Question Magisk support for Nord CE2

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Mar 2, 2023
I have a solution for your device ...i had same issues what u r facing ..i will solve your problem and it will work 100 % contact me


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Mar 2, 2023
If you guys are not able to access bootloader on amdroid 12 or android 13 ..Follow my guides it works 100% since i have unlocked bootloader and rooted too by magisk

first step
If you are on android 12 then update to android 13 which has been rooled out
If you are on android 13 follow my next step

*NOTE : One who is facing fastboot issue to unlock bootloader or rooting on android 12 and 13 they must have to be on android 13 so try updating your phone by following First step

Second Step
If you have done updating to android 13 then download this android 11 downgrade file..

once you have done downloading , paste on internal storage not in any folder .
Remove _rolback from file name if you face verification failed in next step .

Now install it from local install by going to about phone
Now install it And your phone will be downgrading to android 11 which will wipe your all data

Third step
Once downgraded setup your phone and off system update from developer option

*Now you can access bootloader and root you phone by magisk ..No need to install twrp for rooting .

This method can be applied to all OnePlus mediatek device which has same issue

*If you want to root from magisk or unlock bootloader dm me [email protected]
Credit : Neil Comrade ( sachin)

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    I have successfully rooted my phone with Magisk on the A.12 update. Bluetooth/wifi are working. I was able to acquire the firmware files, and was able to extract the boot.img. Please note that my phone is the Indian Variant.

    Can ou share the Boot.img?
    Also, are you able to upgrade to A.12?
    A11 boot image attached. I am able to see the A12 update, but have not tried yet.
    While the device is the cheapest offering from OnePlus, it's quite difficult to root it still..

    * I somehow unlocked the bootloader after downloading dimensity drivers and using fastboot.
    * The immediate next step was to extract boot.img from stock rom using payload dumper.. easy enough right? Apparently not!!.. There is no stock rom available on the OnePlus site for this device and it doesn't even support local upgrades..

    There's no TWRP, Orangefox or any other recovery to install magisk as of yet.. I wonder what's wrong with the device and why one has to try so hard to root a simple phone..

    If you're reading this and know a way to root, please help out..

    Says it's open beta based on android 12 unless I missed something
    There's a rollback file (if you want to stop using android 12) that contains the A.13 boot.img
    Here's my patched boot.img for A13. India.
    Magisk works.