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M9, HTC Sense Home - Theme

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New member
Apr 2, 2016
Hi all. Lately I got some old M9 phone and found out that HTC theme service has defuncted, but it seem still works in my phone, I mean I still can change some colors and wallpapers. So yesterday I have been searching info about how all this stuff works and found storage location of the themes on my phone. It is something like android/data/com.htc.launcher/files/CustomTheme/com.htc.theme.custom.11468136-de37-4c97-9dc9-8e9fb19c94e1

So now I'm trying to find the way how to edit this files and add my own font into it also add icons pack and apply it manually. So need some help with it. Maybe here is some info how to make full theme with fonts and custom colors by editing files in storage.

Also Looking one dark theme from HTC Sense Home app that calls "Tilt Theme", maybe some one has it downloaded and can share with me would be nice cuz this theme has a good clock font that I want to have to myself :)