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Feb 10, 2018
I am trying to unroot my G920P because magisk kept uninstalling itself, ive tried flashing stock everything and factory resetting, root checker says no rooted but I cant access Samsung apps bc it says im still rooted & laptop still calls my phone "root" storage.. how do I unroot my phone


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Apr 13, 2014
Hello! What the status for SM-G965F? (S9+ Oxynos) Any plans? And is it possible to root and fake Knox to keep using Samsung Pay?


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Feb 7, 2016
i don't know if it was already reported : works fully on my S7edge G935F after factory reset + no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0 :D
stock kernel/stock ROM


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Jun 29, 2017
Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G5520 G5520ZCU1BRB1 Nougat

after flashing "patched_boot.imag.tar" with odin successfully, my device shows
"Verification Failed"

Need to reset

what should i do now?
Please reply soon


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Apr 5, 2018

Hi, I have a N9005 stock rom (5.0) with TWRP and I tried the lastest version of Manager (5.6.4) and Magisk app (v16) but after install via TWRP its show false on both safetynet test. What I need to do to Magisk works on my device?


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Apr 6, 2018
Here using a Galaxy Note Pro P900 (wifi), all kind of attempts (MagiskManager last version with Magisk 16.0, last line of message is fail to install; can't use Odin because Magisk can't create the .img.tar file; TWRP do it but the device get into an eternal boot-loop, wipe and recovery and backup options won't work at all to make it start (still in an eternal boot-loop); the only working option is installing the stock rom with Odin. Many thanks for your help.


Sep 26, 2016
North of the Border
Safetynet fail

Updated to latest version and am getting this error thrown up when I try Safetynet check. On a Galaxy S7 with stock OS.

Any thoughts?




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May 31, 2012
Google Nexus 4
Nexus 6
Updated to latest version and am getting this error thrown up when I try Safetynet check. On a Galaxy S7 with stock OS.

Any thoughts?



Why do you think that's an error? It's info from @topjohnwu that you can't use the SafetyNet check in the Manager if you've hidden it. Use a different SafetyNet check app...


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Jun 25, 2017
SM-A710FD stock Rom Nougat.
Working fine with magisk stable v16.0


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Not nonody

Jun 9, 2017
Any one having trouble w they're phone?

Hi all. This may have been addressed already but I'm hitting a wall trying to find a solution. I'm relatively new to the whole root thing? I made many failed attempts before stumbling on a strategy tht worked. However it was for an ATT variant where im a sm-g900v. Not sure if that plays a part or not. Occasionally my phone will go nutzo on me. If I receive a call neither party can hear the other. If I return that call on my end it never leaves dialing screen however for the other party it rings. On 3rd try all is well. Interestingly I discovered that when it rings for the other party only my # appears on they're caller ID but when all is well my name displays. Also I have never passed a safety net check & kernel bit is 'always not seandroid enforcing. Any ideas or suggestions would b great. Thanx in advance

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Dec 1, 2016
Working on Galaxy J1 2016 (mine is J120G)using stable version v16.I have downloaded v16.4 i think and im gonna try it.Oh and im running stock kernel

Update:Magisk v16.4 working fine.
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Nov 6, 2016
Hello everyone, I have a problem with magisk.. I have galaxy s4 i9505 and I've just flashed new optimized lineage os rom and its awesome..but just when i flash magisk, many system apps force close right when I open them..without magisk it's all good..some say there was a problem with the version of android system webview but when i installed a different one, it didn't change..any suggestions???

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    Magisk on Samsung Devices
    We will discuss Magisk compatibility on any Samsung device here

    Hello all together! Since @topjohnwu has got his own Magisk Thread (Congratulations for this, big step forward man!) for discussing magisk related topics, he everyone to make a support forum specific to devices.
    So, since I own a Samsung device (and quite interested in using magisk) I will start here with a new Samsung related forum. I hope others will follow my example soon.

    What should I post?
    - Magisk related Questions on Samsung devices
    - Problems accuring after flashing Magisk
    - Your general Feedback/Experience about Magisk
    - If something don't work, please attach logs to help!

    What should NOT be posted?
    - Questions about new versions (which are not out yet)
    - General ETA
    - Please fix this and this without info and logs

    Current Magisk status:
    - GT-I9100: Confirmed not working!
    - GT-I9505: Working with CUSTOM kernel, not tested on STOCK kernel
    - GT-N7105: Working with CUSTOM kernel, not tested on STOCK kernel
    - SM-G900F/FD/V: Works with CUSTOM kernel, works with STOCK kernel
    - SM-G900H: Works with CUSTOM kernel, not tested with STOCK kernel
    - SM-G920F/FD/I/T, SM-G925F/FD/I/T: Working with CUSTOM kernel, working with STOCK kernel
    - SM-G930F/FD/W8, SM-G935F/FD/W8: Working with CUSTOM kernel, not tested on STOCK kernel
    - SM-J320F: Not tested with CUSTOM kernel, works with STOCK kernel
    - SM-N900T: Not tested with CUSTOM kernel, works with STOCK kernel
    - SM-N910C/W8: Not tested with CUSTOM kernel, works with STOCK kernel
    - SM-N910U: Not tested with CUSTOM kernel, works with STOCK kernel
    - SM-N930F/FD: Working with CUSTOM kernel, not working with STOCK kernel
    - SM-T700/T705/T800/T805: Working with CUSTOM kernel, not working with STOCK kernel
    More to come, post your working magisk configurations below!

    Looking forward to discuss with you guys, enjoy!
    I'm just curious why Magisk takes heat in the form of negative feedback/criticism on either Play store or here. Its no secret how developer unfriendly Samsung has become. Device bootloaders have been locked and KNOX'd since Galaxy S5 (last device I owned, S4). Point being, it's nothing new, if you're purchasing a Samsung device, you're making a very conscious, binary choice, that you don't care about playing god with these phones. Everyone has their own uses for any particular device.
    Why is it then, you're entitled to (or think you are), to criticize the app, or leave any negative feedback of any sort? You wanna buy a Samsung, fine, nobody's stopping you; but then you give up all privs/rights to even have an opinion on anything power user related, whether it be Xposed, any of its modules, or the Magisk project, or any project really that has its scope or any functionality resembling it. You paid for the device, knowing Samsung has it locked down tighter than any nun walking the earth, and yet somehow the app developer is at some fault?
    Phone enthusiasts/geeks already know before purchasing the phone,--WELL IN ADVANCE--the type of "playing" they'll be doing, there is just no excuse at all, for keeping up on current events/developments in the community regarding root and systemless toys, and then going out and buying a Samsung.
    Bootloader exploits aren't very common, just how much has the situation evolved on the Samsung front? S5 gets bootloader unlock some 3yrs after its flagship release, with multiple newer generation galaxy's available; and the rest remain useless as ever, in this context.
    Not trolling anyone, not blaming anyone, not hostile. Just trying to understand why any person who knows anything about acquiring root, or anything about bootloaders in general, ultimately allowing/denying you access to do certain things to YOUR device, why then did you buy a Samsung, and how is it you wound up leaving criticism to Magisk, be it play store or forum?
    Its kind of ashame that this is somewhat downplayed here, XDA should do more to point users in the direction of avoiding such harsh, extreme, developer unfriendly manufacturers & their devices. Either way, it is not "fair" for anybody to have a $500+ device, which the user does not truly own, it's simply on a rental system, privilege-wise, at best.
    Developers of any and all power toys, mods, etc. should not be subject to any opinion whatsoever, of any user with a Samsung device. Binary choice made by the user, nothing grey area about it.
    I foud a solution : Magisk-v12 (beta version) works fine !!!
    You can download Magisk-v12-170327.zip from here : https://github.com/stangri/MagiskFiles
    You can flash it with TWRP over version 11.1 or from scratch on a fresh stock nougat ROM...
    You can download MagiskManager-v5.0-170322.apk (beta version) here : https://github.com/stangri/MagiskFiles
    FYI I already tested the upgrade with MagiskManager-v5 from Magisk-v12-170327 to Magisk-v12-170328 : works fine too !!!


    Official magisk V12 will be released soon with many fixes for samsung devices
    While installing superstock 2.3 there was nothing no option of kernels, do i have to explicitly flash it? can you give me a link.
    Hmm but this has nothing to do with magisk I assume :)
    Any one help me... I use Superman rom 1.19 After fresh install on stock kernel safety net is on green and all pass :)
    After install magisk 10.2 and hide magisk safety net is on blue and dont pass. After install fresh sauperman 1.19 on superstock kernel safety net dont pass cts is red.. after install magisk 10.2 and hide magisk on super kernel still safety net is on red. How properly install magisk on SuperMan rom 1.19 with magisk for safety net pass green ?
    Currently magisk hide does not work on samsung due to some namespace modifications. Means you can only pass safetynet on enforcing kernel (like stock, NOT custom) and WITHOUT any root method installed. Like you also mentioned above. We need to wait for topjohnwu to make magiskhide working on samsung as well
    So is v7 going to be working with s5 for instance i cannot get v6 working
    V7 is not even out...
    Is magisk works on S7 edge (G935F)
    Yes it does, but it requires a custom kernel (if you want as close to stock as possible take the SuperStock G935F)
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