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Magisk v18 on 7.1.2 Pure Nexus?

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Senior Member
May 25, 2009
I've been running the same ROM since release pretty much, and I'm still using Magisk 14.1. I tried to update via the Magisk app a while ago and it broke everything, had to start from scratch and go back to 14.1.

I just saw that v18 Magisk was released. Is there an easy way to install this on 7.1.2? I'd rather not try and flash the zip and have it break everything again, it was a huge pain trying to fix it all.

I know last time I originally installed Magisk there was a certain way everything had to be installed and there was a guide for that. Something about a certain order of installing zips and TWRP versions, is there still a relevant guide for that? Would it be easier to just flash a whole new 9.x rom and start over?