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Oct 10, 2016
New canary (23010) from TJW has been released today.
I'm not really following development.
Does anyone know about the apps listed on denylist whether it is contained system apps or not ?
If like on Alpha (expected to be), you have to enable Show System apps and Show OS apps. Then you must manually enable GMS (it's been described here couple of times for Alpha but you'll figure out when you enable/expand as above)


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Thanks I really appreciate it.
On my device running stock android 6.0.1 none of its system apps listed there. I tapped the arrow button on the upper right but stiil none of the system apps listed. Is it intended on device running stock android 6.0.1 ?
I think they are... But you need(ed) to select System apps from spyglass icon at bottom... 😜 PW

Edit: man my internet is slow on this bus... sorry for redundant advice...


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Latest TJW debug (Canary) Magisk Changelog:

Magisk (d7e7df3b) (23010)
A new chapter for Magisk!

For those who missed my blog post, please check here https://topjohnwu.medium.com/state-of-magisk-2021-fe29fdaee458

Diffs to v23.0
[General] MagiskHide is removed from Magisk
[General] Support 64-bit only systems
[General] Support Android 12
[Zygisk] Introduce new feature: Zygisk
[Zygisk] Introduce DenyList feature to revert Magisk features in use selected processes
[MagiskBoot] Support patching 32-bit kernel zImages
[MagiskBoot] Support boot image header v4
[MagiskInit] Support /proc/bootconfig for loading boot configurations
[MagiskInit] Better support for some Meizu devices
[MagiskInit] Better support for some Oppo/Realme devices
[MagiskSU] Use isolated devpts if the kernel supports it
[resetprop] Deleted properties are now wiped from memory instead of just unlinking
[App] Build a single APK for all ABIs
[App] Switch to use standard bottom navigation bar
[App] Downloading modules the Magisk app is removed


...And all the best with it everyone! 🙂 PW
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Jul 21, 2018
Google Pixel 2 XL
Safety net check is missing of course. Which app do you recommend to check if there will be problems?

Take your pick:

or been around for ages:

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Nov 5, 2019
Safety net check is missing of course. Which app do you recommend to check if there will be problems?
Duplicated post (due to XDA ads popping up everywhere when I press... ☹️) Sorry. [Please remove, or I'll use space later...]
riru don't work for me with the latest alpha
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Feb 21, 2012

riru don't work for me with the latest alpha
Same here

S20 G981b

riru don't work for me with the latest alpha

Same here, S20 G981b




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To address inevitable concerns re. MagiskHide removal here, I thought it appropriate to reproduce John's succinct clarification (from his Twitter)... Hopefully It'll do something to quell the tide of naysayers also...

John Wu, 3h

Even if the latest Magisk is arguably more capable (feature wise) to hide things if any module developer really wants to, compared to the old dumb and crappy "MagiskHide", haters still gonna hate 🤷

And here is a long thread on my thoughts and why "MagiskHide" won't be relevant anyways -
John Wu, Oct 6

There are still people upset about me sunsetting MagiskHide. I'll address everything in one place, one last time:

• I genuinely do not enjoy doing any development on hiding anymore, because there is a very obvious solution to it, and there is no practical way to defeat it

• The solution mentioned in the previous point is HW key attestation, and it has been slowly adopted in various detection methods, notably SafetyNet

• Ever since HW KA started to be used more widely, any real development on MagiskHide had basically already been halted

• I "officially" announced the removal of MagiskHide, not only because of the obvious conflict of interest with my job at Google, but also I wanted to give an early heads up to the community so those who are still passionate about hiding can start "doing their job"

• The new "DenyList" feature of upcoming Magisk versions is me preserving portions of the of hiding codebase and transform it into something I felt is valuable

• It's not a secret that specifically designed modules can indeed utilize the DenyList feature for "hiding" purposes

• DenyList, however, is only meant to "revert all Magisk changes". It will not attempt to manipulate any other signals on the device

• Since Magisk already provides root permissions, modules don't actually need to rely on DenyList for hiding. They can do everything themselves

• There are already modules out there that directly manipulates root detecting processes / system services to workaround HW KA

• This kind of approach to "hide root" is not something I would personally do anyways, regardless of whether I work at Google or not

• However, these invasive methods are actually the only way to workaround HW KA. It will not work forever though, so enjoy while you can

• I wish people won't fork Magisk just to add MagiskHide. Seriously, spending effort on hide modules is much more productive than forks

• But of course, Magisk is open source, you can do whatever you want

• My honest stance on root detection? With HW KA, that war is already over for me. For me right now, within Google we are brainstorming solutions on how to deal with the "root detection abuse" situation

• You'll be surprised with how many people in Google are pro-modding. It's just that differentiating between abuse and modding is an extremely difficult problem. As a platform, unfortunately, and understandably, preventing abuse has significantly higher priority than modding

John Wu, 2h

People calling me a traitor or imposter really disgusts me and makes me wonder why am I even spending time defending the community within Google.

I've been looped into so many conversations at Google for this, you have no idea what's happening behind the scenes.

If I'm really a traitor, why will I continue developing Magisk at all? I can also just directly submit code into to SafetyNet and specifically target and f*** over every single "hiding"modules out there. Do not tempt me.

My key takeaways:

- The latest Magisk is arguably more capable (feature wise) to hide things if any module developer really wants to
- There is no practical way to defeat HWKA big hammer
- Those who are still passionate about hiding can start "doing their job"
- DenyList feature of upcoming Magisk versions is John preserving portions of the of hiding codebase
- Denylist can easily be utilised for "hiding" purposes
- Google staff incl. John are brainstorming solutions on how to deal with the "root detection abuse" situation. 👍👍 (Macca's?)
- John is spending time defending the community within Google.
- Naysayers can do much to ruin things for all of us and alienate a fine advocate... or do much to make amends...
- Enjoy hiding while you can!

😬... 👏👏👏 PW


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May 13, 2012
Latest vvb2060 Alpha Magisk build

*** For Mavericks only! ***

Chinese Translated:

Magisk Alpha update log


• [General] Based on 7496d515, the content that has been merged into the upstream is no longer listed
• [App] Correctly handle any data from magiskd
• [App] Support SharedUserld
• [App] Delete the backup file after restoring the boot mirror image
• [App] Built-in current version update log
• [App] Use the local version when you can't download the stub, now it can be used completely offline
• [App] Switch to Java 8 modern time APl
• [General] Add an obsolete cgroup v2 path
• [MagiskSU] If necessary, fall back to /dewpts
• [Busybox] Cancel optimization based on undefined behavior
• [General] No longer automatically unlock the device block
• [Magisklnit] Do not intervene when booting to DSU
• [General] Fix the flicker problem when the Windows subsystem for Android is running

How to install?

Install and load Magisk through the Magisk application. Generally, it should be done directly in the application. For special circumstances such as the first installation, the image should be patched and then flashed in with the fastboot/odin tool. Custom Recovery is not a supported method.

Update Journal
From 23.0 to 7496d515

• [General] Support pure 64-bit devices
• [General] Support Android 12 emulator
• [Zygisk] Code injection framework
• [General] Remove MagiskHide
• [General] Support Simulator to add modules
• [MagiskBoot] Support zlImage format
• [MagiskBoot] Add zopfhi encoder
• [Magisklnit] Support bootconfig
• [App] The repair installation function will now check if the script under /data/adb/magisk/ has been updated or not
• [Magiskini] Support some Meizu devices
• [MagiskSU] If the kernel supports it, use isolated devpts
• [MagiskSU] Fix the pts configuration code, now no additional sepolicy rules are needed
• [MagiskBoot] Support v4 boot image header format
• [Magiskinit] Supports oplus.fstab for some OnePlus and Oplus devices.
• [App] Updated modules to be restarted, not marked as pending deletion.
• [App] Deleted online repository library
• [App] Add mounting information to the saved log file
• [App] Suitable for Android 12 API level
• [App] Display the waiting pop-up window that is running when hide/restore the original app
• [Stub] Open source obfuscation function
• [Script] Check and display the sepolicy rule folder of the module.
• [App] When the window pops up, hide the screen and add layers. Android 12+ is required.
• [App] Delete the floating bottom bar and change it to a general bottom operation bar. • [General] Support compilation and cache
• [General] Add rejection list function
• [App] Delete DoH
• [App] Delete SafetyNet
• [App] Allow the log page to be opened when Magisk is not installed
• [App] Display Zygisk status, add a reminder to restart to take effect
• [Zygisk] Disable conflicting riru module
• [Sepolicy] Fix Android 8 terminal cannot get root
• [Sepolicy] Add execmem to allow hook in zygote and system_server
• [Resetprop] Erase the old content completely when editing/deleting
• [Zygisk] Public module API

👍 PW
Where can I get it? Will it work the A12 and phones that need to disable verity?


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Oct 10, 2016
Seems Riru breaks with Zygisk (probably on purpose) in latest Canary (as well in latest Alpha)...

Does anyone have it working? PW
As written on Alpha TF, you have to use LSPosed for Zygisk (didn't try)

However, then you can't use e g. Riru-Momihider anymore, only LSPosed modules


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Where can I get it? Will it work the A12 and phones that need to disable verity?
Alpha Telegram group, link in vvb2060's GitHub, check (copy / translate thread there for latest build to see current issues etc).

Works with A12... But new TJW Canary should also as it builds basically the same recent commits... I'd try that with your devices disabled verify requirements.

Nb. While previous Alpha had Riru and Zygisk coexisting happily, seems Zygisk breaks Riru in both latest Alpha and Canary... PW
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    Still trying with no luck.
    Another try. After successful Odin flash, I manually try to open recovery but it erases itself. :(
    Can I assume you are on Android 11 ATM? And did root with full data wipe & all image files as prescribed for Sammy devices?

    Nb. There are several active Magisk GitHub issue for Sammy that may reflect yours... PW
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    For those who use Alpha or new Canary and miss the old Modules Repo:

    Download and install their root app that will act like the old Modules tab with the integrated connection to the Repo

    Actually, two Repositories - the old 'official' one plus the alternative new Repo (the old/original TJW's Repo is closed for submission of any new modules - only the modules that were admitted previously could still be updated to the old 'official' Repo)
    Great guide, thanks... I think I followed a similar guide from you a while back, but forgot full path requirement... Pinged you as I thought you'd come through! 👍

    I didn't say MagiskBoot was part of Magisk binary however... I clearly said 'magiskboot * binary * isn't working for me'. 😜 ...

    Thanks for the method. PW
    This one might be a bit more confusing. ;)

    Not sure I can operate Magiskboot before I flash it to the device. Once I flash Magisk, I have access to fastboot through recovery, and that's it.
    While catching up last night, I missed that you are not rooted. :oops:


    Without root, you need a directory with heightened permissions that you can access.

    You should be able to use the /data/local/tmp/ directory.

    Unzip the Magisk apk file and push the appropriate architecture to the device.
    Then set the permissions to be executable.

    Linux/Mac command line example.
    Make the appropriate changes if you use Windows.​
    • Unpack the lib directory from the Magisk apk file.
      unzip app-debug.apk lib*
    • Push the matching Magisk architecture to the device.
      adb push lib/YourDeviceArchitecture/* /data/local/tmp/
    • Push the boot image you want to modify to the device.
      adb push boot.img /data/local/tmp/
    • Set permissions.
      adb shell chmod 0755 /data/local/tmp/*.so
    • Enter adb shell and change directories.
      adb shell
      cd /data/local/tmp/
    • Run the commands using the ./ prefix.

    Make the changes you want, exit the shell and pull the new-boot image to the computer.
    Reboot into bootloader and boot the new-boot image.

    /data/local/tmp/ should be an empty directory.
    You should clear the directory after you are done using it. ;)

    Quick example just unpacking and repacking a boot image without root.
    Magiskboot Example - Pastebin - Link

    Hope it helps more than confuse. 🙃

    Cheers. :cowboy:
    Is there any good reason to update to a canary or alpha build if stable 23.0 does everything you want from it - apart from curiosity to where Magisk is heading with zygisk?
    I'm surprised seeing so many people installing unstable builds and running into problems.
    There are way too many people that update just for the sake of updating...
    Hi all. :D

    I do not use twitter so, I am out of the loop at times. :confused:
    Links to a few tweets were noted in an issue on USNF github earlier today.

    Seemed to be appropriate to mention here.

    From John Wu.
    PSA: MagiskHide of Magisk v23.0 no longer passes SafetyNet, even with BASIC evalType. Tested on my Pixel 4 XL running stock Android 12 with vanilla Magisk v23.0.

    MagiskHide is *officially* dead. If you need any kind of root hiding, it's the perfect time to find alternatives.
    There are already plenty of "root hiding" modules out there that I'm aware of, some even utilizing the latest features of Magisk canary.

    I'm obligated to distance myself from any tamper detection circumvention, so I will not assist/promote any modules. Do your own research 🙃

    From osm0sis
    *Cough* @kdrag0n's Universal SafetyNet Fix (USNF) *Cough* 😘
    To be specific, Magisk Canary, Zygisk and DenyList enabled, and USNF v2.2.0+ is the way forward. 🤘

    Cheers all. :cowboy:

    Latest Magisk Canary:​

    Magisk (7e9d4512) (23014)​

    • Fix crashes when multiple Zygisk module is installed
    • Fix crashes in magiskboot under certain circumstances
    • Always unload Zygisk itself after post specialize
    • Add module suspension state in Magisk app (riru/zygisk modules)

    Diffs to v23.0​

    • [General] MagiskHide is removed from Magisk
    • [General] Support 64-bit only systems
    • [General] Support Android 12
    • [Zygisk] Introduce new feature: Zygisk
    • [Zygisk] Introduce DenyList feature to revert Magisk features in user selected processes
    • [MagiskBoot] Support patching 32-bit kernel zImages
    • [MagiskBoot] Support boot image header v4
    • [MagiskBoot] Support patching out skip_initramfs from dtb bootargs
    • [MagiskInit] Support /proc/bootconfig for loading boot configurations
    • [MagiskInit] Better support for some Meizu devices
    • [MagiskInit] Better support for some Oppo/Realme devices
    • [MagiskInit] Support init.real on some Sony devices
    • [MagiskPolicy] Load *_compat_cil_file from system_ext
    • [MagiskSU] Use isolated devpts if the kernel supports it
    • [MagiskSU] Fix root shell if isolated mount namespace is set
    • [resetprop] Deleted properties are now wiped from memory instead of just unlinking
    • [App] Build a single APK for all ABIs
    • [App] Switch to use standard bottom navigation bar
    • [App] Downloading modules within the Magisk app is removed
    👍 PW
  • 1069
    This is the place for general support and discussion regarding "Public Releases", which includes both stable and beta releases.
    All information, including troubleshoot guides and notes, are in the Announcement Thread
    Hello, I haven't given much support on XDA lately. It can be resulted from
    • University started and I have limited free time. In fact, I mostly develop during midnight
    • I live in Taiwan, which has large time zone differences between my European/American contributors/testers, which usually forces me to stay up late at night to discuss/test stuffs.
    • The new version is about to come, I don't want to spend effort on supporting old releases
    The planned update is delayed again and again, to some point I think I'll shed some light about what has been happening lately, also along with some announcements.

    New Forum!
    As you might have already discovered, Magisk got its own subforum on XDA! Many thanks to all the support you gave me, and much more information/features/support is about to come!
    **For developers supporting all the devices that are not using standard Android boot format, feel free to create threads in this section (actually, PLEASE do so) for your favorite devices after v7 is out. As I currently know, Asus devices require signing the boot image before flashing, and is model dependant; Sony devices seems to use ELF kernel that is unpatchable, or some has two ramdisks (inner + outer), both requires different workarounds; LG bootloader locked devices has to manually "BUMP" the boot image after flashing Magisk..... and there may be lots of other crazy boot image formats that haven't come up to my attention yet.
    It is impossible for me to support all these non-standard boot images, and I hope the community can collaborate to make Magisk running across all the devices. Overall, community collaboration is what XDA about :D

    The Pixel Phone
    Some of you might already know this news, that the next Pixel Phone right around the corner seems like it does not have ramdisk in boot image, which pretty much wrecked Magisk in all ways. However, it pretty much doomed root itself too. Kernel modifications is inevitable IMO, so I'll try to migrate my scripts to C programs that could possibly be included into the kernel itself. Note that I'm not familiar with linux kernel, I'm not even sure if my idea and concept is correct or not. But once the device is available, I think developers will find a way to bypass all the difficulties, and I'll do my best to learn things ;)

    Current Progress
    In the past month, I've spent quite some time learning SELinux, so that I can avoid using SuperSU's sepolicy patches. Thanks to the helps and tips from @phhusson and @Chainfire, I finally have a much clearer understanding of how SELinux works. The Magisk core parts (the scripts, boot image patches, new features, more supports) are actually done some time ago. What is causing all the delays is the Magisk Manager.
    To be completely honest, although I can code in Java without much issues, Magisk Manager is actually my first Android application, I had to reach out for assistance, and fortunately awesome developers like @DVDandroid and @digitalhigh contributed a lot, which makes the current Manager awesome.
    After the repo system and module management is mostly done, I was about to do some adjustments and release, but what we really done is decided to add another feature: auto-unroot with per-app settings. I decided to wait for it to be finished, and then do my adjustments. Due to reasons that'll be mentioned later, this feature will likely not be available for the next release (should come in future updates)

    Safety Net Disaster
    Those who are using Magisk for Safety Net bypass purposes must have known that Google recently updated the detection method of my Systemless Xposed. I still have no idea what Safety Net is detecting, so currently I cannot fix it on my side (also because I'm busy working on the next update). However, suhide developed by @Chainfire is able to hide Xposed and worked fine.
    However, only my Systemless Xposed v86.2, which is based on SuperSU's su.d, is supported using that method. v86.2 and v86.5 (latest, Magisk based) have nearly identical binaries, and the only difference is the path where the binaries are stored.
    I'm still not sure what's the real issue for it not being supported, I just hope it is not done intentionally.

    Due to the fact that my Safety Net bypass is not 100% perfect now, I do not want to spend any more time waiting for auto-unroot to be polished. What I'm doing now is finishing up all the things I'd like to change in Magisk Manager (it has been a while since I last contributed to Manager, my fellow developers are doing all the heavy job), which might take a little more time, after that, packed with tons of information to be announced in Magisk Section, I'll release the long awaited update.

    Hope this lengthy post gives you the idea of the whole situation, and again thanks for all your support!!
    Ah, some Chainfire bashing, I hope it is not too late for me to exercise additional villainy.

    First, let me make clear I have nothing against @topjohnwu, nor against Magisk. Magisk is an interesting project and it certainly displays @topjohnwu ingenuity and persistence. I don't doubt we will see more interesting things from his hands.


    What has happened here is not all that dark and complicated, from either end. I returned from holidays, and someone pointed me at Magisk. My first thought: interesting!

    Among other things, the thread lists some issues with SuperSU, which in combination with the phrase The developer also requests users to not bug Chainfire with compatibility requests for SuperSU with Magisk from the portal article, raised my left eyebrow by nigh half an inch. The popular systemless xposed mod is apparently now based on it, and apparently it now no longer works with SuperSU, and apparently I'm not supposed to fix that, nor any of the other found issues. I found that a bit weird. So yes, I have told @topjohnwu that I was a bit surprised he was posting about issues with SuperSU without notifying me about them (I can't fix or help fix issues I'm not aware of, after all).

    He's also spreading a modified version of the SuperSU package, which is not all that uncommon, nor necessarily a problem. I have not looked into what he modified, I only ran a few quick tests on one of my devices, and found some commonly used commands run as root to be broken. I have informed him of this as well.

    It appears the tool of choice for Magisk is phh's Superuser, because of some of the mentioned issues with SuperSU. That's fine by itself, but fixing issues in that superuser by incorporating SuperSU's binaries into it is a somewhat questionable practise. After all, SuperSU is a commercial closed-source package that helps pay for my dinner, and superuser is a direct competitor. I have informed him that I was surprised he did this without asking for permission. I have expressed similar surprise on him spreading a modified version of LiveBoot (which helps pay for a snack now and then).
    @topjohnwu has also stated that Magisk's scripts are largely influenced by mine (I have not checked). Scripts based on mine are used all over the place on XDA, some people have crafted amazing things based on them, I have never made an issue of this (otherwise I would have just made them binaries). But yes, I have also stated to him that I don't think it's very nice to base something on one program, and then using that to (almost exclusively) push something directly competing with that program.

    tl;dr Towards @topjohnwu, I have:
    - expressed surprise he has issues getting Magisk to work with SuperSU, and has chosen not to inform me about those
    - expressed surprise he is using SuperSU binaries in a competing superuser without permission
    - expressed surprise he is posting a modified LiveBoot without permission
    - informed him of issues with the modified SuperSU he has posted
    - let him know I thought it wasn't very nice to be applying my scripts to benefit seemingly exclusively that same competing superuser

    To be crystal clear:
    - I have not asked for an apology
    - I have not asked for Magisk to be abandoned, neither the root hiding nor systemless module parts, and certainly not systemless xposed
    - I have not made an issue of any of this anywhere, until this post
    - I have not even specifically asked for anything to be taken down (though obviously in my opinion the other superuser package mixed with SuperSU's binaries, as well as the LiveBoot package, should go)
    - I have not reported this thread to XDA moderators for copyright violations or otherwise

    While my conversation with @topjohnwu may not win any awards for being friendly (though it may win some for brevity), I think all things considered my response has been rather mild. To be perfectly honest, until the apology post, I thought this was over with already. I think the apology post was triggered because I haven't replied to his last PM for a while - I was in the zone, it happens.

    To emphasize again, I have nothing against @topjohnwu, Magisk, or systemless xposed, and it is certainly not my goal to see any of them go. If it can be made to work together with SuperSU, great.

    I get it though: you think of something, you want to see if you can make it work, you finally get it to work, you publish it, it takes off - enthusiasm gets the better of you. Maybe in the rush some mistakes are made. That doesn't mean you have to just drop it and run. None of my stuff would make it past 0.1 if I stopped at the first big mistake :)

    Aside from said being in the zone coding, I usually regret actually responding to these sort of things the day after, which has made me hesitant to reply. Surprise me.
    Thread temporarily closed so everyone sees this.

    The flood of "SafetyNet isn't working for me either!" posts are not helpful, at all. Please refrain from posting further, it will be looked into. Please do not forget that not passing SafetyNet is 100% NORMAL AND INTENDED when you have an unlocked booloader or running custom firmware. These are workarounds and they will be worked around in turn.

    The Flash
    Forum Moderator

    EDIT: Thread is reopened... I will be cleaning any SafetyNet posts for a while to keep the thread clean for real issues.
    Hello everyone!

    I am aware that Google has updated Safety Net that makes Magisk itself a no go for Android Pay. In fact, I witnessed the change live while I am developing the new magiskhide, which should hide all Magisk modules and Magisk installed root.

    Google is serious about Safety Net now, clearly hunting down all possibility to run Xposed with Safety Net passed. I spend quite some time examining the new security measures last midnight, and fortunately it seems that it is possible to run Magisk and root along with Safety Net if no Xposed is running. I'm glad I removed the old root toggle at the right time lol, that is no longer feasible with the latest detection.

    So stay tuned for the next update, it will come with bug fixes, along with the new magiskhide to bypass that Safety Net.

    Google, how will a few systemless mods do any harm :p:p