Magisk Manager Hangs, but Root Still Achieved (LG H918, and Magisk 25.2)

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Jan 24, 2014
LG V20
Hi All,
Foolishly I decided to let Magisk Manager update itself. I was cautious about actually updating Magisk, because it bricked a similar phone a while back. Unfortunately, Magisk hung, so I tried several things:
  1. Deleting the app cache (No effect)
  2. Deleting Magisk Manager data (No effect)
  3. Using the Settings app, I uninstalled Magisk (probably a mistake, but Magisk would not run) (It was gone.)
  4. Installed Magisk 20.0 from zip (Nothing showed up)
  5. Installed Magisk 16 from zip (It appeared and the manager ran, but no root)
  6. Installed Magisk 25.2 (Magisk hangs, but I have root again)
This is where I am stuck. Any suggestions?