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[MAGISK][MOD+APP] ButterLimits v7.0 for OP8P/8T/8 OOS 11/OB ~ [Its always buttery but never compromises with battery]

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Aug 8, 2012
Panchkula, Chandigarh
OnePlus 7 Pro
OK, Script 1 is now fixed. Please check it will run now.

The problem was its name.
"(" and ")" these were creating issues.

Before - "ButterLimits_(origianl)-(balanced)
This was creating issues

After- "ButterLimits-original-balanced
Problem solved

So, other than this, there is no issues now? Everything working well including sound and bass. Right?

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Feb 12, 2021
In magisk no winged name comes out, true when you put the first script, if so, it is already solved and a question if I want to change the mode if I must have internet.


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Jan 17, 2013
OnePlus 8 Pro
OK, Script 1 is now fixed. Please check it will run now.

The problem was its name.
"(" and ")" these were creating issues.

Before - "ButterLimits_(origianl)-(balanced)
This was creating issues

After- "ButterLimits-original-balanced
Problem solved

So, other than this, there is no issues now? Everything working well including sound and bass. Right?


Script 1 is working now, many thanks 😊
I noticed no bugs so far 👍
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May 6, 2011
OnePlus 6T
OnePlus 8T
Internet is must while using the app whatever you do. Infact, Without Internet you will not be able to see options also.

After uninstall I'm left with this, and issues with Google location


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Aug 8, 2012
Panchkula, Chandigarh
OnePlus 7 Pro
Thanks. It kind of a serious bug, I can't use any weather apps and some apps like MLB are giving me errors. I still can't understand why reflashing OOS doesn't fix it

Try this

1. Sign out of your Google account
2.Force stop, clear cache and clear data for-
Google Play Services, Google Play Services Framework, Google Play Store
3. Reboot device
4. Open Playstore and sign in from there.


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Aug 24, 2010
Huawei Watch 2
OnePlus 8
Just asking here too as this is the only thing I've installed recently.

My minimum CPU speeds are jumping to 1075+ on each cluster even though I set them to 300 /710 and 844MHz

I was on stock then I installed butter limits, then noticed the spikes

Has anyone else had this problem?

Check your CPU speeds in Franco or Ex kernel managers.

I haven't had this issue before, battery is dying faster.

If indeed Butter limits makes any kernel tweaks, how could I eliminate those changes?

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Apr 25, 2010
Просто спрашиваю здесь, потому что это единственное, что я установил недавно.

Мои минимальные скорости процессора подскакивают до 1075+ на каждом кластере, хотя я установил их на 300/710 и 844 МГц.

У меня был запас, потом я установил лимит масла, потом заметил шипы

У кого-нибудь еще возникла такая проблема?

Проверьте скорость вашего процессора в менеджерах ядра Franco или Ex.

Раньше этой проблемы не было, батарея разряжается быстрее.

Если действительно Butter limits вносит какие-либо изменения в ядро, как я могу устранить эти изменения?

Ваше здоровье


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Sep 5, 2018
LG G Pad 10.1
OnePlus 8T
When I uninstalled this it broke my android auto where none of it works. Any suggestions?

When I uninstalled it I had to reinstall several other magisk modules because apparently uninstalling butter broke them too
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    ButterLimits - Its A Magisk Module with many features that some you can see and some you can only feel by your device usage.
    Its A Magisk ROM or Magisk MOD, we can call it anything. But, I am just releasing it in MOD section because I think its a right place for it because Full ROM is a complete ROM with all system files [Big size] and a small part with custom settings and patches or with some apk files can only be mod or a theme.


    Why its name is ButterLimits?​

    Many of you already heard "ButterSmooth" in Android Developing, but why?, Because of its smooth functions, smooth touch responses and fast working device.
    But many times ButterSmooth experience can eat a lot of battery that our device not supposed to. So, when we add some limits to it for a perfect balance between performance and battery backup.....
    Then here comes A ButterLimits and yes its for OOS 11 only right now. But if we remove and edit some files then it should also work as A Universal Mod but not all the features that come for OOS 11 and Open Beta


    -UI Tweaks-​

    Blur effect in background when pull down notification panel and in some more places.



    -Basic Level tweaks-​

    RAM Tweak
    Faster Boot tweak (Not noticable)
    Improved Audio/Video Recording Tweaks
    Improved Gaming Tweaks
    Improved Signal Tweaks
    Internet Speed Tweaks
    Makes Streaming videos Stream Faster Tweak
    Graphics Enhancement Tweaks
    Scroll and Touch Responsive Teak
    Disabled some background logging and data sending
    Small Power Saving Tweaks
    Dialing/Calling fast Tweaks
    Some Dalvik Tweaks

    -System Level Tweaks-​

    Filesystem mount Tweaks
    Optimized Media Servers and GMS to save battery
    UGMS Doze to save battery
    Some more Doze Tweaks for better battery backup
    Disabled some Google Wakelocks (Will not harm anything) - will give just better battery backup

    -Kernel and CPU Level Tweaks-​

    Customized CPU Active Settings for different situations
    Some CPU Frequency Tweaks
    Forcibly switched off some kernel logging
    Some Optimization Tweaks for Improved userspace experience
    Small Entropy Tweaks for good balance between performance and battery
    Some kernel tweaks to remove wasted CPU cycles
    Disabled some kernel Console
    Optimized CPU bandwidth
    Some more CPU level Miscellaneous Tweaks
    Some kernel level network Tweaks to reduce battery eating
    Virtual memory Tweaks for good balance between performance and battery
    Turned off some kernel debuggers to improve performance and battery life
    Disabled Debugging logs to reduce power usage
    Disabled GPU Frequency based throttling
    Kernel level tweak for better Idle Battery Life
    Some more kernel level Miscellaneous Tweaks
    Some kernel level Dalvik Cache Tweak
    Some kernel level Deep Sleep Tweak
    Some non-useful ****s Removed (Cycles timely)
    Fstrim Tweak


    ZRAM Tweaks


    Now ButterLimits comes with 3 modes and The ButterLimits App​

    Details in 3rd Post - Please read that


    Requirements to use ButterLimits:​

    -Device in working state with Latest Magisk at its place
    - OnePlus 8P/8T with OOS 11 Stable/openBeta

    -Flash Instructions-​

    - Download compatible version (Stable or OpenBeta)
    - Do not flash just after rom install. Make sure your device is already have working magisk and Phone is fully settled when installed new/updated rom
    - Flash ButterLimits in Magisk Manager only and reboot
    - After boot when your device is on lockscreen or homescreen, please wait for atleast 2 minutes to make all processes done.

    -Update Instructions-​

    -Before updating to latest OOS update please remove it first
    -After updating to latest OOS and then install ButterLimits again​


    You should remove ButterLimits with ButterLimits App only

    Telegram Group​

    Link removed- development no longer active on Xda


    A BIG THANK YOU to A Developer @topjohnwu - the founder of Magisk.
    Magisk is like A God to all Android Modding world right now and the main features is System-Less (It defines itself). On the other side it comes with a lot of features...
    @ lAlKenDi
    All member of Team- Magisk and more...​

    If you Like my works or like ButterLimits
    - You can donate me by buy me a coffee of your choice
    - You can Donate me here - Playstore Link

    ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️


    Before Download please remember some points below:

    Developer of ButterLimits will not be responsible for any harm to your device
    ButterLimits is not developed to harm any device, but to give your device better
    Precautions are in your hands.

    1. ButterLimits is heavily based on Stock Kernel
    2. Some VM Tweaks may or may not conflict while using any custom kernel (can or cannot create some issues)
    3. ButterLimits on each boot force kernel to use Schedutil Governor.
    4. ButterLimits uses CPU/Governor Tweaks for and on Schedutil Governor only.
    5. If you change settings from any kernel tweaking app or just change governor, Then assume it that many CPU/Kernel Tweaks (from ButterLimits) are not in use anymore and conflicting.
    6. With ButterLimits, If you use any other mod also that contains Kernel/CPU/GPU tweaks that can heavily create issues.
    7. ButterLimits Does it's best with Stock Kernel when it's alone.
    8. But obviously you can try ButterLimits with different kernels. (But in that can if you get some issues, it will be difficult or impossible for me to solve it)
    9. After Installation of ButterLimits, you need to wait for at least 5 minutes after every reboot to get full advantage from ButterLimits. You can find logs in-app and check the time there that how much time the script takes to complete.

    Don't expect any support if you are on a custom kernel or sound mod.
    However, I may help if possible but don't expect it.

    But you can get help from other users in a thread.


    Please don't make mirrors

    Download ButterLimits v7.0 Universal​

    > Android File Host < [OP8P/8T/8] - Updated at 16:13 IST on 7th August 2021​

    For any OOS 11 version or OOS 11 OpenBeta version

    Just a teasing post :geek:

    Hi friends and haters. :)

    For some reasons further updates will not avilable for 8 Series anymore. v7.0 is final release on this XDA Thread.
    Support is available forever.

    But I will post a link in OP for new ButterLimits Telegram group for 8 Series. There you can get regular updates and test builds. If anyone is really interested already then he/she can join thag group for further updates.

    -Link to a new Telegram group can be found in OP now.-

    It doesn't matter that group will be of just 5 or 2 or any number, or may be many. But I will do stuffs for them on next updates and obviously support will be available full day of IST.

    Thank you for your support

    Please don't ask actuall reasons. I am already getting frustrated and feeling disrespected.

    This not relates to any posts in a thread.


    New Update!​


    -Optimized Filesystem mount system
    -Added sync function for more stability
    -Added and modified some lines to make it more Kernel friendly
    -Optimized some performance tweak
    -Fixed SMS/MMS delay
    -Fixed extreme mode
    -Fixed distortion sound all over
    -Now more better Clear Bass and normal loud
    -Some more modifications
    -You may experience better performance than previous version without compromising battery backup

    Installing this in Magisk Manager will remove any old version automatically