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    I made a Magisk module of ANX camera for Alioth (Poco F3), based on this zip by @althafvly
    Just replaced files in LIB and LIB64 folder with the same lib files from MIUI 13 and fortunately, now we have MIUI camera 12megapixel portrait mode in Android 12.1 custom ROMs :) Also 1080p 960FPS slow-motion is fixed.

    --- You may have portrait mode with the original ANX 204 too, but the final image is less than 2megapixel.

    It works in most LOS-based ROMs such as CherishOS, CrDroid, and PixelOS, but doesn't work on SyberiaOS As blinoff82 checked, it's working on SyberiaOS now :)

    Actually, I made this mainly for MIUI's useful portrait mode (GCam only supports human subjects!) and It may has some bugs, for instance:
    - Selfie camera is 2.8 megapixels!
    - 48mp camera doesn't work

    Download: AFH | GDrive
    Here is a magisk module that fixes a 48MP camera and a 20MP selfie and makes the module work good now (I'm using CrDroid 8.8). You also need latest Miui Core magisk module from here: Should work on custom roms with android 12 or 12.1.

    After flashing this module, the slow motion mode will not work. It's your decision.

    It still doesn't work:
    - Macro mode crashes app and takes a photo at 1.6MP
    - Front video camera doesn't work too.
    - Slow motion after flashing this module

    After flashing the 48MP Fix S module and starting ANX Camera for the first time, photos may not work at 48MP and 20MP selfie. Close ANX Camera and clear RAM, then run ANX Camera again and photos should be correct.
    For me it does not. How can I add it?
    When I tap documents there's an error message "network error". How to fix?
    Open app info -> Mobile data and Wifi and check allow network access
    I wasn't aware anx camera is working on Poco F3.
    I would love to hear the overall quality and experience.
    Is it comparable to stock miui camera?
    Or is gcam still doing better on AOSP roms?
    ANX quality is same as stock MIUI camera,
    GCam has its own features, I have both and use each of them in suitable situation :D
    It freezes every 5 sec and force closes after taking a picture on pixel experience 12

    Make sure youre in picture mode then go to settings.


    -Live tips
    -Smart suggestions
    -Save location info.

    Worked for me on PE 12.1 plus