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Magisk 20.4 failed to install through TWRP 3.3.1-0 on Samsung Galaxy S7

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New member
Jun 14, 2020
My phone has the TWRP custom recovery and ive attempted to install magisk on my Samsung Galaxy S7 device but it came up with an error and failed to install. I cant send links yet but this is what it said:

Installing zip file '/sdcard/Magisk-v20.4.zip'
Checking for Digest file...
Magisk 20,l.4 Installer
- Mounting /system
- Target image: /dev/block/sda5
- Device platform: arm64
- Constructing environment
- Unpacking boot image
- Checking ramdisk status
! Boot image patched by unsupported programs
! Please restore back to stock boot image
- Unmounting partitions
Updater process ended with ERROR: 1
Error installing zip file '/sdcard/Magisk-v20.4.zip'
Updating partition details...

Anyone got any ideas on how to help? I am pretty new to this so its likely ive missed a step somewhere but this is my 3rd time trying and ive made sure ive followed every step :(
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