Macrodroid can't stop services that run under the app (without UI Interaction)?

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Apr 10, 2022
I got the following phone:

Moto G Pure | 2021 | 2-Day battery | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 3/32GB | 13MP Camera | Deep Indigo

The phone charger port is usb c. It has an Android 11 installed.

I followed the guide on reddit titled “Found a way to disable OTA Updates on Android 11 Motorolas.”
The last step mentions that:

“Now, reboot the device.

Here's the caveat of this approach - We can disable run in background permissions, but cannot control the BOOT_COMPLETED intent. This means the two apps still auto-start on each boot after receiving the boot complete signal.

Workaround you need to do on every reboot of the device:

Go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer Options -> Running Services

Select Software Update. You'll see two processes: OTA Service, and FOTA Controller. Hit stop on both of them, one by one. The Android system will then kill both processes. Due to the RUN_IN_BACKGROUND deny restriction, the Software Update app will stay down until the next reboot as Android will not allow it to restart.

Your Running Services screen should now look like this:

I'm trying this template and adapt it to Motorola services:

So the two are:


That’s probably the two that I need to manually stop under running services each reboot.

I loop through an array variable to execute this template for each one. This is my list:



After it stops all 3 (I think some overlap or the same thing)
The screenshot is what I see when I still see Motorola Software Update under running services:

But only when I click manually stop for OtaService and FotaController that’s when Motorola Software Update disappears from running services. So I don’t think the technique provided in the template is stopping/killing these services that run under this hosting app for these services that’s why I'm asking if there is another way to kill/stop services inside the app - Maybe need to obtain the full name of package name + path to service somehow and/or use alternative ways?