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Oct 13, 2010
Well done on the module OP.

Someone mentioned that one of the apps on the Chinese Android version allows for phone call recording. Seeing how google is phasing it out for pretty much everyone else besides ODMs/unlocked phones it is good that you created this Extension.

Will try it out at some point!


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Nov 11, 2014
ha noi


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Dec 6, 2016
Nothing Phone 1
Update v2.5

- New feature: Substratum add-ons, which enables
- One-handed mode
- Double tap navigation bar/status bar to sleep
- Swapping navbar keys (back and recents button)
- Direct call answer
- Advanced section in the settings app
- Clear all button (For Android Pie, you have to set SystemUI as the recents provider using QuickSwitch)

- Curl is now executed in parallel.
- If a device doesn't have curl, the binary included in the module will be used.
- NEX Launcher is now installed as a user app.

- Install nex substratum app using the substratum theme engine like any other theme.
- You can find the new features under Settings - System - Gestures. You can always use the search bar in settings to find them (search for "gestures").
- Note that you might have to reboot twice for changing the navigation bar layout and for double tap to sleep to work.

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    Nokia Extensions

    Telegram Group


    Module description

    Why should the Chinese have all the fun? This module aims at porting features from the Chinese variants of Nokia phones to the Global variants. **Internet connection is required while flashing!** Files are downloaded using curl.


    Note: If you want to install only some of the following, you can do so. During installation, use the volume keys to select what you want to install and what not to install.

    1. AI Floating Touch

    - The phone will recommend relevant applications according to your usage.
    - You can also:
    - Use the custom shortcuts to customize the shortcut menu.
    - Use gestures to enrich your interaction with the phone.

    2. App Traffic Control

    - Control Internet usage (both mobile data and WiFi) by your Apps. Ex: You can restrict internet access to an app completely or allow it to use only WiFi and not mobile data.

    3. Data speed indicator

    - Shows your internet speed on the status bar.

    4. Evenwell Debloater

    - Systemless-ly removes Evenwell apps.
    - List of apps and overlays removed.

    5. Face Unlock

    - Unlock with a glance. Just lift the phone to unlock, even when the screen is off. Find it under device security settings.
    - Note: Using your face data to unlock your device is less secure than using the pattern, PIN or password. Your device might be unlocked by people who look like you.

    6. Game assistant

    - Enhance your gaming experience.
    - Block notifications and calls for uninterrupted gaming.

    7. Glance Screen

    - An enhanced version of Ambient display with more features.

    8. HyperClip

    - This is a simple and powerful Clipboard Manager.

    9. Junk Cleaner

    - Clears cache and junk files.

    10. NokiaPure font

    - Change your system font to NokiaPure

    11. OTA Updater

    - Install system updates without entering recovery.

    12. Screenshot Plus

    - Take long screenshots, edit them on the go.

    13. Screen Recorder

    - Supports FHD, HD and SD at 30 and 60 FPS, records audio too.

    14. Smart Boost

    - Enjoy gaming without frame drops and hiccups!

    15. Task Manager

    - View and end a running task.

    16. Virus scan

    - Scan for virus and keep your phone secure.

    17. NEX Overlay
    - One-handed mode
    - Full-screen navigation gestures
    - Double tap navigation bar/status bar to sleep
    - Swapping navbar keys (back and recents button)
    - Direct call answer
    - Advanced section in the settings app
    - Double tap to wake (untested)
    - Clear all button (For Android Pie, you have to set SystemUI as the recents provider using QuickSwitch)

    How to's

    - To install the module, flash the zip using Magisk manager and reboot.
    - To uninstall the module, flash the same zip again and reboot.
    - To install an OTA update using OTA updater,
    - Restore your stock boot image from Magisk Manager(Magisk Manager - Uninstall - Restore images). Don't reboot and don't flash the stock boot using fastboot, you'll lose root!
    - Place the OTA update zip file in your internal storage(/storage/emulated/0/).
    - The file has to be renamed correctly. [More info here]. You can get your current build version from NEX Launcher's Device section.
    - Dial *#*#874#*#* to install the update.
    - To get the internet speed on the status bar, go to Settings - Network & Internet - Data Usage and toggle Show data speed.
    - To access App traffic control, go to Settings - Network & Internet - Data Usage - App Traffic Control. You can also access it from NEX Launcher.
    - HyperClip will show up when you long press on a text input field.
    - Swipe right to add to favourite.
    - Swipe left to delete or share.
    - Long press to view the full content.
    - To use Screenshot plus and Screen Recorder, add them to Quick Settings.
    - To open AI Floating Touch, Smart boost and the like use NEX Launcher.
    - If you have installed the overlays, you'll see a new gesture section in settings, where you can find one hand mode, navigation gestures etc.
    - About OTA Link


    - Nokia Phones
    - Magisk 18.0+
    - Magisk Manager 7.1.0+
    - Android Oreo
    - Android Pie


    Source code

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [Magisk Module] Nokia Extensions, Tool/Utility for Nokia phones


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v2.5
    Stable Release Date: 2019-06-12

    Created 2019-06-12
    Last Updated 2019-06-12
    Logcat file here sir

    Can you try the new version(v2.0)?

    - Hotfix

    - New feature - Face unlock!
    - NEX Launcher updated to launch face unlock. Find it under device security settings.
    Version v2.6


    • New features - Full-screen navigation gestures(yay!) and Glance screen.
    • Double tap to sleep setting should be visible now, in fact, there will be a new gesture section in the Settings app.
    • Substratum is no longer required. The module will install the pre-built overlays. Nex substratum app will be removed if it's installed.
    • Refactored install script.

    The theme store from China ROM works too. It offers some themes (icon packs & wallpapers) and some fonts. But I felt that it was not good enough. So, I haven't included it in the module. Let me know if you want that in the module.

    Download link

    @ban.codrut, try this version.