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I've flashed recently CSC file and lost the root.
I'm guessing flash CSC = factory reset? Did you do this in Odin w/ other needed binaries incl. AP?...
I updated MAgisk app up to 25.1 version (not a zip file just apk) but still no root. I have flashed Magisk file in TWRP recovery. Now the phone is rooted, but I unable to start Magisk app. It just stuck on the start (The Mask).
Strange issue... Do you have issues starting other apps? Tried clearing its app data?...

Also, try deleting everything in /data/adb and rebooting to rebuild Magisk config files... Use TWRP if you can't use a root explorer...
I tried to uninstall Magisk app via Application manager, and reinstall it following by reboot. Still Magisk unable to start. I don't remember whether MAgisk was unhidden before the update and zip installation. What should I do next?
Hidden app would be gone if did factory reset...

If installed since, check in device settings, Apps for 'Settings' (default name) or whatever you named it. Uninstall if found...
Should I rename the Magisk.apk to and run this file in TWRP. Then install Magisk apk and install zip file from within Magisk App? If so, what the best way to install MAgisk App; via TWRP or File Manager?
Install app like any other .apk from 'unknown aources'...
Samsung Galaxy S5
Marshmallow 6.0.1
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Oct 10, 2016
Also, Zygisk itself is just out of beta... Guess we shouldn't expect hide for Zygisk era Magisk to mature overnight...
After having no luck with Shamiko or DenyList Unmount, I now run without of them and with Enforce DenyList enabled

I still have the same Momo detections (su, Zygisk, Magisk) but bystem boots evidently faster and runs (hard to be sure since the phone is fast anyway) maybe even more fluid then with Shamiko
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Mar 26, 2011
Sony Xperia X Compact
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Hi all, just some sharing on my experience in the past week.

I updated Magisk from stable 24.3 to 25.1, everything seemed fine.
Then noticed there were updates of USNF and Shamiko, which are the only modules I use, then I updated both.
Then the latest Momo reported nothing found (only bootloader unlocked), so all looked good.

However, in my Work profile, Zimperium zIPS detected ROOT! This is the last thing I want because it will automatically reports to my company that I'm using a rooted device to access company mails, etc. :_(

I reverted USNF and Shamiko to the previous versions, still no luck.
Then a full uninstall of Magisk, followed by installing 24.3. Then latest versions of USNF and Shamiko.

Well, Momo this time reported Zygisk found. Then zIPS only reported App Tampering instead of ROOT.
Ok, reverted Shamiko from 0.5.1 to 0.5.0, then App Tampering is gone too. So, everything back to normal for me (except Momo reporting Zygisk, which I don't care!)

So Magisk 24.3, USNF latest, Shamiko previous (0.5.0) works for my device to defeat zIPS.
Edit: Momo only detects Unlocked Bootloader for me in this setup.

Just some sharing :)
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I had never done the Hide the Magisk app, but the issue does seem to involve remnants of something. The first time i tried to uninstall it (using Settings / Apps / Magisk), I then attempted to install via adb, and received a warning the app already existed. I then uninstalled via adb, and attempted to install after that (no warnings, but something still not working).

Later, with 25.1 supposedly installed again, I noticed in F-Droid (I have never used F-Droid to install Magistk, but of couse it reports the existence of any app with the same name as one in its repository) that it still reported 24.3 installed. So, I used F-Droid to uninstall Magisk (why not?), but then, after reloading F-Droid, it still reported version "1.0" as installed. So, I uninstalled that as well, and F-Droid no longer reported any Magisk on the system. I searched through System / Apps (even with Show system enabled), and saw nothing that I did not recognize. I installed the 25.1 apk downloaded from github again, flashed the patched boot image again, and... same result (Magisk just shows as N/A).

I do notice that if I attempt to install Magisk 25.1, I get the full app (Settings / Apps shows Magisk as 23.42 MB), but if I install 24.3 (working perfectly until a few hours ago), it initially shows as 22.80 MB, but the first time I attempt to start it, it crashes immediately, and then the icon changes to the generic Android icon, and the size in Settings / Apps changes to 224 KB.
Assuming 25.1 binary is installed, this seems to be intended behaviour for 25.1+ daemon:
  • [General] Enforce the Magisk app to always match or be newer than magiskd
Force app version not lower than daemon)

The device (a Teclast T10 tablet with the exact model number of E3C5) has the latest stock firmware (1.05_20180306) built from Android 7.0.
This issue seems strange however, and may warrant a GitHub issue ticket... Do what you can to ensure no stub is installed first however...

Type Magisk -c in terminal emulator to see Magisk binary version installed, or Magisk -v to see daemon version running...

Note that since 16.6 we had
  • [Daemon] Check whether a valid Magisk Manager is installed on boot, if not, install stub APK embedded in magiskinit
This has been working in older Magisk, but seems to be removed / broken in 25.x on my device... I'm guessing you've been getting stub installation on boot after removing full app w/ 24.3 binary installed...

Anyway, check you are installing full app matching installed binary and stub is not present...

Nb. There have be many recent tweaks for app loading, signature checks, stub functions etc, so you are ikely experiencing some regression... More changes are coming too, eg this is already merged in TJW master but not yet built in a release:
Build dynamic stub resource APK at runtime ...
Close #6013
Co-authored-by: vvb2060
topjohnwu and vvb2060 committed 8 days ago

🤠 PW
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Or boosted, actually :D
Yup... But boost = catalyst for Oxidation... he's excited about Rust... 😛

2 commits in his CXX (interop) repo, 1 in ONDK (w/ rust tool-chain), and 6 in Rust (Programming language) Custom and fix-lid branches in last 10 hrs...

Of course this is all still relevant!:
John Wu, Jun 19

Magisk v25.1 published to public stable 🎉🎉

This marks the official start of v26's development cycle, which also starts the Oxidation Project (adding Rust to Magisk). So excited!

... and he's been studying Rust for more than a year... good to see such commitment being distilled now for Android modders benefit!

Seems open source & equally committed contributors / collaborators have also allowed him to do this...

Linus says Rust is coming to the Linux kernel "real soon now... Rust is a way to try something new. And hopefully, it works out, and people have been working on it a lot, so I really hope it works out because otherwise they'll be bummed."

Seems Rust is coming to Magisk injection for kernels 'real soon now' too... If Rust is a way to try something new, hopefully it works out for Magisk too... John's clearly been working on it a lot, so I really hope it works out... because we don't want to be given the bum's rush...

😷 PW
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May 5, 2009
Seems Rust is coming to Magisk injection for kernels 'real soon now' too... If Rust is a way to try something new, hopefully it works out for Magisk too... John's clearly been working on it a lot, so I really hope it works out... because we don't want to be given the bum's rush...

😷 PW
... nor the bum's Rust.

(Sorry, couldn't resist!)


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Yup... But boost = catalyst for Oxidation... he's excited about Rust... 😛
😷 PW
Covidtime = downtime?... Nah! It's Dreamtime... For the TJW-CPU, uptime! -
John Wu, Jul 1

Spent the past few days while resting and recovering from COVID setting up Magisk for Rust development semi-consciously LMAO 😵💫

😴💭💡😝 PW
Maybe it's a game to him... "The RUST sleep command will allow admins and moderators, upon issuing the command, to instantly put themselves into sleeper mode. Once they're in sleeper mode, they are required to press any button on their keyboard or mouse to wake up."
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Covidtime = downtime?... Nah! It's Dreamtime... For the TJW-CPU, uptime! -

😴💭💡😝 PW
Maybe it's a game to him... "The RUST sleep command will allow admins and moderators, upon issuing the command, to instantly put themselves into sleeper mode. Once they're in sleeper mode, they are required to press any button on their keyboard or mouse to wake up."

Theres no stopping him

Theres a rumour he can actually see Ponkles in real time
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I have a question about OTA incremental updates. I have a OnePlus 9 on OxygenOS 12 C.48. C.61 is now being pushed out. Oxygen Updater no longer offers the full updates and is telling me to use incremental. Everytime I updare with incremental I get a boot loop and have to factory reset to be able to boot again, of course losing all data. Is there some new way we are supposed to update with incremental? The following is how I usually try to do it.

1. Magisk > Uninstall > Restore Images
2. System Settings update (DO NOT REBOOT)
3. Magisk > Install > Install Into Inactive Slot (After OTA)

Am I missing something? I do not have any modules installed, except Systemless Hosts. I have read that I should disable modules. Should I just restore images and complete uninstall Magisk?


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Feb 14, 2016
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Nexus 7 (2013)
I'm stuck in a bootloop due to a module I installed (foxyboot?). I can boot normally with the stock boot.img and another boot image that gives me ADB root access.


Is it possible for me to just remove all the ADB files on the device eMMC and reinstall magisk manager? Where else is magisk storing files other than /data/ADB ?

The /data/adb directory will be created the next time you boot a magisk patched boot image.
There might be a few extra magisk files in /data (magisk backup files).
If you installed magisk by flashing in recovery and you ROM supports addon.d scripts, there will be a Magisk script in the /system/addon.d directory.​

Use the App Info section to uninstall the Magisk app.
Normally long-press the icon and you will get an option for info or, go though system setting, Apps.
Use app info to Force stop, clear cache and data then uninstall the magisk app.​


Then reboot with your stock boot image.

Install Magisk (app) and patch your stock boot image.
Reboot with the new Magisk patched image.

Cheers. :cowboy:


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Sep 26, 2017

The /data/adb directory will be created the next time you boot a magisk patched boot image.
There might be a few extra magisk files in /data (magisk backup files).
If you installed magisk by flashing in recovery and you ROM supports addon.d scripts, there will be a Magisk script in the /system/addon.d directory.​

Use the App Info section to uninstall the Magisk app.
Normally long-press the icon and you will get an option for info or, go though system setting, Apps.
Use app info to Force stop, clear cache and data then uninstall the magisk app.​


Then reboot with your stock boot image.

Install Magisk (app) and patch your stock boot image.
Reboot with the new Magisk patched image.

Cheers. :cowboy:
Thank you, I got it sorted. I forgot to I was using an incompatible magisk boot image. Once I switched that out everything was working again. Two hours wasted on that lol
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Oct 2, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab E
Hello, how does it work well there is this package ddgv.cdb that normally there was John


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Oct 10, 2016
Hello, how does it work well there is this package ddgv.cdb that normally there was John
'Hiding' Magisk app does repackaging (changing package name to random).
Unhide if you don't like and don't hide in the future (or get to know and understand that renaming package to random helps to hide it from banking and similar apps)
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Oct 10, 2016
Good evening zgfg, thank you so as I hid magisk as proposed setting so it comes from this package of its name.
I don't know where is the problem. How hiding works and what it does and everything about has been mentioned and discussed literally hundredth of times in this thread

And one of the XDA forum rules (and not only on XDA) asks that people read and learn before asking. Hence it really makes no sense to ask about something absolutely basic and to be surprised about, and for others to waste time teaching that hiding the Magic app will rename it's package name and what for
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    Some Insight on the New Cat and Mouse Game...

    Since many are asking:
    Is there a fix for this? ... Can't pass MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY.
    I'm posting this WOT. 🤪

    I predict some will like it, some won't... You've been warned! 😜

    FWIW, Play Integrity MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY is akin to SafetyNet Evaluation type HARDWARE with CTS Profile match...

    Banks could have used this before (w/ S/N API) but haven't as it would have excluded too many users/devices/customers... Nothing has actually changed with new PI API; MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY will exclude the same group, so it's doubtful they'll rush to require this verdict...

    Basically, the means to enforce Hardware key-backed Attestation has already been here w/ either of these attestations, but banks don't want to exclude all those w/Android 7 and below, or many w/ broken keymaster 3+ implementations in Android 8+ devices (CTS Profile match with HARDWARE Evaluation type / MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY won't pass with locked bootloader), eg most OnePlus devices (nb. Keymaster may have been fixed in OnePlus devices launched with Android 12+)...

    I'm guessing the banks may well leverage this at some point if the time arrives when they feel there is a sufficient critical mass of devices w/ working hardware-backed keymaster (ie w/ hardware keystore, A8+) to trade against the number of modded (bootloader unlocked) devices in use especially if they deem Google slow to close the fallback-to-basic-attestation loophole that has allowed modders to bypass hardware based attestation to CTS Profile match enforcement (by triggering fallback to BASIC Evaluation type as well as bypassing enforcement) and also to allow its counterpart, MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY verdict. (Nb. This verdict should not properly be obtained on modded devices, and it requires the same attestations as S/N as well as the same tricks to trigger fallback to BASIC attestation and bypass enforcement) The incentive to use this foolproof means is also certainly being weighed constantly against the cost / need to use their own custom means of sophisticated 'root' detection...

    Google also, as other authorities have commented, appears to be waiting for some 'acceptable' percentile / critical mass of such devices in use to be reached also, before they swing the 'big hammer' that is Hardware-backed Key Attestation enforcement and that will definitely spell the endgame for modders' use of bank apps, and possibly for OnePlus users and others whose devices have broken keymaster*

    *Nb. There are exceptions, eg Asus ROG Phone 3, where broken keymaster actually results in PI MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY and S/N CTS Profile match with Evaluation type HARDWARE regardless of bootloader status instead of the converse...

    It seems likely to me that OnePlus and other devices with broken keymaster can be spared if Google do prevent on-device triggering of fallbacks to basic attestation use simply by using device info contained in the cryptographic attestation sent to Google servers instead of userspace model props etc now used, to bypass enforcement at the server end. If they do this it would be a concession as modded OnePlus etc may then still be able to pass CTS Profile match / DEVICE_INTEGRITY while other modern modded devices won't...

    This would, however, be a way to swing the hammer a bit sooner, and either way, as can be seen from the above, they may be forced to do this once banks do indicate a willingness to enforce
    MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY in order to stop a landslide that would prevent all stock locked Android 7 and lower devices using bank apps etc... Or maybe they'll just let the landslide go and force bank app users to upgrade devices...

    Hopefully this gives some insight regarding what pressures may finally force Google to properly deploy (ie. strictly enforce) Hardware-based Key Attestation on devices that support it...

    Personally, I think Google has exercised great restraint, possibly out of some regard for the modding community since I can't see any other compelling reason not to have properly enforced CTS Profile match with HARDWARE Evaluation type where supported or Hardware attested MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY sooner, unless the matter of ensuring that the API properly sees hardware identifiers (ie. these cannot be spoofed, which I believe would again require cryptographic server-side attestation that the device doesn't indicate the presence of hardware keystore) for bypassing hardware attestation enforcement in devices launched with Android 7 and earlier is proving difficult (but I'm fairly sure this mechanism will be a simple matter for Google and probably already in place)... 😛

    It may well be that Google is benevolently holding off but is using/will use MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY uptake data as tha natural indicator of the banks propensity for reliable HKA... My bet is that if Google doesn't have immediate plans to move to srtict HKA enforcement for MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY, then they will when the banks themselves move to use the even stricter MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY verdict...

    👀 🤠
    I had root, a few apps still recognize it, updating to the newest magisk manager shows n/a for magisk installed. Do I just grab my boot IMG out of my ROM and do it sgain? Will I keep all my data and info...?
    Did you have Magisk App hidden when updated?... Classic trap... Supposed to work, but bit like a pot-luck dinner...

    You're probably suffering from DACFRAS*, which is NOT fatal but all the clinics are full...

    Check in device settings, Apps for your old hidden App... Default name is 'settings', or its what you named it... Uninstall it, and presto!

    *Dual Apps Competing For Root Access Syndrome...

    😜 PW
    ... updating to the newest magisk manager shows n/a for magisk installed....
    Experienced this issue on a fork of Magisk too.
    Did you have Magisk App hidden when updated?... Classic trap...
    It's a general rule: take chances (w/ awareness of issue/remedy) or take Restore the Magisk app before updating App... My success estimate is reducing... 50/100 --> 40/100 --> 30/100 (?).

    It's all TJW/vv2060 code, so irrespective of fork... PW
    ... take chances... or take Restore the Magisk app before updating App...
    i guess you're aware about that fork not requiring 'hide/rename/restore the app before updating'... so, maybe this:
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    By the way, there is another thread with detailed OP instructions for the new Magisk v24/v25:

    And a thread that was opened for hiding root with the new Magisk:

    Those new threads were opened because of this old and cluttered thread.
    Unfortunately, people still report/ask here (and in parallel complain that thread is too big to read☹️)
    Its trivial to sniff or even MITM a desktop, or even just run WinPE and reset admin password and use the users own saved passwords in their browser, heck even export their passwords....

    In any event the biggest risk vector is social engineering

    Chasing root phone users only gives them a "feelgood", it does nothing to stop genuine misuse and fraud, at all.....

    I dont see Google or a bank sending out a representative every time someone makes a transaction to see if theyre genuine....trying to control the device is attacking the wrong end of the transaction and is ultimately pointless
    They're not chasing root users. They just want a guarantee that the device is secure, and they have good reason to. Rooting by nature compromises device security.

    I'm not saying your opinion is invalid; in this context however, it is irrelevant, because regardless of how you may feel about the situation, it's not going to change.
    @pndwal You can build Magisk app with custom name and label as you want
    MagiskHide is still effective to hide root from banking apps. It's not dead if you don't care about safetynet stuff.

    Shamiko is taking off your panties on the basic of MagiskHide. So MagiskHide is still better.
    You believe Shamiko too much, It can't really hide zygisk, only fix the zygisk detection of Momo. However, I can't blame it because that was the nature of zygisk and it will never be fixed.
    Still not sure what you're trying to tell me...

    I think we agree on most of this stuff (except your apparent impression that Shamiko Devs have some sort of sexual agenda, or that it's users are somehow prone to 'self abuse'... I won't use the other term either...).

    If you think I have misrepresented any facts regarding Magisk, Shamiko or other, please say it plainly... I think what I provided for the sake of clarity was accurate... 🙁 PW
    Latest Official TJW public Stable (release) Magisk build:


    2022.7.20 Magisk v25.2​

    Maintenance release fixing various issues.
    • [MagiskInit] Fix a potential issue when stub cpio is used
    • [MagiskInit] Fix reboot to recovery when stub cpio is used
    • [MagiskInit] Fix sepolicy.rules symlink for rootfs devices
    • [General] Better data encryption detection
    • [General] Move the whole logging infrastructure into Rust

    Full Changelog: here

    🎉🎊 PW
    did all that, flashed, uninstalled the Magisk app, flashed the original boot.img from LineageOS payload.bin...

    End result: root apps don't have root, "secure apps" (banking, etc.) complain about the phone being rooted.

    Example: CF.lumen stating "Could not aquire root access". But then the banking app is claiming the phone isn't secure and closes. Same for a State ID certification app I use.

    This is a disaster.

    With Magisk uninstalled and original boot you have no more Magisk

    But you don't pass SafetyNet (bcs your Bootloader is still unlocked and you still run custom ROM and you are no more hiding it by eg using Magisk module USNF), hence banking apps do complain about 'root' (they probably don't say "root" or use the meaning vaguely)

    If you want to get rid of Magisk and with that you want to pass SN and banking apps, you would need to go back to stock and relock the bootloader
    For the record.

    A few months ago, testing something.. :unsure:

    I was surprised to see the official Lineage build(s) were not user builds.
    Since they are not user builds, they can/will be considered compromised and not properly locked down.
    Some apps will report root or a custom rom.​

    It was pointed out to me (by a cm/los dev I highly respect) that the official Lineage (cyanogenmod) builds have always been debug builds.
    • Switching to user builds would be extremely difficult and way too much time and work for the maintainers.
      Reminder. Most are volunteers that freely give us their time and knowledge.​
    • Some devices might not be able to be supported as a user build.
    • Would limit what you as the user can do with the device.

    Cheers. :cowboy:
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    This is the place for general support and discussion regarding "Public Releases", which includes both stable and beta releases.
    All information, including troubleshoot guides and notes, are in the Announcement Thread
    Hello, I haven't given much support on XDA lately. It can be resulted from
    • University started and I have limited free time. In fact, I mostly develop during midnight
    • I live in Taiwan, which has large time zone differences between my European/American contributors/testers, which usually forces me to stay up late at night to discuss/test stuffs.
    • The new version is about to come, I don't want to spend effort on supporting old releases
    The planned update is delayed again and again, to some point I think I'll shed some light about what has been happening lately, also along with some announcements.

    New Forum!
    As you might have already discovered, Magisk got its own subforum on XDA! Many thanks to all the support you gave me, and much more information/features/support is about to come!
    **For developers supporting all the devices that are not using standard Android boot format, feel free to create threads in this section (actually, PLEASE do so) for your favorite devices after v7 is out. As I currently know, Asus devices require signing the boot image before flashing, and is model dependant; Sony devices seems to use ELF kernel that is unpatchable, or some has two ramdisks (inner + outer), both requires different workarounds; LG bootloader locked devices has to manually "BUMP" the boot image after flashing Magisk..... and there may be lots of other crazy boot image formats that haven't come up to my attention yet.
    It is impossible for me to support all these non-standard boot images, and I hope the community can collaborate to make Magisk running across all the devices. Overall, community collaboration is what XDA about :D

    The Pixel Phone
    Some of you might already know this news, that the next Pixel Phone right around the corner seems like it does not have ramdisk in boot image, which pretty much wrecked Magisk in all ways. However, it pretty much doomed root itself too. Kernel modifications is inevitable IMO, so I'll try to migrate my scripts to C programs that could possibly be included into the kernel itself. Note that I'm not familiar with linux kernel, I'm not even sure if my idea and concept is correct or not. But once the device is available, I think developers will find a way to bypass all the difficulties, and I'll do my best to learn things ;)

    Current Progress
    In the past month, I've spent quite some time learning SELinux, so that I can avoid using SuperSU's sepolicy patches. Thanks to the helps and tips from @phhusson and @Chainfire, I finally have a much clearer understanding of how SELinux works. The Magisk core parts (the scripts, boot image patches, new features, more supports) are actually done some time ago. What is causing all the delays is the Magisk Manager.
    To be completely honest, although I can code in Java without much issues, Magisk Manager is actually my first Android application, I had to reach out for assistance, and fortunately awesome developers like @DVDandroid and @digitalhigh contributed a lot, which makes the current Manager awesome.
    After the repo system and module management is mostly done, I was about to do some adjustments and release, but what we really done is decided to add another feature: auto-unroot with per-app settings. I decided to wait for it to be finished, and then do my adjustments. Due to reasons that'll be mentioned later, this feature will likely not be available for the next release (should come in future updates)

    Safety Net Disaster
    Those who are using Magisk for Safety Net bypass purposes must have known that Google recently updated the detection method of my Systemless Xposed. I still have no idea what Safety Net is detecting, so currently I cannot fix it on my side (also because I'm busy working on the next update). However, suhide developed by @Chainfire is able to hide Xposed and worked fine.
    However, only my Systemless Xposed v86.2, which is based on SuperSU's su.d, is supported using that method. v86.2 and v86.5 (latest, Magisk based) have nearly identical binaries, and the only difference is the path where the binaries are stored.
    I'm still not sure what's the real issue for it not being supported, I just hope it is not done intentionally.

    Due to the fact that my Safety Net bypass is not 100% perfect now, I do not want to spend any more time waiting for auto-unroot to be polished. What I'm doing now is finishing up all the things I'd like to change in Magisk Manager (it has been a while since I last contributed to Manager, my fellow developers are doing all the heavy job), which might take a little more time, after that, packed with tons of information to be announced in Magisk Section, I'll release the long awaited update.

    Hope this lengthy post gives you the idea of the whole situation, and again thanks for all your support!!
    Ah, some Chainfire bashing, I hope it is not too late for me to exercise additional villainy.

    First, let me make clear I have nothing against @topjohnwu, nor against Magisk. Magisk is an interesting project and it certainly displays @topjohnwu ingenuity and persistence. I don't doubt we will see more interesting things from his hands.


    What has happened here is not all that dark and complicated, from either end. I returned from holidays, and someone pointed me at Magisk. My first thought: interesting!

    Among other things, the thread lists some issues with SuperSU, which in combination with the phrase The developer also requests users to not bug Chainfire with compatibility requests for SuperSU with Magisk from the portal article, raised my left eyebrow by nigh half an inch. The popular systemless xposed mod is apparently now based on it, and apparently it now no longer works with SuperSU, and apparently I'm not supposed to fix that, nor any of the other found issues. I found that a bit weird. So yes, I have told @topjohnwu that I was a bit surprised he was posting about issues with SuperSU without notifying me about them (I can't fix or help fix issues I'm not aware of, after all).

    He's also spreading a modified version of the SuperSU package, which is not all that uncommon, nor necessarily a problem. I have not looked into what he modified, I only ran a few quick tests on one of my devices, and found some commonly used commands run as root to be broken. I have informed him of this as well.

    It appears the tool of choice for Magisk is phh's Superuser, because of some of the mentioned issues with SuperSU. That's fine by itself, but fixing issues in that superuser by incorporating SuperSU's binaries into it is a somewhat questionable practise. After all, SuperSU is a commercial closed-source package that helps pay for my dinner, and superuser is a direct competitor. I have informed him that I was surprised he did this without asking for permission. I have expressed similar surprise on him spreading a modified version of LiveBoot (which helps pay for a snack now and then).
    @topjohnwu has also stated that Magisk's scripts are largely influenced by mine (I have not checked). Scripts based on mine are used all over the place on XDA, some people have crafted amazing things based on them, I have never made an issue of this (otherwise I would have just made them binaries). But yes, I have also stated to him that I don't think it's very nice to base something on one program, and then using that to (almost exclusively) push something directly competing with that program.

    tl;dr Towards @topjohnwu, I have:
    - expressed surprise he has issues getting Magisk to work with SuperSU, and has chosen not to inform me about those
    - expressed surprise he is using SuperSU binaries in a competing superuser without permission
    - expressed surprise he is posting a modified LiveBoot without permission
    - informed him of issues with the modified SuperSU he has posted
    - let him know I thought it wasn't very nice to be applying my scripts to benefit seemingly exclusively that same competing superuser

    To be crystal clear:
    - I have not asked for an apology
    - I have not asked for Magisk to be abandoned, neither the root hiding nor systemless module parts, and certainly not systemless xposed
    - I have not made an issue of any of this anywhere, until this post
    - I have not even specifically asked for anything to be taken down (though obviously in my opinion the other superuser package mixed with SuperSU's binaries, as well as the LiveBoot package, should go)
    - I have not reported this thread to XDA moderators for copyright violations or otherwise

    While my conversation with @topjohnwu may not win any awards for being friendly (though it may win some for brevity), I think all things considered my response has been rather mild. To be perfectly honest, until the apology post, I thought this was over with already. I think the apology post was triggered because I haven't replied to his last PM for a while - I was in the zone, it happens.

    To emphasize again, I have nothing against @topjohnwu, Magisk, or systemless xposed, and it is certainly not my goal to see any of them go. If it can be made to work together with SuperSU, great.

    I get it though: you think of something, you want to see if you can make it work, you finally get it to work, you publish it, it takes off - enthusiasm gets the better of you. Maybe in the rush some mistakes are made. That doesn't mean you have to just drop it and run. None of my stuff would make it past 0.1 if I stopped at the first big mistake :)

    Aside from said being in the zone coding, I usually regret actually responding to these sort of things the day after, which has made me hesitant to reply. Surprise me.
    Thread temporarily closed so everyone sees this.

    The flood of "SafetyNet isn't working for me either!" posts are not helpful, at all. Please refrain from posting further, it will be looked into. Please do not forget that not passing SafetyNet is 100% NORMAL AND INTENDED when you have an unlocked booloader or running custom firmware. These are workarounds and they will be worked around in turn.

    The Flash
    Forum Moderator

    EDIT: Thread is reopened... I will be cleaning any SafetyNet posts for a while to keep the thread clean for real issues.
    Hello everyone!

    I am aware that Google has updated Safety Net that makes Magisk itself a no go for Android Pay. In fact, I witnessed the change live while I am developing the new magiskhide, which should hide all Magisk modules and Magisk installed root.

    Google is serious about Safety Net now, clearly hunting down all possibility to run Xposed with Safety Net passed. I spend quite some time examining the new security measures last midnight, and fortunately it seems that it is possible to run Magisk and root along with Safety Net if no Xposed is running. I'm glad I removed the old root toggle at the right time lol, that is no longer feasible with the latest detection.

    So stay tuned for the next update, it will come with bug fixes, along with the new magiskhide to bypass that Safety Net.

    Google, how will a few systemless mods do any harm :p:p