretty much just kanged a bunch of commits from zephik there.
    new in update 1.
    fixed init.d, removed aosp clock and aosp mms apps. Use updated and better google versions
    added missing files for miracast


    gapps without setup wizard if you get wizard fc upon boot thanks to barome (modifed version without setup wizard of above)
    just access play store to be able to log in with your google account

    Current layers themes will only work on light themes until adapted

    OT talk is welcomed in my threads and development is done in the open. I encourage involvement in the project in any way.
    Please do not complain about OT, it encourages a fun and relaxed environment

    Like the work I did, consider donating. I'm currently not working so it helps feed me

    Yes, my PayPal account is thatguy32404, I like to keep my banking stuff separated from my social account

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [L][5.0] Frank N4 - Aosp builds in testing [1-11-2015], ROM for the Google Nexus 4

    sykopompos, bgill55
    Source Code: https://github.com/marshmako

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    Based On: Aosp

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 13

    Created 2015-02-27
    Last Updated 2015-02-28
    Gapps are not working, help
    Google apps are really goofy this early in MM
    Deep sleep issues are caused by this
    Check runtime permissions on google apps in settings/apps and check the three dot menu for system apps

    SMS/MMS not working?
    SMS & MMS is related to your APN and not the ROM. Check that.

    Can I flash this over my 5.1..x rom?
    Yes, but do a clean install

    OMG x app is not working?
    That's expected - a lot of apps need to be updated to be compatible with L

    OMG xPosed is not working?
    Do not use lollipop Xposed on Marshmallow
    grabbed this from @vomer 's preview thread

    nexus devices threads

    My 5Ghz WiFi works fine.

    For those people having issues with 5Ghz trying changing your channel to one of those listed in this post:

    I'm currently using 44 which seems to be the sweet spot if that's available where you live.

    Nexus 4 aren't able to see DFS channels due to the country regulations on transmissions. But some routers were using those channels when you set it to auto, so try changing your 5Ghz router channel to non-DFS channel like 40 or 48.
    Non-DFS channels: 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165

    This is bleeding edge and may result in breakage, flash at your own risk.
    Scroll down for updates, read everything.

    This Kernel Takes the Best of Hellscore, Hellsdr, furnace, inception, mirage and Faux Kernel's for the ultimate performance on android L, this kernel is also compatible with Kitkat 4.4.4.

    For all the features, use Synapse, and you must install UKM to see all the settings.

    Grab UKM here
    Grab Synapse here
    Flash Busybox to enable /system/etc/init.d grab a flashable zip here

    Faux Clock, Kernel Tweaker and other apps work, Synapse will show the most options

    Older Kernels:

    • Intellidemand
    • Intelliactive
    • Intelli-Thermal
    • Intelli-Plug
    • Undervolting
    • FIOPS & ROW i/o Schedulers
    • Gamma Controls
    • Faux Sound
    • CM Gamma Controls
    • Double Tap to Wake
    • Init.d Support
    • Compiled with Linaro toolchain for speed

    Only for Beta 4, flash in recovery

    New Kernel Beta 5 uploaded:

    New Features: Faux Sound, CM Gamma Control Interface

    Beta 6: Internal Release to debug dt2w

    Beta 7 Released with Double Tap 2 Wake:

    Beta 8 Released with Faux Speaker:

    L-Kernel Beta 9 Uploaded

    *warning* if your CPU cannot handle -100 undervolt flash beta 8, I'll be reverting this change when I'm back home on Sunday.

    Lower 81Mhz CPU freq, and lowered voltages to -100mv by default and reduced CPU steps, you guys must reset Synapse, and redo your voltages. This should increase battery even further.

    Beta 10:
    Added kexec hardboot, UV -100 still default.


    New Ultra Kernel Build is up:

    New Features:
    • Ultra Kernel Same Page Merging
    • Customized Lower backlight LUT for power Saving
    • Enabled TCP_westwood, vegas, veno, and cubic, set Westwood as default.
    • Added CK Patches for Speed and battery.
    • Added simple GPU Governor
    • Enabled 450Mhz GPU Overclock
    • Removed Undervolt -100 by default by request.
    • Now has default Faux CPU Voltage Table
    • Overclocked to 1.84Ghz

    You must reset Synape App data or Reinstall after reboot, also voltages will need to be adjusted.

    You'll Need UKM, grab it Here

    You'll Need Synapse, grab it Here

    Kernel 15u:

    Kernel 16u Fixes wifi:

    New Kernel Build 18

    • Fixed Wifi
    • Max Clock set to 1.5Ghz
    • Underclocked down to 94mhz

    For those that like the OC, stick with 16u, with this you should get better battery life and great performance.

    You need busybox installed for init.d support.

    Synapse does not remount the system rw before setting an init.d script in WAKE, so first go to terminal or ADB Shell and type:
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system /system then open Synapse and click Set Init.d script with sweep to wake.

    In /etc/init.d/ you should now have a file named UKM_WAKE:
    #This file was generated automaticaly from Synapse/UKM.
    #It contains wake options to be applied from init.d script.
    echo 1 > /sys/devices/virtual/input/lge_touch/dt_wake_enabled

    New Ulltimate Kernel Series Features:
    • Compiled with Linaro 4.7.4
    • New 3.4.99 Kernel
    • LZ4 Compression
    • Min Freq: 94500
    • Max Freq: 1512000
    • FS: exFAT/F2FS
    • IO: ROW/BFQ/SIO/FIOPS/ZEN/VR/NOOP/CFQ/DEADLINE(default) / (default readahead - 512)
    • GOV: intellidemand/intelliactive/ondemandplus/wheatley/ondemand(default)/userspace/powersave/performance/interactive/SmartMax/Stockdemand
    • HotPlug: MPDecision/IntelliPlug(default)
    • Voltage Control
    • TouchWake
    • Semaphore DoubleTap2Wake
    • Bidirectional Sweep2Sleep
    • Sweep2Dim
    • Gamma Control
    • Battery Life eXtender
    • Force Fast Charge
    • FSync system call control
    • Faux123's Sound Control
    • FRandom
    • VFP Hardfloat
    • CPU-Boost via sysfs
    • Linaro's Power-Efficient Workqueue
    • Intelli-Thermal
    • Intelli-Battery
    • Ultra Kernel Same Page Merging
    • OTG
    • Fixed Wifi & More stuff I forgot lol

    Older Ultimate Kernel Series Kernels: (depreciated) use Ultimate 2
    Kernel 23u

    Kernel 24u:
    Added Simple GPU Governor & GPU Overclocking to 450
    Added missed PowerHal lib so Input_boost works with intellidemand, intelliactive & intelli_plug
    Added missed USB Host permissions file

    Kernel 25u:
    Fixed Faux Speaker Amp controls
    Misc Lowmemory Killer tweaks

    Kernel 26u:
    Fixed power.msm8960.so permission for boostpulse

    New Ultimate Series 2 Kernel: Based off of inception, hellsdr, furnace, ak, faux, codeaurora forum upstream code.
    • Updated to Kernel 3.4.101
    • Underclock down to 81mhz
    • overclock to 1.94Ghz
    • Fixed Prima drivers
    • completely removed MP_Decision and old hotplug code
    • MSM_hotplug improvements
    • Added lots of CPU Governors
    • Absolutely a ton of updates.
    • Updated LZO Compression to current upstream version
    • Brought Back Faux Gamma/Display Colors by request.
    • added Slimrom Governor with optimizations
    • Lots of misc optimizations
    • Updated Linao
    • Optimized Intelliactive
    • Updated oom killer to support for_each_thread
    • Updated lowmemorykiller
    • Thermal Improvements
    • Futex Optimizations
    • Entropy Tweaks
    • Add & enable MSM_SHAREDMEM
    • Backported 3.16 scheduler updates to reduce IPI storm
    • Optimized Ondemand
    • TCP optimizations
    • AES Crypto Speed boost & Optimizations
    • Fixed HDR Camera crashes
    • Fixed some security issues in previous kernels
    • Added Network Speed Tweaks
    • Disable Prima debug crap code
    • Lots of bug fixes and so much more that I forgot to mention, be sure to follow my github for a more in-depth changelog here
    • Added AutoSmp Hotplug by @mrg666
    • Added msm_hotplug by MyFluxi
    • Added Latest Intelli-Plug by @faux123
    • AutoSMP hotplug to default starting at 34u
    • Added Faux zRam & Latest Optimizations
    • Updated Kexec Hardboot Patch
    • Updated Faux Sound Control
    • Updated Intelli-plug to 3.8
    • Updated SLUB memory optimizations
    • Updated frontswap, zcache, zmalloc
    • Tons of old code removed like PMEM and Drivers that are not necessary
    • Added Motorola Memutils
    • ion Updates
    • ext4 speedups & tweaks
    • cpufreq updates
    • acpuclock updates
    • Implemented Codel packet scheduler
    • tcp autocorking & tcp small queues
    • Brought back faux color instead of franco's by request
    • Intelli-Active and Intellidemand Latest updates
    • Mass Memory optimizations
    • Mass Futex Optimizations
    • LCD Linear & Exponential Settings added
    • Slim Governor Added
    • mpdecision removed
    • Updated Crypto
    • Crypto Optimizations for encrypted tunnels
    • Network Performance tweaks
    • Added userspace io adjustments
    • Added Ultra Kernel Same Page Merging, because it kicks KSM's ass
    • Intelli-Thermal set on boot
    • KGSL updates

    Older Ultimate 2 Kernels:

    Test this thouroughtly, be sure to clear synapse before install, update your voltages

    New Ultimate 2 Series Kernel 34u:

    Autosmp as default hotplug:
    Note: clear synapse and uncheck all governors to use autosmp ;)
    To disable autosmp for other hotplugs use an init.d script because enabling an other hotplug will not disable autosmp unless you include this in init.d:
    echo 0 > /sys/module/autosmp/parameters/enabled
    @apb_axel said he is adding support for autosmp in next UKM release, stay tuned

    Faux zram has been added :)

    As requested here is a 4.4.4 Kitkat Kernel that is in anykernel format and should work with all Kitkat rom's

    Version bump to 35u:
    • autosmp set to default hotplug(disable all hotplugs in synapse before reboot)
    • Faux zRam Added.
    • Repatched in kexec, because of problem reports

    Kitkat Users Flash: (fixed)(fixed again lol)
    Android L Users Flash:

    Alternatively L users can flash Kitkat version, but init scripts depend on busybox installed.

    Enjoy ;)

    Kernel 37u-r2:
    Updated AutoSmp Hotplug
    Updated Intelliactive
    Updated Faux Sound Control
    Updated Intelli-plug to 3.8
    Added KSM/zram optimizations



    Kernel 38u-r999:(fixed otg)

    Ultimate Kernel 2 Updated to 41u:
    • Added savoca's newer msm_hotplug
    • lowmemory killer optimizations
    • added lcd_notify for msm_hotplug
    • max suspend cpu's set to 1 for battery savings

    msm_hotplug by default version:

    Kernel 43u-r2:
    • More script optimizations and further tweaked autosmp
    • Added autosmp hotplug tunables to 99defcon
    • Added GPU max freq to 400 on boot
    • I dont see the point in uploading two zips one, msm_hotplug and another autosmp
    • default set back to autosmp because its just better ;)
    • Added misc ondemand updates
    • Added intelliactive as default cpu governor to 99defcon
    • Added Intelliactive BOOST to 99defcon init script
    • Added Minfreq down to 81mhz on boot
    • Added Power savings modes to be enabled at boot to 99defcon

    New Unleashed Kernel Series 61u(ultimate)
    • New Kernel base based off bleeding edge Code Aurora Code(tons more things than I could list)
    • Fully Compatible with Android L
    • Fully Compatible with Kitkat
    • Fully Synced with mainline Linux 3.4.103-r1
    • Fully Removed mpdecision, & thermald, now using faux's latest intelli-thermal
    • Disabled MSM_Thermal because it was not keeping the temps down and lacks configurable options.(faux's is based on msm_thermal anyways and is much better.
    • Added F2FS Filesystem support
    • Added Faux Gamma by request to replace franco's
    • Added LoUIS API Cache maintenance ops to improve cpu hotplug efficiency/latency
    • Added Kernel Mode NEON acceleration
    • Disabled Prima debug for performance
    • added word-at-a-time ARM API Patches
    • enabled BPF JIT packet filter
    • disabled gentle fair sleepers in scheduler
    • Optimized and Secured AES/SHA1 routines
    • Updated Hardware Accelerated Random Number Generation from Qualcomm
    • backported Codel net scheduler from Mainline Linux and set it as default
    • Updated all CPU Governors with Latest Code Aurora Forum Code
    • Added Backported 3.8 Slub memory allocator from Linux 3.8
    • Added backported RWSEM from Linux 3.11 including lock stealing improvements
    • Added Backported mutex and rcu locking from Linux 3.10 & 3.8
    • Added Backported prandom & random updates from Linux 3.13
    • Built with Latest Linaro Toolchain available with -Ofast optimization
    • Removed unecessary Kernel debugging that slow down performance
    • Removed Tons of unneeded modules taking up memory and slowing down Android
    • Enabled Autogroup scheduler and applied per-uid task grouping for android
    • Removed PMEM completely, this is a Pure ION Kernel
    • Added glibc patch to imrpve performance of memcpy and memmove
    • Added Latest Memory optimizations from Motorola
    • Added Ultra Low 81mhz cpufreq
    • Added Ultra High Overclocking ability to 1.94GHz Per core
    • Added Ultra Kernel Same Page Merging for increased memory performance.
    • Added Latest OTG code available
    • Added GPU underclocking down to 27mhz
    • Added Latest Fast Charge code available
    • Synced Ramdisk with L-Preview (master) for improved compatibility with SELinux on android LPV81C
    • Added missing SE-Linux security options in defconfig
    • Westwood is set to default governor in Unleashed
    • Faux zram was removed because of its outdated code.
    • Added GPU Overclocking to 487mhz(400 is default)
    • Added Latest Franco Interactive GPU governor that replaced Simple GPU Governor
    • Added Latest Faux Speaker updates.
    • Added and Enabled Sweep to dim (Sweep over nav buttons left to reduce brightness(even past factory defaults) swipe right to increase.
    • Added BLX Battery Life extender(does anyone use this?) If so, here ya go ;)
    • Added Latest double tap 2 wake code
    • Added Latest AutoSMP Hotplug, (default)
    • Added Latest Intelli-plug from faux(must disable autosmp in init or Synapse(when @apb_axel fixes it)
    • Added Latest CPU Voltage control
    • Added LZ4 ramdisk compression for increased boot speed
    • Added and enabled KEXEC Hardboot Patch
    • Synced to Latest linux 3.4.103-r1
    • And tons more stuff I forgot, check Synapse for the most options available ;)
    All future versions of this kernel are at the Ultimate Unleashed kernel thread:

    [KERNEL] [4.4.4/CM/(L)] [Bleeding Edge] Ultimate Unleashed Kernel Series
    pesky wabbits b10

    rebased on the LPX13D preview with N6 apps and frameworks from a LRX-C branch
    Percy got another source for the n6 dump once word got out that we had a dump so we used that to protect my original source so it has the new Google apps and unreleased apps for L

    Huge thanks to Ben, @percy_g2, @defconoi for all the work on this plus @jolinnard for the data on script.

    This build is not deodex'ed so first boot is very long. Give it a couple minutes to settle and connect to the google servers or it will say google play services not install. The new gmail still will, hit the back button and then continue to gmail aftr you are logged in.
    a reboot fixes most errors



    afh mirror provided by @defconoi
    May the schwartz be with you

    B15 LRX08 and LPX-13D

    May the schwartz be with you: http://youtu.be/UHw6KXbvazs
    N6 based
    reverted a lot of the proprietary binaries since they were causing issues along with gpu binaries
    Bug fixes and smashing from B14
    some framework edits for our LG Gee brothers on sprint
    Modified some bluetooth libs (may or may not cause bluetooth calls to work)
    I can't think what else right now


    LPX-13D B15
    Based on the official last lollipop preview for the n5
    Bug Fixing Beast
    reverted a lot of the proprietary binaries since they were causing issues along with gpu binaries
    Bug fixes and smashing from B14Modified some bluetooth libs
    I can't think what else right now


    supersu 2.16

    Please test these together to make sure everyone's device can handle these now and if it is all good then into the next release

    10/20/2014 adreno drivers made flashable by @defconoi, need a kernel to support the new kgsl drivers
    adreno's https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95784891001602481

    Modified stock kernel updated with the new kgsl drivers (thank you @defconoi )
    Kernel: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95784891001602571