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[MAGISK] [MODULE] Fontifier for Emojis and Fonts

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Nov 24, 2017
I've been getting API errors ever since the latest update. WiFi or mobile data, VPN or not, API is always unreachable. Any ideas?

Edit: appears to have been a strange interaction with a modified wget from another module. Temporarily disabling the module, running font manager script, then re-enabling the module allows font manager to with even with the busybox wget reinstalled

Edit 2: it's one of the ccbins binaries.

Edit 3: if anyone else is using ccbins and has weird API errors when everyone else's seems to work, uninstall ccbins' OpenSSL binary, as it appears to be broken in some way.
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Aug 4, 2021
Samsung Galaxy M12

First I used su and got 14 fonts , chose any one , rebooted it and went to display , font size and style , font style on my galaxy m12 , and there was a font option , but nothing appeared beside it .

Still I selected her.
I rebooted and to my surprise on my phone screen there was nothing written (everything involving writing did not show up)...

I concluded that the font was installed but it was not visible (an invisible font was installed).

I managed to repair it using my Termux , and choosing the option to return the default font (android 11 Ui 3) .

As another test:

Using tsu command does not install anything and neither the phone is rebooted choosing the option for that

Hope you understand that I'm new to android subjects


Robayet Bin Rahat

New member
Sep 5, 2021
Hi... I'm using Samsung galaxy j4 (2018) I change my font to "Ubuntu" via termux but after reboot it's not change.... I open termux again it's showing my current font is Ubuntu but actually it's not change
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Sep 22, 2021
I wouldn't say I like this app. It has many bugs. The fonts are not even in my taste. I usually get beautiful fonts on https://upfonts.com/liberator-font/.
I always use them for different projects. I like to have everything inspirational with some extra charm that why I put a lot of effort into each project that I am making, and it doesn't matter if I am doing that for school or my work. It's always important to me that everything is done perfectly.


Sep 7, 2021
total trash, I have got a oneplus 8t and it gave me the exact error @Sneakdovi had above. uninstalled directly, even the font previewer in their website is broken. Given the massive errors and bugs other people and I had with this would not recommend this to anyone.

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    Say hello to the all new Font Manager!
    The best all in one solution for your font and emoji needs.

    Hello, it's us again and we're back with another module: Fontifier. This module will guaranteed revive any device with its 200+ available fonts and Emojis or your money back! (If only you had paid for it).

    In all seriousness though, this module has a lot of fonts and Emojis to choose from and as such the possibilities are endless! More are coming soon.

    This module has a simple, easy to use terminal interface to control it. This means it requires a terminal emulator such as Termux. To use it after installing simply run
    su -c manage_fonts
    and follow the on-screen instructions.

    The module is now out in stable and you can use it with confidence!

    Currently it does not support user provided fonts or font patching, this may change in the future but it's a rather low priority!

    Read about it:


    Website and blog is at https://www.androidacy.com
    Donations are here
    Beta/alphas: see zips link
    ZIPs: click me
    Telegram: Androidacy Discussions
    Discord: here

    John Fawkes neither endorsed nor developed this module. Fonts and Emojis used in the initial release were packaged by John Fawkes.
    You asked for it, we made it!

    New release of Fontifier!

    Changelog for v2.0:
    - Change name from FontRevival to Fontifier
    - Misc bug fixes

    Grab the latest here.
    Module works great in Pixel Experience A11 ROM. I'm unsure if only for me https://www.androidacy.com/font-previewer/ doesn't show even a single font preview
    Anyways., Wishing for Cagliostro font
    It's broken currently, and as part of stage 2 of Androidacy-NEXT will be reworked anyway.
    My site, my filehost, my GitLab, and my Bitwarden instance have been having issues the past few days but that's stable now!

    As a reminder I will be posting updates on my blog on my main site and past zips can be downloaded at my filehost. In addition, my GitLab hosts my beta source code.