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[Magisk][/system][2019.1.23] fbind

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    # fbind
    ## Copyright (C) 2017-2019, VR25 @ xda-developers
    ### License: GPL V3+
    #### README.md


    This software is provided as is, in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. Always read/reread this reference prior to installing/upgrading. While no cats have been harmed, I assume no responsibility under anything which might go wrong due to the use/misuse of it.

    A copy of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or newer ships with every build. Please, study it prior to using, modifying and/or sharing any part of this work.

    To prevent fraud, DO NOT mirror any link associated with this project; DO NOT share ready-to-flash-builds (zips) on-line!


    This is an advanced mounting utility for folders, EXT4 images (loop devices), LUKS/LUKS2 encrypted volumes, regular partitions and more.


    - Any root solution, preferably Magisk 17.0+
    - App to run `/system/etc/fbind/autorun.sh` on boot if system doesn't support Magisk nor init.d
    - ARM/ARM64 CPU
    - Basic `mount` and terminal usage knowledge
    - Terminal Emulator (i.e., Termux)


    - bind_mount <target> <mount point> Generic bind-mount
    - e.g., `bind_mount $extsd/loop_device/app_data/spotify /data/data/com.spotify.music`

    - extsd_path <path> Use <path> as extsd.
    - e.g., `extsd_path /mnt/mmcblk1p2`

    - from_to <source> <dest> Wrapper for `bind_mount <$extsd/[path]> <$intsd/[path]>`
    - e.g., `from_to WhatsApp .WhatsApp`

    - <fsck> <block device> Check/fix external partition before system gets a chance to mount it. This is great for EXT[2-4] filesystems (e2fsck -fy is stable and fast) and NOT recommend for F2FS (fsck.f2fs can be extremely slow and cause/worsen corruption).
    - e.g., `e2fsck -fy /dev/block/mmcblk1p1`

    - int_extf <path> Bind-mount the entire user 0 (internal) storage to `$extsd/<path>` (implies obb). If `<path>` is not supplied, `.fbind` is used.
    - e.g., `int_extf .external_storage`

    - intsd_path <path> Use <path> as intsd.
    - e.g., `intsd_path /storage/emulated/0`

    - loop <.img file> <mount point> Mount an EXT4 .img file (loop device). `e2fsck -fy <.img file>` is executed first.
    - e.g., `loop $extsd/loop.img $intsd/loop`

    - noAutoMount Disable on boot auto-mount.

    - noWriteRemount Read the SDcardFS note below.

    - obb Wrapper for `bind_mount $extobb $obb`

    - obbf <package name> Wrapper for `bind_mount $extobb/<package name> $obb/<package name>`
    - e.g., `obbf com.mygame.greatgame`

    - part <[block device] or [block device--L]> <mount point> <"fsck -OPTION(s)" (filesystem specific, optional)> Auto-mount a partition. The --L flag is for LUKS volume, opened manually by running any `fbind` command. Filesystem is automatically detected. The first two arguments can be `-o <mount options>`, respectively. In that case, positional parameters are shifted. The defaut mount options are `rw` and `noatime`.
    - e.g., `part /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 /mnt/_sdcard`
    - e.g., `part -o nodev,noexec,nosuid /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 /mnt/_sdcard`

    - permissive Set SELinux mode to permissive.

    - remove <target> Auto-remove stubborn/unwanted file/folder from $intsd & $extsd.
    - e.g, `remove Android/data/com.facebook.orca`, `remove DCIM/.8be0da06c44688f6.cfg`

    - target <path> Wrapper for `bind_mount <$extsd/[path]> <$intsd/[same path]>`
    - e.g., `target Android/data/com.google.android.youtube`

    #### TERMINAL

    `Usage: fbind or fbind <options(s)> <argument(s)>

    <no options> Launch the folder mounting wizard.

    -a|--auto-mount Toggle on boot auto-mount (default: enabled).

    -b|--bind-mount <target> <mount point> Bind-mount folders not listed in config.txt. Extra SDcarsFS paths are handled automatically. Missing directories are created accordingly.
    e.g., fbind -b /data/someFolder /data/mountHere

    -c|--config <editor [opts]> Open config.txt w/ <editor [opts]> (default: vim/vi).
    e.g., fbind -c nano -l

    -C|--cryptsetup <opt(s)> <arg(s)> Run $modPath/bin/cryptsetup <opt(s)> <arg(s)>.

    -f|--fuse Toggle force FUSE yes/no (default: no). This is automatically enabled during installation if /data/forcefuse exists or the zip name contains the word "fuse" (case insensitive) or PROPFILE=true in config.sh. The setting persists across upgrades.

    -h|--help List all commands.

    -i|--info Show debugging info.

    -l|--log <editor [opts]> Open fbind-boot-$deviceName.log w/ <editor [opts]> (default: vim/vi).
    e.g., fbind -l

    -m|--mount <pattern|pattern2|...> Bind-mount matched or all (no arg).
    e.g., fbind -m Whats|Downl|part

    -M|--move <pattern|pattern2|...> Move matched or all (no args) to external storage. Only unmounted folders are affected.
    e.g., fbind -M Download|obb

    -Mm <pattern|pattern2|...> Same as "fbind -M <arg> && fbind -m <arg>"
    e.g., fbind -Mm

    -r|--readme Open README.md w/ <editor [opts]> (default: vim/vi).

    -R|--remove <target> Remove stubborn/unwanted file/folder from $intsd and $extsd. <target> is optional. By default, all <remove> lines from config are included.
    e.g., fbind -R Android/data/com.facebook.orca

    -u|--unmount <pattern|pattern2|... or [mount point] > Unmount matched or all (no arg). This works for regular bind-mounts, SDcardFS bind-mounts, regular partitions, loop devices and LUKS/LUKS2 encrypted volumes. Unmounting all doesn't affect partitions nor loop devices. These must be unmounted with a pattern argument. For unmounting folders bound with the -b|--bind_mount option, <mount point> must be supplied, since these pairs aren't in config.txt.
    e.g., fbind -u loop|part|Downl

    -um|--remount <pattern|pattern2|...> Remount matched or all (no arg).
    e.g., fbind -um Download|obb`

    #### NOTES

    - Always enforce Unix line endings (LF) when editing config.txt with other tools. NEVER use Windows Notepad!

    - Available free space in internal storage may be misreported.

    - Busybox installation is unnecessary, unless fbind is installed into /system (legacy/Magisk-unsupported devices only).

    - Config survives factory resets if internal storage (data/media/) is not wiped.

    - Duplicate SDcard may show up in file managers.

    - [FUSE] Some users may need to set `intsd_path /storage/emulated/0` (default is /data/media/0).

    - If you stumble upon inaccessible folders or read-only access, try forcing FUSE mode (fbind -f). If your system doesn't support FUSE, it will bootloop, but fbind will notice and automatically revert the change.

    - Logs are stored at `/data/adb/fbind/logs/`.

    - [SDcardFS] Remounting /mnt/runtime/write/... may cause a system reboot. If this happens, fbind remembers to skip that next times. There's a catch, though! If your system reboots for a reason other than this, fbind will mistakenly add `noWriteRemount` to config. If you stumble across broken bind mounts, remove that line and remount all folders (fbind --remount).

    - There is a sample config in `$zipFile/common/` and `/data/adb/fbind/info/`.

    #### SETUP

    First time
    1. Install from Magisk Manager or custom recovery.
    2. Reboot.
    3. Configure (/data/adb/fbind/config.txt) -- recall that `fbind -c <editor [opts]>` opens config.txt w/ <editor [opts]> (default: vim/vi).
    4. Move data to the SDcard with a file manager or `fbind --move` then run `fbind --mount`.

    1. Install from Magisk Manager or custom recovery.
    2. Reboot.

    After ROM updates
    - Unless `addon.d` feature is supported by the ROM, follow the upgrade steps above.

    Bootloop (Magisk only)
    - Flash the same version again to disable the module.

    1. Magisk: use Magisk Manager or other tool; legacy: flashing the same version again removes all traces of fbind from /system.
    2. Reboot.

    #### LINKS

    - [Facebook page](https://facebook.com/VR25-at-xda-developers-258150974794782/)
    - [Git repository](https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/fbind/)
    - [Telegram channel](https://t.me/vr25_xda/)
    - [Telegram profile](https://t.me/vr25xda/)
    - [XDA thread](https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/module-magic-folder-binder-t3621814/)


    **2019.1.23 (201901230)**
    - General optimizations
    - More accurate SDcardFS and encrypted data detection
    - New command: fbind --remount
    - Note on SDcardFS: remounting /mnt/runtime/write/... may cause a system reboot. If this happens, fbind remembers to skip that next times. There's a catch, though! If your system reboots for a reason other than this, fbind will mistakenly add `noWriteRemount` to config. If you stumble across broken bind mounts, remove that line and remount all folders (fbind -um).

    **2019.1.5 (201901050)**
    - Fixed auto-mount toggle (fbind -a) inverted output.
    - Forcing FUSE mode (fbind -f) causes bootloop if the system doesn't support that. When this happens, changes are automatically reverted.
    - General optimizations
    - Under SDcardFS, remounting /mnt/runtime/write/... may cause a system reboot. If this happens, fbind remembers to skip that next times (noWriteRemount).
    - Updated building tools
    - Wizard has a "troubleshooting" option.

    **2019.1.2 (201901020)**
    - fbind -R|--remove <target>: remove stubborn/unwanted file/folder from $intsd and $extsd. <target> is optional. By default, all <remove> lines from config are included.
    - fbind <no options>: launch the folder mounting wizard.
    - fsck SDcard, refer to README.md (fbind -r) for details.
    - Major fixes & optimizations

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [Magisk][/system] fbind, Tool/Utility for the XDA Community Apps

    VR25, Captain_Throwback, 白い熊, TechnoSparks
    Source Code: https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/fbind

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2019.1.23
    Stable Release Date: 2019-01-23

    Created 2017-06-14
    Last Updated 2019-01-23
    ### No, I'm Not Dead! ###

    I know, I know... it's been quite a while. Well, yeah, maybe longer than that...

    Not gonna write a book on this. Lets just say it's HARD to access the internet on a regular basis from my current location. Plus, I've been busy with general life matters.
    That said, my online presence will still remain limited for a while. It won't be that much limited anymore, though. So... yay!

    ### Latest Changes ###

    F2FS Loopback Bug Workaround
    Magic GApps
    Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode
    Moto Z Play Dual SIM Mode Enabler
    Sysconfig Patcher
    Systemless Camera NX Mod
    - Fixed modPath detection & bad PATH variable issues (Magisk V16.6).
    - Updated documentation

    Magic Charging Switch (mcs)
    - Enhanced debugging function.
    - Fixed "automation config still calling `cs` instead of `mcs`."
    - Fixed modPath detection & bad PATH variable issues (Magisk V16.6).
    - Updated charging switches database (more devices supported)
    - Reliability improvements
    - Updated documentation

    Magic Folder Binder (fbind)
    - Ability to unmount loop devices and partitions on demand (i.e., fbind -u 'pattern1|pattern2|pattern...').
    - Better loop device mounting logic ("ugly bugs" fixed)
    - Bind-mount folders automatically regardless of --L (LUKS) flag's usage.
    - Dedicated logs dir -- /data/media/fbind/logs (easier & advanced debugging)
    - Deprecated `fbind -l` in favor of `fbind -i` (outputs much more information)
    - Fixed "misleading [N/A] mount status".
    - Fixed modPath detection & bad PATH variable issues (Magisk V16.6).
    - Fixed "rm -rf not affecting hidden files/folders" in data moving functions.
    - Ignore `app_data` line whose target apk is missing (to avoid app data loss).
    - Option to mount app_data in ext4 .img file (loop device)
    - Shipping with a comprehensive, noob-friendly tutorial (tutorial.txt, /data/media/fbind/info/tutorial.txt)
    - Reliability improvements (better data loss protection algorithms)
    - Updated documentation
    - Using `rsync -a` for advanced copy operations, instead of `cp -a`.

    ### Last, but Far from Least ###

    Will update each project's thread and repository & answer queries at my earliest (uh... maybe a little late) convenience.
    Meanwhile, everything you need is in the attached zip. Yes, all modules are there, along with a md5sum.

    P.S., To everyone who donated and/or contributed in other ways,
    -- Thank you very much!
    Is this project discontinued? Last update almost a year ago.

    Ok, I downloaded latest version (2019.1.23) and installed it on my Lineage OS 17.1 (Android 10) with Magisk v20.2, and... spent two days for manage it to work... Meh, it'd be better to not even start.

    Fist of, it simply hasn't been installed properly on my system (no binaries, no scripts, only info/config examples), so I downloaded latest update-binary, saved it as is (without modifications), and manually converted config.sh to install.sh (using aka "legacy script" logic) (fix1-fix2) customize.sh (fix3).

    Secondly, fstype binary doesn't detect FAT (vfat/exfat/sdfat) on my system, so I added extra check to part() function in core.sh: in case if fstype has not detected FS, let mount detect it automatically (omit -t).

    Next, grep /storage/emulated /proc/mounts | grep -Eiq ' sdcardfs | fuse ' || exit 1 line in wait_until_true() function instanly exit script on boot, I guess it's because it starts too early on my system. So I replaced "exit" with waiting loop.

    After all this modifications and countless hours of tries and errors I finally got what I wanted - move (bind) some internal folders to encrypted second partiton of my external SD card.

    part -o umask=0 /dev/block/mmcblk1p2--L,MyLoNgPaSsWoRd /mnt/sdcrypt
    extsd_path /mnt/sdcrypt
    target DCIM
    target Audio
    target TitaniumBackup

    I found using umask=0 on FAT is a most painless way to deal with apps permissions to use binded folders. Less secure though. I logically understand that fbind should take care of access to binded folders, but it looks like something changed lately in Android's storage "magic", which is not clear to me, so... umask=0. Tried other mountpoints like /mnt/media_rw/sdcrypt or /storage/sdcrypt, tried ext4 instead of exfat, but all that caused even more problems with permissions. I'd appreciate any advice about better mountpoint and options to use.
    Got an infinite bootloop when I used to use FUSE (which is happen automatically when I add something like "intsd_path /storage/emulated/0" in config.txt), thanks god we have TWRP.

    I attached modified zip-file in case if anyone interested (not sure If I had right to do this tho, I will remove it if OP or moderators ask), magisk-only.
    DISCLAIMER: I'm very new to module coding and coding in general, I'm just an experienced Linux user, so I can't guarantee that my modifications are 100% correct and universal, test it on your own risk.

    UPD: new "fix2" version with some fixes.
    UPD2: new "fix3" version: magisk 20.4 support and others changes.
    UPD3: new "fix4" version: small bugfixes and simplified code (info).
    Hi guys, I made new "fix3" version if anyone interested:
    - magisk 20.4 support (magisk 20.0+ is requied starting from this version)
    And some fixes for those who using partitions and/or images:
    - loop and part now support both EXT2/3/4 and FAT/exFAT file systems, and loop accepts mount options (loop -o ...) like part does
    - better detection file system of partitions and loop images (using blkid if fstype fails)
    - fixed problems with permissions when mounting (ex)FAT and EXTfs partitions/images (using better mount options, sdcardfs and more of android storage "views" black magic)
    You can part/loop directly to target folder (part /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 $intsd/Viber) or mount it aside (part /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 /mnt/flash), declare as $extsd (exstsd_path=/mnt/flash) and then bind/target folders (target Viber, from_to Viber .Viber, etc)

    Tested with Carbon 8.0 (Android 10, AOSP-based) on my ancient Xperia Z3 Compact
    zip-file attached to my original post

    JUST FOR INFO (UPDATED after "fix4" released in my next post below):
    Hardcoded mount options for initial mounting of partitions and loop images:
    for all FS: nosuid,nodev,noexec,context=u:eek:bject_r:sdcardfs:s0
    + for (ex)FAT: uid=0,gid=1023gid=9997,umask=0007
    + for EXT2/3/4: changing owner:group of root directory to 0:1023 0:9997 and perms to rwxrwxr-x - you should know this if you use mounted EXTfs-devices somewere else. This will allow you to create and delete newly created or empty folders in the root of mounted EXFfs storage, but for existed folders you need to do chown -R 0:9997 <mountpoint> and chmod -R 775 <mountpoint> by hand at least once.
    These changes should help with access to mounted storages in recent androids.
    And additional options when binding devices and folders: gid=9997,mask=6
    Also, here is another interesting tool for binding folders: https://bindfs.org (but see "known issues" at bottom). May be I'll try switch to it if encounter problems with permissions in next android updates. If I don't buy new phone with 128+ gigs of internal memory soon :)