[MAGISK Rom / SHRP Recovery / Flashable Base ) 420rom N976B/0/5F - V11.0 - EUA5 - ANDROID 11 - OneUI 3.0 - Sec Patch 01/2021 - Released 03/02/2021

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Apr 16, 2010
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Hi all v11.0 of the Rom has been release

v11.0 changelog

Complete Rewrite of installation procedure please refer to Post #2 on XDA

Rom Module

- Updated source base to EUA5 Sec Patch 01-2021
- Vanced Manager updated to 2.3.0
- Performance and Bug fixes
Excellent ROM but the last part of the installation has failed. Have no much time to answers the quick questions...and ended up with error. I have tried several times but no luck.
Now Im qustomizing the ROM with edxposed and installed V4A separately.
The debloated part that I flash in TWRP work fine, but last one in Magisk not...for me. Maybe Im doing something wrong.....


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Dec 2, 2011
Jah's making me crazy
I have never seen that to be able to install a custom rom you have to follow a bible tutorial. 🤔

In all honesty mate - if you think all that text is one single guide then you need to re-read it - you will see its actually 3 or 4 different processes depending on what setup you are coming from


do not use any of the new modules with the old bases as they will not work.


The next version which I am currently working on will bring rom module settings backups and a tidier install look but the process will remain the same from here-on-in - the N20U rom which i have made has been described "as the easiest 420rom install yet" by one user.

Furthermore - we are on plan B as my co-dev is now a dad again so i will be working on all three roms we do, largely by myself for the forseeable future.

I plan to keep support going but i won't be giving flashing support as, once you have read and done the first install, this is actually very very easy.

Posts like the one quoted will be ignored as this proves my point that people don't read. He couldn't tell there was context behind the whole project change plus a few different processes, depending on what the prior setup was, to achieve the same end goal

on the point of lack of time to make install choices, that's going to be hopefully sorted in next version.

It would be awesome if someone can make an install video

But for one final time......................

STARTING FROM ROOTED STOCK (i would hope we all know how to get here)

1 - load mother module in magisk - reboot system, and check convertor and rom module are copied over to internal/420rom*

2 - Reboot to TWRP and flash the Module base convertor - looking in internal/420rom folder, it should be clear which to flash

3 - when this is done, reboot to system and apply rom module in magisk - again looking in internal/420rom folder, it should be clear which to flash


It seems my attempt to cater for all scenarios in the tutorial post confused people so from now on, please consult the various guides available in these forums to attain rooted stock status. Ill make a decision on whether to keep supplying the rooted firmware if people have trouble using it.

*(this will only be convertor in next version as the convertor now contains the rom module in n20U latest version)

Finally, apologies for any perceived harshness but we have had one trying clown on n20u who's lazyness far exceeds anyone's here. took up most of my focus in one week. i just dont have the time to repeat what the forums already provide
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Jan 25, 2015
I see you have floating messages in this rom how does one get that to work Its toggled on but no floating message pop up like in previous versions of android
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Hi All just an update V12 based on FUBD OneUI 3.1 will be released soon, it has a Install procedure and has been thoroughly tested. I have already uploaded the Rooted Stock Odin files which will give you a rooted base to start from with the new rom. If you are already on FUBD and rooted then you do not need to reflash the Odin files.
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May 8, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Hi All just an update V12 based on FUBD OneUI 3.1 will be released soon, it has a Install procedure and has been thoroughly tested...
I am now at my wit's end.
As my screenshot shows, I installed the new rooted version 11, UI 3.1 via Odin.
Phone runs better, smoother, more pleasant, now.
I want to install the MM ( 420rom-N97##-FUBD-Mother_Module_SE_v12.zip ),
to avoid the SMS / MMS conversion with data mode. I do not get further.
Reboot in Recovery succeeds only in TWRP, but not in Magisk. And if I then try to flash the MM with TWRP, then the installation process breaks.
The installation process aborts with an error message. Fortunately the rooted firmware is not corrupted and I can boot the system without problems. Find the error...
Any solution for me? Everything so far so great but....

Thankful, if I could use this great rom!


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Dec 4, 2012
Hello guys. I am currently running android 11, the latest update. baseband N976BBXXU7FUE1. BUILD NUMBER ...N976BXXU7FUE3. So I have the version 7 not 6 of the update and it was written that I can not downgrade. Can I install this rom on my phone now?
If yes, i need to know if this rom has the same functions of Spen as stock?
Is this a deodex Rom so I can enable signature spoofing in order to get rid of google and install microG on it?
I will apreaciate your answers. I really want to be able to use my new phone with a good rom which has spen as stock and microG. I could not find any until now!


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Feb 27, 2015
Can someone plz guide me.
I was using android 10 on N976B dual sim.
I flashed stock rom by odin on my note 10+ N976B. After flashing it is not showing me 2nd IMEI and sime is also not working? Can anyone plz provide me a patch file to fix this issue?

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    Please bear in mind that things will be added as and when my learning and time permits (being a dad with a family and having ADHD myself means things get a lil gnarly) but i will aim to support this ROM as regularly as possible.

    Ill usually release a test to one or two users before each release also :cyclops:​


    -Add YouTube Vanced - thanks to Vanced peeps github
    -Add 3minit battery - thanks G Harrington - if online menus don't appear, install the apk that the module places on your internal storage in the 420rom folder.
    -Add 3minit clock - thanks G Harrinton
    -Add Quality bootanimation thanks to @chalmizzle
    -Add SamsungSans fonts apk
    -Add Goodlock
    -Add SoundAssistant (for increased vol steps)
    -Add Customized Secsettings (420 banner in every phone info screen)
    -Add Custom wallpapers
    -Remove Chrome

    (further debloat options for stock rooted base)
    -Remove Bixby
    -Remove Netflix
    -Remove kidshome
    -Remove Facebook_stub
    -Remove FBservices
    -Remove Upday
    -Remove Onedrive


    -installs custom secsettings
    -Detects OMC code and ensures correct OMC folders and files installed

    Enabled the following CSC fetures:

    -Net-speed indicator in status bar
    -Data usage in quick settings
    -Call recording enabled
    -Disabled SMS to MMS conversion
    -Caller & Spam SMS protection
    -Camera features
    -vibrate for notifications incall
    -enabled text templates
    -MMS with data off enabled
    -and a few more!!!


    This Module is based on the main Main 420rom Rom Module but replaces some of the Samsung apps with Google ones. It is recommended to backup your Samsung apps 1st!!!

    Installed with Module - Samsung App it replaces
    Google Phone - Samsung Phone
    Google Contacts - Samsung Contacts
    Google Messages - Samsung Messenger
    Google Chrome - Samsung Internet Browser
    Google Calculator - Samsung Calculator
    Google Calendar - Samsung Calendar
    Google Clock - Samsung Clock
    Google Drive - Samsung Cloud (stays installed)
    Google Files - Samsung MyFiles
    Google Fit - Samsung Health (can be reinstalled from Galaxy Apps)
    Google Pay - Samsung Pay
    Google Keep Notes - Samsung Notes
    Google Photos - Samsung Gallery
    Google Recorder - Samsung Recorder
    Google TTS - Samsung TTS
    Google Duo - n/a
    Google News - n/a
    Google Tasks - n/a
    Google Sounds (Sound Picker) - n/a
    Google Apo - n/a
    Google Carrier Services (for RCS) - n/a
    GBoard - Samsung Keyboard
    GMail - Samsung Email
    YouTube Music - Samsung Music
    YouTube Vanced, Vanced Manager & Vanced MicroG - YouTube
    Nova Launcher - OneUI Launcher


    -One for each note device supported
    -Does away with warning on splash option in Aroma
    -Installs up to date SHRP recovery
    -rebased with each firmware update (when possible)
    -contains 420rom kernel based on cruel

    SKY HAWK RECOVERY PROJECT FEATURES BIG THANKS to Skyhawk peeps and @abun880007

    Clean & Modern Design
    All New Dashboard
    Security Features
    Theming Support
    Magisk Support and Features built in
    Extra Modules and Tweaks



    Complete Rewrite of installation procedure please refer to Post #2 on XDA

    Rom Module

    - Updated source base to EUA5 Sec Patch 01-2021
    - Vanced Manager updated to 2.3.0
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    Rom Base

    - Updated source base to EUA5 Sec Patch 01-2021
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    Rom Module

    - Updated Google apps (Google Edition only)
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    Rom Base

    - Updated Kernel with Magisk 21.4


    Rom Module

    - Fixed SafetyNet it now passes
    - Updated Google apps (Google Edition only)
    - Google Emojis are now a optional install (Google Edition only)
    - Updated Nova Launcher to 7.0 beta 14 ( Google Edition only)
    - Script updates
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    Rom Base

    - Updated Kernel with Magisk 21.3


    Rom Module

    - Updated source base to ETLL Android 11 OneUi 3.0 Sec Patch 12_2020
    - Fixed wallpapers
    - Updated Google apps
    - Updated Nova Launcher to 7.0 beta 11
    - Script updates
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    Rom Base

    - Updated source base to ETLL Android 11 OneUi 3.0 12_2020 sec patch
    - Updated SHRP Recovery to 3.0
    - Fixed SHRP flashing certain zip files
    - Updated 420rom Kernel to 11.1.1
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    v8.2 Changelog

    Rom Module

    - Fixed CSC Mods on Note 10 N970F
    - Fixed System information in Settings on Note 10 N970F
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    Known Issues

    -Viper4AndroidFX does not currently work with the Rom Module

    v8.1 Changelog

    Rom Module

    - Re-added Note 10 N970F to the Rom Module (must be on Stock Rooted Base)
    - Added Selectable CSC features (so you can now choose which ones you want and don't)
    - Performance and Bug fixes

    V8,0 Bases and Rom Modules have been Released


    Rom Module

    - Files Rebased to DTJ4 11-2020 Security Patch
    - Performance and Bug fixes
    - Updates all included Apps For Samsung and Google Editions

    Module Base

    - Files Rebased to DTJ4 11-2020 Security Patch
    - Magisk Manager updated to 8.0.3
    - Performance and Bug fixes


    Rom Module

    -Added multi OMC code support - the module will detect your OMC code, OXM, OWO etc etc, and apply the relevant OMC folders to ensure no clashes with the product partition and the CSC features etc. - Basically supporting every CSC's firmware available on sammobile for N975F and N976B
    -Files rebased to CTGA
    -Big install script tidy up and recode using functions

    Module Base

    -Rebased to CTGA
    -The base changes to no red warning boot automatically - PM me and i'll show you how to disable this
    -Latest 420rom kernel based on cruel added
    -Latest SHRP recovery added to base


    -Test beds for new multi OMC code support - Not released - rebased to CTG1


    -Fully odexed everything - Rom module will now work very smoothly on either 420rom module base or Rooted Stock
    -added youtube vanced option
    -added 3minit clock option
    -added final fix for 3minit battery
    -module bases have been fully odexed


    Rom Modules:

    -massive overhaul of script and module structure to bring the 5 supported devices into one zip. - 5 device all in one solution!
    -fix for bluetooth pairing issue on root - thanks @3arthur6
    -rebrand of module and added a few wallpapers

    Module Bases

    -One for each note device supported
    -Do away with warning on splash option in Aroma
    -Install SHRP recovery option
    -Install correct CSC files based on your CSC - Just select your CSC from the list in Aroma
    -Much much cleaner installation experience than previous bases thanks to the newly implemented and aforementioned AROMA!!


    -Module recognizes whether you're on stock rooted or our base rom and gives you the relevant custom options on install - big script re-rite hence v2.
    -Fixed 3minit battery as res folder was in wrong app folder.
    -improved and more informative installation experience.
    -new way of implementing multidisabler in rom
    -lastly we now have our own team SHRP recovery!!!!!

    -Rebased to CDT1 on both devices
    -WALLPAPERS added to wallpaper-res.apk
    -3minit battery added
    -Option to re-add bixby (if you use that lol)
    -hopefully sorted out carrier bloat after Dr Ketan's advice

    -DEBLOAT - fix for bixby removal (missed an apk in 1.1)
    -CHAT SETTINGS - restructured omc folders for the gazillionth time to fix RCS chat settings (took ages to work this out lol) all good now, cscfeatures AND chat settings now perfect
    -SECSETTINGS - 420'd secsettings in both module and rom (you have an option of either custom secsettings app, 1 with logo only in software information, the other has a 420 banner on all phone info screens, selectable as an option at install)

    -added samsung daily under Bixby options
    -fixed upday not removing
    -fixed kids home not removing
    -fixed facebook not removing

    V1.0 - first non Beta release!!!
    -extensive changes to omc folders and code for features - CSC features are now injected into the xmls depending on what CSC you are under!! (rather than replacing the xmls with a crappy generic copy) - this should drastically improve reliability and hopefully not break anything - I removed one or two defunct features.
    -rebased to CTC9 (Both devices)
    -made remove system update a standard feature
    -added Bluetooth fix for gear - thanks @onkel_tom and @lupin (and anyone else involved)
    -will include pairing on reboot as soon as tests allow. - I had a pretty nasty crash earlier today - need to make sure that's not this

    -the knackered mule the work for v1 was done on - not released

    -added option for installing v4a
    -added option to remove Tips
    -added tonnes of prop tweaks

    -Rebased files to BTC1 (N976B) & BTB9 (N975F)
    -Added option for custom 420 Bootanimation
    -Added option for GoodLock
    -Added option for SoundAssistant

    V0.6 - Not released
    -Worked out vol +/- custom install options:
    -Add SamsungSans
    -Remove Bixby
    -Remove Chrome
    -Remove Netflix
    -Remove kidshome
    -Remove software update
    -Remove Facebook_stub
    -Remove FBservices
    -Remove Upday
    -Remove Onedrive


    -knox remains (for now)
    -removed FBservices
    -removed all bixby crap apart from the useful camera bits
    -removed chrome
    -removed netflix

    v0.5.1 - Unreleased

    -Final rework of OMC folders in module so that bear minimum is replaced - 5g should now be fixed for all users - thanks @Leeum for testing fix
    -partial success at removing knox - thanks @abun880007 - we'll keep on this
    -removed bixby
    -removed facebook

    v0.5 - "Durban Poison"

    -removed facebook_stub
    -removed upday
    -New Bootanimation Included

    v0.4.1 - "Purple Punch" - Rebased to BTB4 firmware

    - Feb sec patch
    - added the following to CSC Fetures

    -camera features​
    -vibrate for notifications incall​
    -enabled display mirroring​
    -reboot with safe mode enabled​
    -control font size with volume keys in messages​
    -enabled text templates​
    -MMS with data off enabled​
    -Enabled full context menu in messages​
    -enabled add sender info when forwarding​
    -enabled block call message​
    -enabled dual dashboard in smart manager​
    -enabled call reject count (voice recorder)​
    -enabled clear today's history (web)​
    -enabled home page option (web)​
    -enable visible wifi password (presumably when entering password)​
    -and a few more!!!​

    v0.4 - Never released.

    - a futile attempt at merging multidisabler - if anyone can help please shout lol

    previous versions...

    V0.3.1 – Based on BTA1/2 firmware

    RO-Knox and TIMA bollox set to zero
    CSC features now applied to all CSC folders
    Removed software update and FOTAagent.apk

    V0.3 – Based on BTA1/2 firmware

    Fixed 5G Connectivity
    Restructured OMC folders to provide Multi CSC support
    Applied CSC features to most OMC folders
    Fixed Camera Force close bug

    V0.2 – Based on BTA1/2 firmware

    -(edit) this version was dog s##t :silly:

    V0.1 - Based on BTA1/2 firmware

    Magisk 20.3 included - thanks @topjohnwu
    Zipaligned framework apps
    removed DM_Verity
    removed Force_encrypt
    removed knox
    debloated basic crap

    whats next? & Known Bugs we can't do much about or will sort eventually

    -if A SYSTEM APP hasn't been removed, try uninstalling it ;) you should now be able to - any updates installed over an original system app remain as they are data apps following an update - small yet annoying bug - i'm on it


    Myself - team owner and Rom Module chef

    Huge thanks to.................
    @sevsman for the work on the module bases up to now. all the best in whatever you do going forward!:good: & for the Multidisablers :)
    @abun880007 for the bullet proof testing and everything else!!!
    @Didgeridoohan for the magisk assistance and @Zackptg5 for the brilliant MMT Extended zip
    Rooted with Magisk - thanks @topjohnwu
    @dr.ketan for the various pointers given :)
    @topjohnwu for magisk
    @Winb33) for the samsungsans7.2 fonts
    @superr for the awesome kitchen
    @starbucks2010 for help with our awesome CSC features implementation
    @speedyjay for GDRIVE file hosting!
    @Zackptg5 and @~clumsy~ for your help in getting Vol Custom Install working!!!
    @Team_DeWitt for the Awesome V4A 2.7 - a must have for audiophiles!!
    G Harrington for the 3minit apps
    Team Vanced for bringing us all youtube Vanced


    420roms Downloads Folder

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [MAGISK Rom / Recovery Flash-able Base / Recovery], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

    exocetdj, abun880007
    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: Magisk MMT Extended template & Samsung Firmware

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: v11.0
    Stable Release Date: 2021-02-03
    Just to let everyone know that v3 is coming in a couple weeks when all supported notes are updated - as usual we've been doing a tonne of work behind the scenes and received some great help also.

    the base rom will have aroma, install SHRP recovery if required, give a choice of the two kernels we support/recommend (Cruel & Abun's)

    also it will be an all in one solution which @sevsman has been working like mad to get sorted. N976B/5F/0F devices supported by one zip. this will make releases on new firmwares quicker and easier in future amongst the other obvious benefits.

    For my part I have been combining the 4 modules that we do into a, u guessed it, all in one zip supporting the above notes and the T860 (aka tab 6 or whatever it is lol - i thought terminator personally! :silly: ) - i have added bluetooth lib patcher thanks to @3arthur6 for this - happy to say it worked straight off!!!!! - pairings remain after rebooting. MTweaks is also added and a few other goodies will be added over the next couple of weeks.

    we will be offering up plenty of testing in the TG group so you now know the route lol.

    We have killed the bugs in the Rom Modules and Module Bases (Mainly effecting Tab side) and will be doing final tests and uploading V3 for you lot This weekend.

    Rom Module

    - Now an all in one download supporting 5 devices, N976B, N975F, N970F, T6 T865 and T6 T860
    - I have written code that detects whichever of these devices the Rom module is installed on and then extracts the relevant files for installation
    - Thanks to @3arthur6 's code, the Rom module now fixes the Bluetooth pairing issue on rooted devices
    - Added a couple more wallpapers (as i like making pretty pictures lol)
    - Had a bit of a module rebrand and tidied up some old bits and bobs

    Module Base new features (you've got @sevsman to thank for this):

    - One for each note device supported
    - Do away with warning on splash option in Aroma
    - Install SHRP recovery option
    - Install correct CSC files based on your CSC - Just select your CSC from the list in Aroma
    - Much much cleaner installation experience than previous bases thanks to the newly implemented and aforementioned AROMA!!

    SHRP Recovery (thanks to @abun880007 for getting this for us and congrats on becoming Official Maintainer for Note and TAB 6!!

    - Does everything that TWRP does and a tonne more.
    - Looks absolutely stunning and the thread can be found here

    This has all been weeks in the making and marks a big shift from v2 so thanks to everyone who assisted and especially to @abun880007 and @sevsman for their massive contributions to this project

    We've now got a all in one BASE rom too!! @sevsman and @abun880007 pulled an all nighter to get this done!!:highfive: legends!!!

    this will support the note 10/10+/10+5g as per usual.

    Looking good for a release maybe next week and will be given to a few testers after @sevsman has removed the legacy cscfeature's stuff from the aroma. (that's what the module does after all lol :D )..

    You'll have the option to select CSC in aroma then the module will read that and then do what it usually does with the CSCfeatures.

    The module will support 5 devices now also (following the addition of a T865 to my android arsenal)
    Why do u lot keep asking that when I'm high (best time to ask btw and in almost always high) ???????

    Ok all look at it after work as its half decent now, may be worth porting!