MAGISK V14.0 New Method Installation Bootloop Issue

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Jun 14, 2010
England, UK
Trying to utilise the new method of installing v14.0 of MAGISK.

I've installed Magisk Manager and got a copy of my boot.img, I've patched within the app and flashed the patched_boot.img.tar via ODIN and got the Green PASS.

This however after a couple of vibrations just hangs the phone at the BootAnimation when restarted.

I've reflashed the stock boot.img and my device boots correctly.

Also posted this under the Official Q&A Thread:
Samsung G935F Samsung S7 Edge on Three UK FW

I've tried using the new method to create patched_boot.img.tar to flash with ODIN.
ODIN flashes successfully but device just hangs at boot animation.
Reboot and flashed stock boot.img and boots fine.

Opened up New Issue on @topjohnwu GitHub here:

I've seen these quotes:
Samsung devices are quirky. The normal installation instructions are in the release thread. If you're device requires a special installation process you're probably better off checking in your device's forum.
No. You have to unlock the bootloader since you need to be able to fish a modified boot image. Only exception are Samsung devices since these can be flashed with ODIN... Which most likely will exclude the locked down is versions

With v14.0 and this method being so new I can't find anything on a special installation process as I want to install using new method only. Any advice or anything further I can supply to help Troubleshoot.


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Aug 15, 2017
I had the same issue - the only way is to wipe the data and cache in recovery after installing the new boot.img (its because the phone detects the new boot.img and so prevent access)