[Magisk] MIUI Auto Brightness Fix for Mi 9

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Nov 19, 2011
Xiaomi Mi Note 3
Sorry guys for very late updates because of my business in real life. I have attached v6 & v6b for MIUI 12. It's not perfect but i hope it works and do better than stock.
Lowest value is 160 of max of 4095
Thank you, I'm testing it. Actually the stock only has 1 problem left for me, which is too dark in near 0 lux environment sometimes, but not always. In other conditions, it's fine. Let's see if your mod fixes it.

OK, this one seems good. No more too dark in almost total darkness environment. Great job, bro.
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Jun 18, 2016
Hi thanks for the update I got error 123 in twrp when flsshing

Please install it via magisk manager.

I have reuploaded v6b because of decompiling error that causes crash in some apps.

Until now sensitivity for increasing ambient light is quite fast, but not when decreasing, still lags for some second, like the default.


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Jan 18, 2011
Greetings to all.
Would you be so kind to tell me:
- which file/s/ are responsible to autobrightness in 11 android?
Is this magisk module is applicable for other devices than M9?
Thank you all in advance, and best regards.


Sep 14, 2009
I'll tell you what caused that. I was going to edit the brightness value so that it will only using max brightness in very very high light, but miui seems force max brightness if dac sensor gets through 4000 lux. No matter you adjust it manually or adjusted by my module values, it will ignored. You can check that with cit test.

And because of that, currently i cant lower the brightness in high light anymore because if i lower it again it will be jumpy. Until I found the way or xiaomi itself fix this max brightness enforcement, the high light values will be still same.

Or maybe we can report this to xiaomi as bug?

The default lowest value is 17

Any fix to this stupid max brightness enforcement problem? It's really annoying.


Jul 30, 2019
OnePlus Nord CE 2
Sorry guys for very late updates because of my business in real life. I have attached v6 & v6b for MIUI 12. It's not perfect but i hope it works and do better than stock.
Lowest value is 160 of max of 4095
Can you make this fix for miui 12.5 A11? I think a lot of people will appreciate it. So tired of this sh*t. Every android update, same problem.


Feb 4, 2011
on mi9 lite xiaomi.eu 12.5 stable works perfectly. I would like to have the minimum even higher.
thanks dev

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    The idea originally comes from my MIUI Auto Brightness Fix thread in Mi Mix 2s forum. Because i switched device to Mi 9, now i want to make mods for this device brightness too.

    My experience with Miui roms, i think everything is fine and acceptable, except for the Auto Brightness! The screen goes very dark in low lights, and ridiculously bright in not-so-bright lights that makes my eyes sore. I never used the auto brightness before. But after I found this mod, then I can using this great feature in miui again. If you experience the same thing, then try this magisk module!

    So what this module do? It adds framework-res to the /system/media/theme/default. With a magisk module you can do it systemlessly! To install it, just download the module then browse it in Magisk Manager.

    If you dont like my setting values, just unzip my module, find framework-res file, unzip it, then edit the theme_values.xml to any values you want under "config_autoBrightnessLcdBacklightValues", then zip all back

    To test if this module works, tap the Kernel Version in About Phone 5 times, then you will enter CIT. Go to num 21 light sensor. Cover your upper phone with your hands till the light sensor DAC reach 0. If the backlight is not going under module lowest value (ex: 80), then this module works! My module limits the minimal auto brightness and change its behavior. Its usually less bright than the stock in medium light condition. There's should be any noticeably difference.

    Remember, this mod only works on MIUI-based roms with android pie! Tested working on official MIUI, Xiaomi.eu, Revolution OS.

    The download links in attachment.
    1. Legacy method, using framework-res file. Less compatibilty but safer to update rom and easier to costumize.
    V1 : Initial release.
    V2: Lower brightness in medium light.
    V3: Lower brightness in bright light. Brightness steps added to make it smoother.
    V3.1: A bit adjustment to lower brightness in very low light. Lowest backlight value is now 80.
    V4: More responsive to light changes. Lower brightness in low light to compensate new lowest 80 value.
    V5: For android 10 and backwards. Better and smoother brightness in low light. Doesn't work on dark mode.
    V6: for MIUI 12 android 10. Lowest val 160 of new max 4095

    2. Alternative method, using modified system overlay apk file. Use this if legacy method doesn't work. Still in testing wheter can survive after rom update.
    V3b: take values from v3
    V3.1b: take values from v3.1
    V4b: take values from v4
    V5b: take values from v5. For android 10 only! Works on dark mode. There are some lowest brightness variations (20,40,60,80).
    V6b: take values from v6, for MIUI 12 android 10

    - DON'T activate DC anti flickering mode, it ruins the light sensor to become inaccurate.
    - Only V4 and upwards have responsitivity adjustment. More responsive means it needs less light increments to trigger auto brightness adjustment. Android 10 cant use V4 or it wouldn't work.
    - Less bright = better battery life plus reducing risk of amoled burn-in.
    - Editing the values can cause a mess. Add .disable_magisk file in cache partition if your phone cant boot then uninstall the module in manager.
    I flashed v5b on Hellas miui and masik and eu latest and I Everytime I do that , I lost the ability to share my internet from Bluetooth/USB , the features is completely gone , check my screenshot to see the difference

    Confirmed, thanks for the report. I have already fix that. Please redownload in OP. Now it should work again.

    Update: V5b(rev)
    Fix bluetooth and usb tethering problems.

    Yes. I want minimal with 40. Please

    Wysłane z mojego MI 9 przy użyciu Tapatalka

    Even we can go up to 30/20.

    At the moment our device is getting in to 0 value when we are in a pitch dark. If we manually increase to 20, this is very good for reading. I have put system wide dark mode via developer settings.

    Here you go, the lower brightness version of v5b(rev). Link attached in this post.
    - support android 10. The responsivity adjustment works now. (b alternative version is not backward compatible)
    - support dark mode (b alternative version only)
    - better and smoother in low brightness (a bit brighter). Lowest value still same.

    Links in OP.
    Note: the apk for 5b version is taken from xiaomi.eu rom (9.10.31). If there's issue when installed on official/another rom please report here.
    UPDATE! V4 Module released with changelog:
    - More responsive/adaptive screen brightness in light changes.
    - for alternative method now using separate overlay apk, not modified one from system. So it must be safe for update rom.
    - Lower brightness in low light a bit to compensate new 80 lowest value.

    Download links in OP!
    This was the missing piece with the MI9 experience.
    I hate the auto brightness on the MI9

    Definitely going to try out.... But I can't download the file?

    Yeah dunno why it cant be downloaded. I have added the mirror link