[MAGISK] Debloater for OnePlus Devices running OOS 11

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Ayush Neek

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Mar 23, 2015
I'm an idiot and ended up not installing the Overlay fix and now my phone is stuck in the soft reboot cycle, how do i fix it, sorry!

Edit:I figured it out, sorry for being an idiot.
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Nov 4, 2010
i need to enable some disabled apps. some cannot be installed from playstore or apk.
if I modify the script it doesn't run anymore.
how do i modify it to my liking and run it?


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    Debloats unnecessary services and apps on your OnePlus devices to give moar free ram and improve battery.

    Works both on stable and beta and any device running oos11

    Use it. If it affects your daily usage, don't.

    New apps and services have been added in this version.

    No seperate versions. Since most of the 9 series guys are rooted, they be using the oxygen updater app. The default updater keeps running in bg and hence, has been removed.

    If someone wants services like OnePlus account or red cable club, go to apk mirror and install it from there. Or can keep using the previous one.

    Do not forget to flash Overlay mount fix from magisk repository else, u might end soft-rebooting your device.

    If you like what I do, consider buying me a coffee☕☕

    UPI: [email protected]

    Moar updates HERE.

    If uh want live wallpapers to be working again after installing the module, install the apk given below.

    Vpn issue has been fixed and I'm attaching v7 below. Those facing vpn issues, flash this
    which apps and services are debloaded?

    Check this link
    Your mods are too good man especially your starwars mod. Thanks for ur mods man.
    Worked great on my OP6T.
    Thank you!
    Link me to the adguard version if possible.
    Not sure why does it do that
    Updated, thanks for reporting the issue