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Magisk 17.x-18.x - Oneplus 6 9.0.2/4 - Not charging while being off - oneplus issue

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Jul 14, 2019
Redmi note 7

Magisk 19.3 install
Magisk manager v 7.3.3 install
Yes offline charging stuck on boot logo
?, I try to unistal magisk and charging back to normal on offline mode
Has this problem been resolved?


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Jul 14, 2019
Wow, Redmi note 7 back normal charging in offline mode with magisk 19.4

I just want to point out that this is not an issue that Magisk can fix. It's all up to the manufacturer of your device...

I search in web what is canary magisk i try to install and Magisk 18.2 (Canary Build) by Topjohnwu.

Very2 thanks to developing topjohnwu? Redmi note 7 back normal in offline charging, root ok?


Nov 7, 2015
Final post?

It is still ok with OP6_O2_BETA_23
I propose from now on only to report a version were there are troubles (hopefully never).
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    I just installed the Update 9.0.2 for the Onplus 6

    Usually I shut my mobile off during night and charge it.

    The usual bahavior of the mobile is
    switching on to charge mode ->
    Bootloader unlocked warning ->
    afterwards animation of charging the battery.

    With the new firmware it stays at the Bootloader unlocked warning screen.
    I checked already Magisk Versions 17.1, 17.2, 17.3.
    Magisk Uninstall / reverse to stock boot image solved the behavior.
    Dalvik Cache were cleaned.
    Complete reset / format of all partition didn't solved it.

    I think there is a bug with the magisk patched boot image that is causing the not switching inzo charge only mode.
    Previous firmwares for Oneplus 6 had no issues with charging while being off.

    Update: its an issue of the Stock Rom from oneplus.
    9.0.2 freezing at bootloader warning
    9.0.3 charge like expected
    9.0.4 freezing at bootloader warning
    The problem still exists with Magisk v18

    And it will likely keep existing... There's nothing in Magisk v18.0 that is supposed to fix this issue. Actually, from the research that has been done, it is quite likely that there's nothing that Magisk can do about it at all. It seems like that this will be an issue as long as the kernel has been patched to force boot with ramdisk, something that isn't specific for Magisk, but quite essential.

    There where reports of OxygenOS Beta 7 having fixed the issue (and beta 8 breaking it again), so the ball seems to be with OnePlus.
    Bumping this for visibility and to see if anyone has found a solution, or if @topjonhuw has seen this issue reported.
    Can confirm that Open Beta 7 with magisk 17.3 fixes the charging screen however Open Beta 8 with magisk 17.3 breaks it again.
    Hi guys, the German Android Forum was bringing to these thread...
    Can't confirm that OnePlus 6t isn't charging while rooted and off
    Only the charge animation you won't see because op6t is showing the yellow warning message about open bootloader.
    Try it for yourself.