Magisk 25 on P8 Lite ALE-21

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Jul 22, 2014
Can anyone run Magisk 25 versions on ALE-21?
My phone can't run it. I'm using the latest stock rom based on EMUI 4.0.3 (B638) and TWRP 3.2.3.
I can install all versions till 24.3 but can't install 25.
For example: If I flashed Magisk 25.2 via TWRP and then install App version 25.2 and then tried to open the app it loads only a green background with the Magisk logo and that's all, the app is not work and if I need root for another app then every time I see a prompt for root. Even If I checked "Forever" it's not forever because Magisk doesn't work and can't remember.
If I flashed 25.2 via TWRP and tried to install an older version like 24 or 23 then Magisk uninstalls itself and I lose the root.
If I flashed 24.3 via TWRP and tried to install the 24 version or older Magisk App then it works and asks me to Update the app version to the latest 25.2. But If I updated to the latest 25.2 then again I see only a green background with the Magisk logo.
If I uninstalled Magisk root via TWRP using and then boot into Android and install App version 25.2 it opens normally but it says that I have no root, so 25.2 app work only if you have no Magisk :p
I think 25.x version is bugged for Huawei P8 Lite ALE-21.
Magisk 24.3 with 24.3 App works fine at the moment.