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Sep 18, 2012
I installed the Pixel OS 12 Plus. I installed Magisk 25.1. I enabled both Zygisk and Enforce DenyList. In the DenyList, I only selected the Google Play Services, enabled all the items except
I rebooted and installed module Rebooted and installed module Rebooted and use the terminal to change the props to Google Nexus 6P.
Rebooted, run Root Checker. It shows SafetyNet request Failed. CTS profile match N/A. Basic integrity N/A.
What else can I do to pass the safetynet?


Dec 3, 2015
I am on Lineage 18.1 with Moto G7 Plus. Followed the instructions for Force Basic Attestation and Adjust Prop Values in the Magisk guide:

In the props command I selected the certified fingerprint for Moto G7 XT 1962-5 which was option 20 under Motorola. That was after some trial and error because not all fingerprints worked. Hope this helps.
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