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[MAGISK][MOD][EOL] [v8]Stereo Speaker Mod For Oneplus 6 *AML COMPATIBLE*

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Dec 1, 2011
Behind your screen...
I tried modified "V11", thanks to @pepa 77

...but for me it was acting the same as other versions, until, and as per OP suggestion (which I haven't done previously while I was on OOS 5.1.11, as there was no need for it, at least not for me) I did this:

I just tried loading an old convolver tube amplifier file suggested in the OP, from this thread here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/phone-speaker-is-amazing-potential-is-hidden.3863822/

This convolver seems to be doing exactly what it has to do (!) and what V4A Playback gain control is unable to correctly do. The sound is amplified and strong without the need to use the Playback gain control in V4A. I also had to put the Output gain at -8.0 dB as the sound was stronger then I need it.

So in the end, this custom version 11 but I suppose also V9 and V10 would be the same, the stereo mode seems to be working correctly, but only if using this tube amplifier convolver in V4A if you're using V4A as I am.

The different sound streams are not ducking any more... for the time being. I'll experiment and play a bit by also unlinking ringtone from notification sound and system from the ring tone sound streams...
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Mar 7, 2018
V10 working good on Havoc 4.1 (Android 11). The only quirks I noticed for 2 years from this mod is; the bottom speaker initially got a nice bass response, the earpiece act as a tweeter. So then, after applying a nice bassy EQ setup (whether V4A or James DSP), and the phone call come up, everything seems normal. Until the phone call end.

The bottom speaker act as tweeter and the earpiece act as a full range 🙂 Hopefully acer or pepa can have look on it and fix it 👍
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Feb 2, 2014
I use it now for 2 years butt when I get a call on speaker and I press any button , my sound will get very bad sound like my speaker is blowen butt after pressing another butt it will mostly be gone ?
Are there more people with this problem ....

I am on Oxy 10.3.9


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Feb 3, 2010
Ok,its been a while. New confirmed working setup:

OOS 10.3.11 + AML (4.0) + Ainur Sauron (12.08) + OP6T v3 stereo mod

Viper confirmed working with listed modules.
I could not get OP6 v9 or v10 mod to work.
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Feb 2, 2014
Ok,its been a while. New confirmed working setup:

OOS 10.3.11 + AML (4.0) + Ainur Sauron (12.08) + OP6T v3 stereo mod

Viper confirmed working with listed modules.
I could not get OP6 v9 or v10 mod to work.
i am using this one v9 combined with v4a ofcourse and ainur_sauron with custom settings and that give ver good sound butt it is very dependend what rom i try this ! and i am on laatst android 11 oxy (OnePlus6Oxygen_22.J.61_OTA_0610_all_2109171645_3d7e69fe95cea09 ) on 1 slot and the other changes no and then !


  • OP6-Stereo_Magisk_v9.zip
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  • OnePlus6Oxygen_22.J.61_OTA_0610_all_2109171645_3d7e69fe95cea09.zip
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    This module enables the earpiece to be used as a secondary speaker while playing music or videos.
    There were a few modifications in the mixer file, similar to Oneplus 5 & 5T.
    *I am not responsible for any damage to your device*
    You will need a stock rom with Magisk installed.
    EDIT : After reviews from users I found out that this mod works partially with complete stock, to get stereo audio on all the apps please install NoLimits rom or Viper Audio.
    Just add the module in magisk & reboot.
    If you want it to be more loud, flash the cleanslate kernel and increase the earpiece gain.(*At your own risk)

    Downloads :
    v8 : Releases
    Source : Github
    Note : Download the file in the attachment, extract it & move it to ViPER4Android/Kernel folder in internal storage and select TubeAmplifier file in Convolver. This will significantly boost the output of both the speakers without causing any distortions. [Original thread]

    Addidional Note : As reported by aenews v8 breaks AML compatibility with other mods, so if you're facing the same issues please revert to v7!

    Download v1 : DRIVE
    Download v2 [Gain Reduced] : DRIVE
    Download v2 : DRIVE [Does not require Viper]
    Download v3 : DRIVE
    Download v3 [With Unity & AML Support] : #232
    Download v4 : DRIVE [PIE]
    Download v5 : DRIVE
    Download v6 : DRIVE

    Youtube Video :

    Featured On XDA Portal

    Changelog :
    v1 - Initial Release
    v2 - Fixed the earpiece not working in several apps. The mod is now standalone and works without Viper as well
    v3 - Fixed the earpiece not working during call
    v4 - Fixed Bluetooth Audio[PIE]
    v5 - Right channel audio plays through both the speakers now. Earpiece gain increased by 2dB
    v6 - Fixed latency issue between earpiece and main speaker
    v7 - Mod is now AML compatible
    v8 - Fixed the issues with speakerphone and bluetooth devices

    I had to go through several threads in order to port this mod.
    Credits :

    v6 - Latency Fixed

    I'm very happy to announce v6, I had browsed through almost all the stereo speaker mods present on XDA to find a fix for the latency issue between two speakers, but found no solutions. So had to come up with my own workaround, with more than a dozen mixer test files finally found a solution.
    If you guys find any dev facing the same issue please mention this post, it'll save a lot of time.
    To those devs trying to fix this issue, increase the sample rate of SLIM interface.
    We're moving towards a more refined mod for our device.
    I'm glad that all of you guys provide quick feedbacks, it helps a lot :)
    Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make it AML compatible, but it'll not take long ;)
    OP updated with v6, more detailed changelog mentioned below :
    Fixed latency issue between earpiece and main speaker
    Increased earpiece gain by 3dB and reduced main speaker gain by 2dB
    Changed the headphone playback mode from Low-power to HIFI

    OP Updated with v4.
    Thank you to all the testers, you guys are awesome!

    True Stereo Test Version

    So based on inputs from you guys, have been experimenting with the channels and also got a holiday today:victory: to work on it. For an immersive experience, I have boosted the earpiece by 2-3dB.
    I did not notice any distortion at full volume, but that may vary from user to user.
    Interested members can test it out and provide inputs. :)

    Hello, would you be able to backport this mod for the Oneplus 3T? The last release for that phone was released last year, so it no longer works on Magisk 16: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=817550096634786190

    Yes sure!
    For OP6 Users : I'll be releasing a new version for testing by end of the day, if the reports are positive will update the OP as well.
    Sorry to keep you guys waiting, have been busy lately due to project work.