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(MAG/cLK) MIUI v2.4.20 GB (tytung-gb-r16/720p/Stable/Fast)

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    Hello members , XDA developers

    Today offer you NEW STABLE/FAST ROM For HTC HD2

    ROM Original Thread

    Link Original

    But has been modified and fix some bugs by me like:

    1 - Fixing Arabic RTL
    2 - add keyboard support Arabic language (unfortunately there are no Arabic language other the language of writing , because when added problems occur with the camera and music)
    3- tytung-gb-r16 kernel more stable (thanks to tytung)
    4 - add support Magldr and clk in aroma installer in a single installation package.
    5 - delete some programs noy useful to get more than 220 MB free for (512 ROM) devices
    6 - repair problem and Wi-Fi adhoc when using clk
    7 - Other Fixes to increase performance

    And other important features of this ROM :

    1 - Video capture 800x480
    2 - 720p video playback
    3 - There are no problems with other video recording software
    4 - Wi-Fi adhoc connection Works
    6 - USB & Wi-Fi Tethering
    7 - There are no problems with the games or programs that require Processor armv7 only or large games

    And a lot of MIUI 2.4.20 features


    no bugs tell me if you found any thing

    Installation tips :

    Use system partion size 130 and 5 for Cash

    some pic:





    cLK here

    thank you
    More dev, more builds ! good luck !
    Does this support Native SD ?

    it's my future plan in next built

    Thank you for this nice ROM
    what about DATA-ON EXT
    will you do it for next release?

    Oh I see only CLK and where it MAGLDR ?

    the package in link support (MAG/cLK)
    where is mag download:confused:

    the package in link support (MAG/cLK)

    i wrote "cLK here" mean "click here to download" :)