[MAGISK][MOD][EOL][v5] Dual Speaker Mod For Redmi K20 Pro

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    This mod enables the earpiece to be used as a secondary speaker for audio output.

    Disclaimer : I'm not responsible for any damage to your device.

    Youtube :

    Instructions & Working :
    Download the mod
    Flash via Magisk Manager/TWRP

    Download : AFH

    Source :

    Changelog :
    v1 - Initial Release
    v2 - #77
    v3 - #82
    v4 - #118
    v5 - #269
    EOL + v5exp - #296

    Note :
    Download the file in the attachment, extract it & move it to ViPER4Android/Kernel folder in internal storage and select TubeAmplifier file in Convolver. This will significantly boost the output of both the speakers without causing any distortions. [Original thread]

    To disable the mod, simply uninstall it from the magisk manager.

    Credits :
    Dante63 for his guide


    I received many requests to port the dual earphone feature from RUI, this is untested and may result in bootloop; so proceed only if you know what you're doing!
    Download : v5exp

    And about the mod, v5 will be the last version. Anyone who is interested to maintain it further can refer to my repository for additional info.
    To view the changes in latest RUI mixers, refer to this commit!
    Thank you to all the testers for reporting back and users who uploaded their mixers from latest firmwares, I worked on several mods for this device & it has been a great pleasure to be a part of raphael community.

    Ok guys as I said the manually installation works also on 11.0.5 and multiple audio mods.

    Required ADB, busybox and permissive selinux switched.
    Install viper all, then install aml, then install viper drivers, reboot.... Reboot and reinstall until you get viper working, if it does not try installing viper drivers by unchecking aml in magisk modules.

    Set viper as you like, I suggest tube ampl8fier convulator and -14db master audio plus all modifications you like, over headset and Bluetooth I suggest xhifi crystal audio and to boost basses with the specific option. (Convulators kernels goes in viper4android/kernels folder).

    Once you got this working just install the 320kbps bitrate magisk module and reboot.

    Now you have a great audio, but beleave me that if you successfully install as below described also dual speaker and low latency mode you can't beleave how astonishing and perfect audio reproduction is, like having a laptop in your hands, crystal clear... The people who say they don t mind about the difference they actually didn't even recognize that they haven't successfully installed any dual speaker mod correctly....so do as follows now:

    Just extract from v4 magisk module the mixer XML files and put them in system vendor etc folder and set permissions to 0644 aka rw-r-r (I put them attached anyway, these are from v4 dual speaker mode created from the owner of this thread)

    Put audio policy XML file posted for the latency problem by previous member in vendor system etc audio and set permissions to 0644 aka rw-r-r

    This file must be extracted from the zip in the attachment

    Be sure in your phone options you have MONO AUDIO disabled and left/right channel balanced 50%. (In my case I had problems before because the audio was settled to mono and because I gave wrong permission to files.... Be sure to set them all on rw-r-r (0644 indeed).

    I use old but still best for me es file manager

    You won't believe what a boost you have..

    Actually I suggest installing immensity kernel v11 (user experience flows, AnTuTu got from 410k to 450k and ram, memory and file reading access is way faster now.)

    Also use 75hz dtbo which i tested working only with this immensity kernel and doesn't require DC antiflickering and works everywhere with no frame drops and battery impact and no green tint.
    No need to install or use the disable he overlay

    And now finally both kernel and dtbo doesn't break widevine so you still get l1 hdr support and netflix works at 1080p hdr, this wasn't working in the past.

    These are all the suggestions I can give to get the max out of k20 pro.

    I should make a separete thread with "suggested tested working modifications to get the perfect k20 pro".

    Have a try guys, won't regret for sure.

    Of course get cloudflare DNS, YouTube vanced , Google pay fix, latest magisk, and you have a greatly no bugs customized phone , SnapTube, idm, or whatever apps you like to use. Good is fouad WhatsApp for strong privacy settings.

    Best cam out of all testing is parrots V10, attached my config after many tests this is the best all situation config I could get, of course others may not like it, I use it daily for pics, only use stock camera for videos. Even latest release aren't good as this with these settings in my opinion, so I'm stuck to V10, get it on gcams azsvedo archive.

    Dtbo file must be extracted and installed as image through twrp.
    Install whatever spam blocker such as adaway, maybe using unified hosts , get instruction on this forum, just be sure to whitelist apps domain such as news Republic or medscape if you use them.

    All rights and thanks go to the relative developers who created the various files.

    v4 Released

    Changelog :
    Optimized gain of Main Speaker & Earpiece
    Eliminate Delay Between Both The Speakers
    Change the config to Mono (will fix the R channel not playing through main speaker)

    Attached the loudness enhancement irs file to OP, download it and follow the instructions!
    The mod is now refined, will move to AML from next release!

    v5 Released

    Changelog :
    Updated mixers from latest A10 firmware to eliminate issues with BT
    New magisk template
    Audio-ull enabled