[Magisk Module] Bring back Android Pie 2-Button Gesture Navigation

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Jul 11, 2013
Hey, I have installed the Mod from Post #49, the CC Modul and the Navbar swap. Everything works. Only the Back Button in the 2 Button Navigation ist still on the left side. If I change to 3 Buttons Navigation, the Back and recents are switched. Wich is nice.


Got it. 2 Moduls are working. If I am flashing a third one, it dosnt work. So I use Navbar Swap and 2 Button Navigation Modul. CC Modul is deaktivatet und boom, everything works flawless. Thx für your help. ✌
If you take the vrtheme/system/system_ext/priv-app/SystemUIGoogle/SystemUIGoogle.apk/res/layout/status_bar.xml from center clock and replace the one in Navbarswap you should get a center clock too. (Just rename this taking off .zip)


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David B.

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Mar 25, 2016
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I'm using the one in post 12 as well on my Pixel 6 Pro and it works perfectly! Just one question though: is there a way to restore the Google Assistant integration so that long pressing the pill pops up Google Assistant?

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