[Magisk][Module] Play Store Visa - Get your device certified with custom ROMs

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    After I installed my play store displays 'Certified' however play store shows this for Netflix.

    Is my device not compatible, or is this more likely due to xposed framework and not been able to pass safety net?

    Kindly Do The Following
    - Download ClearPlayStoreWithServicesData4Magisk From This Thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/module-google-playstore-services-data-t3789498 & Flash It Thru Magisk Manager Then Reboot
    - Wait About 15-30 Min. Then Check PlayStore Device Certification Status & Netflix From PlayStore
    - If It Didnot Work, Did You Install BusyBox/Xposed? And If So, Disable/Uninstall BusyBox/Xposed --> Reboot
    - Check Again The SafetyNet, PlayStore Device Certification Status & Netflix From PlayStore
    - If It Didnot Work, Download SELinuxModeInverter4Magisk From This Thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/selinux-mode-inverter-t3775271 & Flash It Thru Magisk Manager Then Reboot
    - Check Again The SafetyNet, PlayStore Device Certification Status & Netflix From PlayStore

    Fix UNCERTIFIED status in Play Store for OP2/OP3/Note4 and maybe more.

    Uncertified status may lead to some restrictions on specific apps (saying Netflix). It is not only judged by SafetyNet status but also some build props in your ROM. So this module does NOT may or may not help you to pass SafetyNet.
    More specifically, to pass SafetyNet, if you are on a custom ROM/Kernel,
    • a patch in your kernel like this is REQUIRED (maybe optional because of MagiskHide?)
    • If you are on stock ROM or other ROMs that enabled dm-verity, never touch system part.
    • SELinux is always enforcing


    Search for "Play Store Visa" in Magisk Manager or download at Github.

    Support for New Devices

    This module made it by injecting proper build fingerprint properties per device, most commonly ro.build.fingerprint. So device support is highly dependent on a working build fingerprint from a certified stock ROM. You can test and find a combination by your own and add to service.sh accordingly.

    I used to find those fingerprints hard to search around. Although one fingerprint may work for all devices of a kind, but people barely shares it. Pull requests are very welcomed so we may help one another! ;)

    Define: a working fingerprint
    For the time being, I test the prop edits working by:
    • clean data of Play Store
    • reboot for the module to apply (or invoke resetprop through adb)
    • open and check certification status in settings. (may have some delay)
    • search for Netflix in Play Store.
    If you can see Netflix in search results after wiping store's data, then your props edits are good to go!


    Only for OP2/OP3/note4? Not support for other device?

    To support other device, we need the value of `ro.build.fingerprint` from a stock ROM. I don't own other devices so I may not have chance to extract it. Contributions are welcomed, and I may search for other useful ones in the future..

    What's the difference between this module and this one?

    We both solved part of the problem, see my explanation below. I'm happy to contribution my parts, if necessary, to prevent reinventing the wheels.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Play Store Visa, App for all devices (see above for details)

    Source Code: https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/playstore_certification_bypass

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2018-03-26
    Last Updated 2018-03-31
    Have you found away to pass integrity while xposed us active?

    I've never been looking for it... Greater minds than mine have tried to find a way though, and deemed it impossible with how Xposed currently works.
    Oh, I know that module but didn't read it's doc until you mentioned. In a word, the same solution for different questions.

    My problems is, my ctsProfile is True for my phone but I cannot get Netflix from the store. But after some props edit it just works :p so I published my solution. Maybe I could make a PR into it

    Your project goes a lot further than mine but I didn't notice it as a key to my problem :silly:

    From my finding, SafetyNet ctsProfile seems to rely solely on ro.build.fingerprint and the "certified" status does the same. The rom I used on Note4 patched the fingerprint and passed SafetyNet from the very beginning.

    But Play Store seems to have more verifications on other build props, in my case, ro.build.version.release, ro.build.version.incremental to match the ones in fingerprint. The patch I used for OP3 did not patched them (for I have no time to inspect) so I passed SN, get certified, but still cannot search for Netflix. I don't know it's a more strict policy enforced by Netflix or Google but it makes the certification imperfect. Maybe we shall look into this together :p

    Hm... I'm wondering. From what I've tested and seen reported, all that is needed is to pass SafetyNet for your device to be certified. On that we're on the same page though.

    I've also seen reported (and experienced) that even after getting your device certified in the Play Store, it can take several reboots and/or up to a whole day before the apps that rely on the certification status (Netflix, etc) to show up/install. Could it be that you were simply experiencing a delay when you couldn't install Netflix? It's possible that any other props are part of the new Gapps blocking on uncertified devices, but somehow I don't think so... I will do more research and report back.

    And as a side note, about the CTS profile test:
    Changing the device fingerprint is only one part of making a device pass. That causes the devices to be recognised as a certified device with trusted software, even if the manufacturer hasn't certified the device or if you've installed a custom ROM (both would normally cause ctsProfile to be false). It will also report false if your bootloader is unlocked or if you've rooted your device, but both of these will be taken care of by MagiskHide. Xposed will of course also cause issues, but for the ctsProfile check this can actually be fooled by the No Device Check Xposed module. It'll still cause a basic integrity failure though, and be detected in other ways.

    I'll be back...