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    iOS 13.2 Emoji Magisk module

    This module is kinda self-explanatory, it replaces your default emoji font with the iOS 13.2 emojis!

    How to install:
    1. Open Magisk and go to the modules page
    2. Click on the plus icon and select the downloaded zip file
    3. Wait for it to install and reboot when it's done
    4. Enjoy!

    The module should work on most Android devices, if you use a Samsung device please use the Samsung version if not use the other version. ROOT is required in order to use the module since Magisk won't work without it!

    List of new emojis:

    I'm not responsible for any bricked devices! Eventhough I'll always try to help you out of a bootloop or with any other problems, I won't take responsibility for anything caused by this module. Use it at your own risk!

    - Fixed issues with Magisk 20.2 and up (hopefully)
    - Redone module from scratch
    - Fixed missing emojis
    - Reverted back to full size, high quality emojis (bigger file size)
    - Fixed Samsung version
    - Added missing emojis (flags)
    - Massively reduced file size
    - Initial Release

    MEGA (Most Android Devices)
    MEGA (Samsung Devices)

    For all of my other projects and to stay up-to-date you can follow my Telegram Channel
    I modified the iOS 13.2 emoji module(.zip) file. To include the unofficial iOS 14 emojis from RickyBush_.
    U can edit and put the iOS 14 .ttf yourself in a modified iOS 13.2 module or follow the iOS 14 emojis thread from RickyBush_. https://forum.xda-developers.com/ge...-windows10-t3418801/post82754923#post82754923...

    Thanks for the tip. In case anyone wants, I've made a zip following these steps with the new emojis. Here.
    Tonight (GMT+1) iOS 14.2 rolled out with 100 new emojis. It would be nice if a zip could be done including those. ?

    I've just checked that news. It seems those 100 are already in the beta BUT in 14.2 they have changed look. So yes, please update :)

    Please update please lol

    I took the liberty to make a module with 14.2 emoji, so here you go

    Also for all you Samsung peeps out there
    For those who have trouble installing the module or getting it to work. You can maunally copy the "system" folder in the zip file to '/data/adb/modules/*module_name_here*/' as a temporary fix.
    Just updated the module, I'm still not really sure what caused the module to break with Magisk 20.2 and 20.3, I decided to just redo the module and it seems to have worked. I'm personally not having any problems with this new version so I hope it works for you guys too, if not, please let me know in this thread or PM me on Telegram.