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Oct 29, 2010
I guys, I'm thinking of buying an Honor 10 tomorrow from gearbest, it's on sale.
Is it still possible to unlock the BL and root the phone?


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Jan 30, 2013
if you have the bootloader unlock code it's like an aosp rom.
Huawei won't provide the codes any longer, but there is a service available which will provde the code for 50$


Sep 30, 2008
Hi, just received my honor 10 today what is the current situation regarding bootloader unlocking and rooting please?

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    Just install the 16.4 Magisk version. That one is not closing

    fastboot flash ramdisk col-magisk-tlxx.img
    And you're done.
    Hi guys.
    I flash the image, but after a while after loading the phone the root disappears. After a reboot, it reappears and disappears after a while. How to fix it?

    Okay, so now that huawei isn't giving away unlock Codes anymore, ist there another way to unlock the bootloader?
    The unlock code is available by links
    Hmm.. :/ Just out of curiosity: How did you extract the ramdisk after patching? After I patched it and got to the point that the phone listed the patch as applied and would not find another update, root wasn’t there, so I couldn’t make a ramdisk backup. And when I do have root, then I keep getting update notifications when I search for updates.

    Patch the Phone to latest Firmware with the patch01. Now Boot to fastboot and flash TWRP. Reboot to TWRP, connect the Phone to the PC and use adb shell. TWRP runs with root, thats the "trick" ;)

    First you have to identify the ramdisk blockdevice. To do so, start an adb shell and type:

    ls -l /dev/block/platform/ff3c0000.ufs/by-name/ramdisk_a

    You get something like: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 2018-07-20 10:09 /dev/block/platform/ff3c0000.ufs/by-name/ramdisk_a -> /dev/block/sdd39

    Now look at: /dev/block/sdd39 this is the ramdisk in my case. So use dd now to extract the ramdisk to internal storage (im using the Download folder):

    dd if=/dev/block/sdd39 of=/sdcard/Download/ramdisk.img

    The Ramdisk will saved in the download folder. Exit ADB now, we are done here. Open Magiskmanager now and choose install. If it ask, choose Patch Ramdisk and point to /Downloads/ramdisk.img. Magiskmanager now patch the Ramdisk and save it in /MagiskManager/patched_ramdisk.img. This File can be flashed via Fastboot or TWRP.
    maybe stupid question but how can I remove this magisk ramdisk and go back to stock if I forgot to backup? only way is to extract stock ramdisk from update and flash it back? can someone just upload stock ramdisk somewhere? thanks, my internet is kinda slow and I am trying all options to flash GSI RR
    I think u can use the HiSuite software, download the full stock ROM and flash it directly.

    How can I install Magisk Manager ? Please help me :)
    Github link from official repo: https://github.com/topjohnwu/MagiskManager/releases :good:
    Don't forget to allow installs from unknow sources.