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Magisk 21.4 causing bootloop on LG G5(H850)

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Dec 2, 2018
Hi all,

So I was triying to update my Magisk through the recommended direct update method. I got a bootloop. Never had any issues with this update method, Magisk always did a splendid job.

Now my only options are:
1. Flash a custom rom (I don't have any stock Telekom roms)
2. Update Android OS to 8.0 with LG Bridge (my goal is to have a stock rooted android os, that's why I'm doing this)
3. adb reboot, flash the latest twrp recovery (at least that's working)
4. flash the latest Magisks without reboot option, just power off and then turn on. And this is stage where I get a bootloop.

I only have v19.3 saved on my HDD. Flashing that is working just fine, not causing any bootloop. However Fake GPS and Pokémon Go are not working with this version anymore. :/ So I'm kinda chess-mated here because of this Magisk bootloop.

Anyone can help me how can we fix this? :(


Senior Member
Jul 30, 2018
I have bootloops with all Magisk 21.x versions, so I'm stuck with 20.4. Can't you download Magisk 20.4 and install it from TWRP? I don't need SafetyNet, so I have no idea if Magisk 20.4 can still pass the check, but at least it would be newer than Magisk 19.3.


May 7, 2015
I had the same problem: I had Magisk 21.4 and withing Magisk Manager I tried to update to v. 22.0 because I got an update prompt that asked me to do so. Trusting everything was fine I updated but I got a bootloop. I managed to recover from bootloop and get the latest version of Magisk working in my Huawei Y5 MYA-L13 (Android 6.0). For these steps, it is assumed Magisk v21.4 and Magisk v22.0 ZIP files are stored in your storage. This is the way I did it:

  1. Manage to get into stock recovery mode.
    This step was more time-consuming than it should have been... This Huawei model with the bootloader unlocked states at boot: "Press volume key up to 3 seconds to enter recovery to restore your device". It didn't... With Vol+ just restarted the device (no TWRP or stock recovery or download mode...) and pressing Vol- it loaded into the bootloop. It took me some time to guess the right way:
    • Plug the turned-off device into a USB cable plugged into the computer.
    • Wait for the device to start into "charging mode" (I made up this... I mean wait until the charging percentage appears).
    • Turn on the device using the Power Button.
    • Immediately, press and hold Vol+.
    • The device will reboot. Press and hold Vol -.
    • The device will get into the stock recovery mode (EMUI Huawei eRecovery).

      Try again if this fails... After a few attempts, you'll get it.
  2. Now the device will be visible to ADB. Verify this in a command prompt with adb devices. Mine was listed as 0123456789ABCDEF recovery.

  3. Use the command adb reboot recovery to get into the real recovery mode. I mean TWRP. (It's still there even if it seemed to be it wasn't).

  4. Flash the version that caused the problem. In my case, I had Magisk v21.4 initially, so I installed this same version ZIP I got from the official Magisk GitHub releases section.

  5. Once finished the installation, if it was successful Reboot. The device should boot normally this time, having installed this version of Magisk and not the new one, of course.

  6. Now proceed to uninstall Magisk 21.4 completely using the ZIP file provided in the above URL (step 4) with TWRP.

  7. Follow the official installation guide in the Custom Recovery section to install Magisk 22.0 (that is: having renamed Magisk-v22.0.apk to Magisk-v22.0.zip previously, use TWRP to install it). Reboot.

  8. Your device should boot normally. You'll find a Magisk app where you'll be able to verify latest Magisk 22.0 was successfully installed!!! DONE.

I hope my guide is useful to someone. If so, please like my post to be aware it was useful. Greetings!

  • adb reboot recovery
  • Install Magisk-v21-4.zip. This solves bootloop problem!

  • Uninstall Magisk using Magisk-uninstaller-20210117.zip
  • Rename Magisk-v22.0.apk to Magisk-v22.0.zip. Install it using TWRP.
  • Reboot. You have the latest Magisk version v22.0 installed with no bootloop!!!