[MAGISK] [MODULE] Fontifier for Emojis and Fonts


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Apr 1, 2019
Say hello to the all new Fontifier!
A new way to theme your device with exciting new emojis and fonts

Hello, it's me again and I'm back with another module: Fontifier. This module will guaranteed revive any device with its 200+ available fonts and Emojis or your money back! (If only you had paid for it).

In all seriousness though, this module has a lot of fonts and Emojis to choose from and as such the possibilities are endless! More are coming soon.

This module has a simple, easy to use terminal interface to control it. This means it requires a terminal emulator such as Termux. To use it after installing simply run
su -c fontrevive
and follow the on-screen instructions.

The module is now out in stable and you can use it with confidence!

Currently it does not support user provided fonts or font patching, this may change in the future but it's a rather low priority!

Read about it: https://www.linuxandria.com/fontrevival-magisk-module-for-fonts-and-emojis/

In the coming days I'll apply to the magisk official repo, stay tuned!


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John Fawkes neither endorsed nor developed this module. Fonts and Emojis used in the initial release were packaged by John Fawkes.

Version Information
Current Stable Version: 1.1
Current Beta Version: n/a
Stable Release Date: 2020-12-05

Created 2020-11-24
Last Updated 2020-12-05
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