[Manila][12-Nov-2010] Co0kie's Home Tab v2.0.0 - Final Released

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Mar 26, 2008
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As far as I remember same widget cannot be activated in diferent pages in same level. Same widget can be activated in different levels, but not in different pages in same lavel You should install some other clock widgets if you want to have clocks in every page in same level.

Así funciona, compañero. Intenté duplicar el widget del reloj por defecto, pero no hallo cómo...

Longpress the widget and select pin.
Then it will stay on all pages of one level.
For another level you have to use another clock widget. You can't add the same widget on different levels. You Only can pin a widget on all pages of the same level.

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Yes, that's why I was asking how to avoid this behavior... I don't want to use the "pin" option because I don't want the widget in every page but in a few.

Well, if it can't be done, then it can't be done... :good:


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Apr 27, 2010
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Just copy the file into the zip to windows folder and accept overwrite and restart Sense
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    While very cool, HTC Sense can be pretty limiting in the way of user customization. Co0kie’s Home Tab (CHT) is a modification for Sense 2.5 that completely replaces the existing home tab and brings lots of new features and customization options.

    Please read all the instructions and user manual carefully before posting questions.

    Everything you need to know is in the first few posts of this thread:
    Post 1: Introduction, news, download
    Post 2: Important notes
    Post 3: FAQ, troubleshooting, known issues and fixes
    Post 4: Addon widgets and other downloads
    Post 5: Tehnical reference
    Post 6: Development resources

    Thanks to MichelDiamond for way too many things to actually list, but here are some: chtstate that gives CHT access to system states and notifications, chttask that makes the tasks widget possible, the simply amazing CHTScheduler and his great all around support.
    Thanks to johncmolyneux for his creating CHTEditor, and thanks to the guys currently helping me maintain CHTEditor: MichelDiamond, CLHatch, Tumys.
    Thanks to Tumys for making the HVGA port of CHT.
    Thanks to santod040 for his great graphics work and awesome support.
    Thanks to JMHL for JMLToday - parts of which are used in CHT.
    Thanks to Kisja & amarullz for their original work on the Manila Locker.
    Thanks to CLHatch and dafunk2 for their graphics.
    Thanks to CHT beta team (in alphabetical order): 12aon, CLHatch, caliban2, dafunk2, madindehead, Mariad, MaxCF, MichelDiamond, mike2nl, mkucuksari, mwalt2, myslee_ovi, santod040, Steve0007
    Thanks to all the members of the CHT Development feedback group.
    Thanks to everyone in the CHTS Beta Group.


    CHT v2.0.0 Final released. Posts about v2.0.0 Final start from number 2170.
    Read this post about general information about the final, upgrading info and changes.

    CHT v2.0 Public Beta released.

    About v2.0.0 Final:
    CHT version v2.0.0 bring major changes. Most of the mod has been rewritten from the ground up, every line of code has been looked over and optimized for speed. Lots of new features have also been added along with an addon widget framework. Generally the mod is more configurable than ever.
    You must uninstall any previous version of CHT and soft reset before installing this one.
    If CHT was cooked into your custom ROM, install over the cooked version.

    A new version of CHTEditor is also available: CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 final - you must use the final version of CHTEditor with CHT 2.0 final.
    There is no backward compatiblity with versions 1.x.x, so you can't import old CHTE 1.x settings files.
    But you can import saved files from 2.0 beta into 2.0 final. Similarly, future versions will be compatile going forward, so you will be able to import your 2.0.0 settings into any 2.x.x version.

    If you're upgrading from v2.0 beta, read this post.

    Here are the highlights of what's new in v2.0.0. A full list of changes is very quite large and you should read the user manual to find out all that's possible.
    These are just highlights, but I know you'll discover the details by reading the manual and of course while exploring the home tab itself :)
    - left/right sliding pages confgurable from 1 to 7 pages (separately configurable for portrait, landscape and lockscreen)
    - redesidned softkey area, bottom menu and tab slider (tap and hold the slider button, don't just tap and release)
    - quick links can be configured in any row by column layout
    - new links that are can be freely moved anywhere on the screen (free links - add from popup menu)
    - free links have a slide-to-launch feature on the lockscreen
    - more widgets: email, sms, RSS, weather, clocks (digital, flip and analog)
    - widgets can be pinned into place and some can be freely resized
    - addon widget framework: widgets can be made by anyone and installed as an addon cab

    Requirements and Compatibility:
    Manila (Sense) 2.5 on a WVGA or VGA device is required. For HVGA an additional port cab needs to be installed - see this thread.
    While the mod will run on any OS version, the CHT lockscreen that comes with the base cab requires Windows Mobile 6.5 or higher to work. For WM6.1 see the CHT lockscreen alternative addon cab below.
    Starting with v1.8.5 .Net 3.5 is also required. You can download it here.

    The mod is not compatible with other larger Manila mods (like MaxManila or MaxSense). Smaller home tab mods (like transparency) and mods that don't affect the home tab are fine.
    CHT has built in wallpaper controls so bg4all mods or the hq wallpaper patch are no longer compatible (they are built in).

    Manila 2.5 subversion compatibility is as follows:
    2.5.1920, 2.5.1921, 2.5.1922, 2.5.2011, 2.5.2012, 2.5.2013, 2.5.2014, 2.5.2015, 2.5.2016, 2.5.2017, 2.5.2018, 2.5.2019

    NOT compatible:
    Nothing for now.

    To check your Manila version: go to the settings tab in Sense, scroll down, select "About phone", and then "Software Information".
    (If those options aren't available on your settings tab that means you have a Sense version that is older than 2.5.)
    If you have any problems with this mod please report your full Manila version (e.g. 2.5.xxxxxxxx), the device and ROM you are using.

    Samsung Omnia II compatibility: The Omnia II has a ported version of HTC Sense available. Because of the Sense port, CHT is only partially compatible with this device: edit mode will not work.

    Download the cab and run it on your device.
    If you have a problem installing it, try turning off Sense (All Settings -> Today), installing the cab and then turning Sense back on.

    The base cab contains only the English languages. If your device uses a different language you will need to also install the CHT language pack found below.
    If you are running WM6.1 and wish to use the lockscreen feature of CHT, you will need to install the WM6.1 lockscreen addon cab, also found below.

    Language Pack
    The language pack currently (revision 3) contains the following languages:
    Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Hebrew.

    Thanks to the translators: saleemhd, BoneMo, harfot, Bonito77, Saugbaer, jolas, jibotella, L_o_k_i, p34cdc2, tuniel, nike2nl, Jack_Surfer, daguigto, kane159, Som30ne.

    More CHT
    All CHT settings can be configured using CHTEditor.
    Schedule and switch the look of your home screen and device settings using CHTScheduler.
    Find some cool artwork here: CHT Artwork.
    For HVGA users: CHT HVGA port.

    Download Co0kie's Home Tab v2.0.0

    Download the CHT v2.0.0 User Manual

    Download more widgets: Addon widgets

    Download non-English languages: CHT language pack
    Section 4: Addon widgets, quick links and other downloads

    About Addon widgets and links:
    Addon widgets are new to CHT v2.0.0 - made possible by the widget framework.
    These are true addons: Widgets that fully integrate with CHT, but at the same time can be added and removed without affecting other widgets or the base CHT installation.
    They are compatible with all v2.x.x versions of CHT.
    Version v2.0.0 supports a maximum of 20 addon widgets (this number does not include the built in widget that come with the CHT install).

    As well as widget, link can also be added as addons.
    Links like toggle switches, notifications, status indicators, tab links, etc.
    Version v2.0.0 supports a maximum of 20 addon link cabs (a single addon links cab may have multiple links inside).

    Addon widgets and addon links are added independently, so the maximum is 20 addon widget + 20 addon links cabs.

    Download addon widgets:

    RSS widget - Probably the most requested widget of all. It's the RSS Reader that comes with Sense 2016+, but it will work on all ROMs with Sense 2.5 including the HD2 stock ROMs. The only requirement is that you have the RSSHub application on your device.
    This is the exact same RSS reader the comes with the stock Sense wich means it also has it's limitations and bugs - this widget will be updated as HTC updates it's RSS Reader in stock Sense.
    The future might also bring some better Sense RSS integration. For now this is no more and no less then what you get with Sense 2016+.

    Weather widget - Standalone weather widget. (That is, in addition to the one in the main clock.) Features 2 layouts, both resizable. The second layout is pure eye candy when enlarged.

    Digital clock - A real digital clock that is. No flipping and no space between the upper and lower part of the numbers.
    The clock is extremely basic, but it is mainly made to be a base for skinners to make their own digital clocks since I know the flip clock doesn't make a good skinning base (because of the space between the upper and lower part).
    For more info on modifying this widget see the developers guide (coming soon).

    Flip clock - Not much to say here, just the same flip clock without weather as one of the main clock layouts. I thought it would be a good idea to have one more example widget for devs.

    Analog clock - Just a simple standalone analog clock.

    Download addon links:

    State links - indicators that show various device state information

    Tab links - links to Sense tabs

    For chefs - How to cook in addons:
    The process is a little different for widgets and links.

    Addon widgets:
    In the addon widget cab, the setup.dll does the most import part of the install. Doing it manually is a bit tricky. The easiest thing you could do would be add the cabs to an automated post flash customization.
    But if you still want to cook it in this is what needs to be done:

    1) In HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\ create a new string value called: "CHTI.AddonWidgets.Slot0". For its value set the install dir of the addon cab you wish to cook in - they are usually "\CHTAddon\%widget_name%" (the install dir in the addon cab isn't actually used as an install destination, but as an unique widget id).
    2) Next you'll need manilaHash.exe - you can find it on the forum.
    3) Put "\Windows\HTC\Home\CHTWidgetSlot0.mode9" into manilaHash.exe and get the hashed ********_manila files name. Then rename CHTmode9_manila to that name.
    4) Put "\Windows\HTC\Home\Scripts\Home\CHTWidgetSlot0.luac" (it's ".luac" without a space) into manilahash, get the manila name and rename CHTlua_manila to that.

    Repeat that for any additional widgets you want to cook in, just put in Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, etc.

    Important note: manilahash.exe does not append leading zeros to hashed file names. For example if the name needs to be "008fa12b_manila" - manilahash.exe will output just "8fa12b_manila" without the leading zeros.
    The hash code always needs to have 8 digits, so if manilahash.exe gives you something with less than 8, add the missing zeros manually. Otherwise you'll the widget will not be installed properly.

    Addon links:
    Very similar to the above, but a little simpler.

    1) In HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\ create a new string value called: "CHTI.AddonLinks.Slot0". For its value set the install dir of the addon cab you wish to cook in - they are usually "\CHTAddon\%links_name%" (the install dir in the addon cab isn't actually used as an install destination, but as an unique id).
    2) Next you'll need manilaHash.exe - you can find it on the forum.
    3) Put "\Windows\HTC\Home\Scripts\Home\CHTAddonLinkSlot0.luac" (it's ".luac" without a space) into manilahash, get the manila name and rename CHTlua_manila to that.

    Repeat that for any additional link cabs you want to cook in, just put in Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, etc.

    Analog clock skins:
    Analogue clocks for Co0kies HT - The list! - Thanks to Franwella for the list and also to everyone who created analog clock skins.

    CHT banners:
    Some banners for your signature made by dafunk2 - big thanks to him.

    Section 3: FAQ, troubleshooting, known issues and fixes

    Known issues with fixes
    For all fixes: Extract file(s) from zip, copy to \windows, overwrite existing and restart sense.

    - The email notification link will not work if a program is assignet to it (quick/free link, bar, lock screen - all email links affected)
    - The "Exclude Outlook email count" option causing messed up screen
    -> for both issues, here is the fix download.

    Known issues without solutions
    These issues are known but have no solution at this time.

    - Sense might restart if the tasks widget is active but there are no tasks.
    - Pinned widgets sometimes don't fade out under extended lists.
    - Edit mode might not respond sometimes.
    - Sms and email widgets have animated transition even when the "no animations" option is set.
    - Sense crashes when going directly from purchased music to home.

    Frequently asked questions
    Q: I need transparent components.
    A: Use this transparency mod.
    Q: Will you mod the people tab?
    A: No.
    Q: I'm missing full screen weather animations?
    A: The sun rays animation for sunny was disable, because it can't be moved to follow the clock. To re-enable it, use CHTEditor and turn on the option under misc. settings.
    Q: I'm using the retractable slider. Why is the weather animation cut off at the bottom?
    A: I wasn't able to extend the weather animation. This is something your just going to have to live with.
    Q: Why is the sun rays animation over the sun instead of under it?
    A: Unfortunately this can't be helped and it's part of the reason why it's disabled by default.
    The original clock was made of 4 separate cameras: background, left tabs, right tabs, weather. I consolidated this to a single camera which:
    1) Allows for easy moving of the clock.
    2) Gives a performance boost, because only 1 camera needs to animated and not 4.
    A side-effect is that the sun rays now can't be slotted in between the sun and clock background. Only under everything (where it isn't visible at all) or over everything as it is now. It's a trade-off, but I thought the pros outweighed the con.
    Q: How can I link directly to WM messaging and email apps?
    A: Take a look at this post (thanks to Dishe).
    Q: Why can't I get Sense in landscape? All I get is black screen.
    A: If you have Sense version 2.5.1920 or 2.5.1921, those versions do not support landscape mode.
    Q: Why can't I skin my taskbar and softkeybar?
    A: This feature is only available on WM6.5.

    Q: I'm having black screen or freezing problems with the lockscreen.
    A: Unfortunately, the only advice I can give you if to disable the CHT lockscreen and go back to the default system lockscreen.
    Q: HTC shortcuts have white icons
    A: This can happen on some older manila versions. To resolve this, go to reg key HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\ and set IsShortcutEnabled to 0.
    Next, with file explorer, go to \windows\start menu\programs and delete the white HTC icons. Then, download this zip and extract the shortcuts to \windows\start menu\programs.
    Q: Menu text has weird "IDS_" text.
    A: You didn't install the CHT language pack or you installed some mod that changed the language files (like "no calendar text" mod). Reinstall the CHT language pack to get normal text back.
    Q: My quick links (or any other home elements) are disappearing.
    A: The appointment and task lists are made to hide anything that's behind them (for easy reading). If you have one of them too close to another home item it will disappear. Move them a bit further apart and everything will be OK.
    Q: The bluetooth toggle doesn't work.
    A: Get a bluetooth toggle that works for your device (you can easily find one on the forum), install it to your device and then link it to CHT by setting the Bluetooth application in CHTEditor.
    Q: I can't turn off the CHT lockscreen.
    A: Go to \windows and delete lockscreen.dll.
    Section 2: Important notes

    About exchange policies:
    If you use exchange and have exchange policies applied to your device, this mod might not work for you. It depends on the type of policies which are enforced.
    Some will not allow existing files to be replaced, which this mod requires. Others allow it and it will work.
    You can try installing it - if it doesn't work it can be completely removed without a problem.
    In case it doesn't work, your only option to get it working with your exchange policies is to flash a ROM with the mod cooked in.

    About the CHT lockscreen:
    The CHT lock screen does not support any PIN code or password protected unlocking.
    Remove any unlock codes before turning on the CHT lockscreen or you will be permanently locked out of your device and you'll have to do a hard reset.
    If you are using a gsensor app to automatically rotate the screen and you have it to always rotate, you should add the class "CHTLockscreen" to the exception list.
    If you don't have the rotation app set rotate everything, but only a list of desired programs, then you don't have anything to worry about.
    If you need to lock the CHT lockscreen externally, you can do it with this: "\Windows\CHT_Helper.exe -lock"

    CHT lockscreen for WM6.1:
    I've prepated an addon cab with an alternative CHT lockscreen for WM6.1 users.
    Installing the addon cab will revert the CHT lockscreen to the older lock system used in v1.7.x. The downside of this is that the old lock system carries with it some flaws:
    on some devices it might not lock all hardware keys, has a slower lock response on wakeup, on longer calls it might relock before the call is over, gsensor apps that rotate manila will also rotate it, doesn't integrate with the WM6.5 lock system (softkey in start menu, button assigned lock).
    Of course, for those who really want to use the CHT lockscreen and don't mind those shortcomings, the ultimate upside is that is does work on WM6.1.

    About wallpapers:
    -All wallpaper controls are now built into CHT, so there is no need to install any bg4all or hq wall patch. In fact don't install them because they are not compatible.
    -3 wallpaper modes are available - take a look at the bottom of this post for a comparison: About v1.8.5

    Notes on animated wallpapers:
    -I had to remove the animated wallpapers - not the weather wallpapers, but the 3 animated wallpapers with circles and such. The weather wallpaper animations are fully intact.
    I know, I know, some of you will miss them, but I'm guessing not that many. It was just one of those things that would be too much work for a minor feature.

    About Performance:
    For HD2 users: It was made for the HD2 and it should run nice and slick on it. But I do recommend installing Chainfire's HD2/Leo 3D Driver Patch - it's great.
    For non-HD2 users: Keep in mind that this was primarily made for the HD2 and it will be slower on other devices. To improve performance you have options to: reduce the animation level and reduce the number of quick links pages.
    General tip for more speed (both for HD2 and non-HD2): Disable full screen Weather animations: Tap to add a new Quick Link and add the "Weather Toggle".
    It will then appear as a shortcut in your quick links, and can be used to quickly enable/disable weather animations.

    About ROM cooking:
    Don't cook in the file "ManilaFull.xml". Originally it's a manila cache file that's generated on start up (based on the xml files in \windows\manilaxml\).
    This file should never be cooked in because it will prevent changes to manila pages and menus.
    The "ManilaFull.xml" in the cab is an empty file. It's only there to make manila regenerate it after install, because I've made changes to the home menu.
    So make sure not to cook in that file in any form.

    Don't cook in the CHT lockscreen as on by default. If you do that, users won't be able to turn it off!

    If you're cooking a WM6.5.x ROM, you should set the reg value of CHTI.WinMo6.5.x to 1. The cab's setup.dll would do that normally.
    If you're cooking in a specific configuration all the CHT.* values need to be cooked in an as well as the HKLM\Software\HTC\Manila\CHT values that hold layout information.
    Make sure you also cook in CHTI.State.Timeout with the value 45 (decimal) and CHTI.AddonWidgets.Count with 20 (decimal). The rest of the CHTI.* values don't need to be cooked in.

    For info on cooking in addon widgets and link, see post 4.
    Section 5: Tehnical reference

    The main cab only includes English text. To get other languages download the CHT language pack.
    Not all languages have been translated. If you find that CHT is not fully translated to your language and you would like to translate, contact me.

    CHT full changelog:
    #v2.0.0 (changes since public beta) - 12/11/2010
    -[new] sms and email notification shortcuts will jump to CHT widgets
    -[new] option to disable non-edit mode popup menu (CHTEditor->Widget settings)
    -[new] option to make toggle switch turn on bluetooth in discoverable mode (CHTEditor->Miscellaneous) 
    -[new] option for original flip clock animation (CHTEditor->Miscellaneous)
    -[new/fixed] updated chtstate v1.08g
    -[change] tab and state links are no longer part of the base CHT cab - available as addons
    -[fixed] phone hardkey not working
    -[fixed] tab change bug when only a single home widget page is set
    -[fixed] left/right swipe stops working
    -[fixed] various quick/free links assignment and move bugs
    -[fixed] independent quick links bugs (invisible link presses)
    -[fixed] quick links layout bug when setting a lower max row count
    -[fixed] quick links disappearing text
    -[fixed] sms and email mark read on timeout will only be set if the widget is currently on the screen
    -[fixed] sms and email swipe not active on the lockscreen
    -[fixed] missed calls notification icon not updating correctly
    -[fixed] bugs with "don't repeat multiday appointment" option
    -[fixed] WM6.5.x detection method
    -[fixed] sms/email popup menu exiting
    -[fixed] wallpaper previous/next/random links with very wide walls
    -[fixed] widget might disappear after being unpinned
    -[fixed] pinning widgets close to or over the edge of the screen
    -[fixed] free links size on lockscreen
    -[fixed] appointment/tasks list hides independent quick links grid when it should not
    -[fixed] add a link page in landscape
    -[fixed] wide wallpapers move up after live change
    -[dev] custom operator text and foreground layer changes are live (no need for manila restart)
    -[dev] updated the setup.dll for addon widgets to add as small install safeguard
    -[dev] separated appointment/tasks list and popup menu graphics
    -[dev] addon links framework added
    #v2.0.0 Public Beta - 26/09/2010
    -[new] major upgrade - first public release
    #v1.8.5 - 19/06/2010
    -[new] option for scrolling appointment and task lists
    -[new] task improvements: counters, color options, option to display both start and due date
    -[new] high quality wallpapers
    -[new] taskbar and softkeybar skinning
    -[new] wallpaper control quick links: previous, next, random wallpaper
    -[new] compatible with manila_home 2016 (with manila_core 2015) (dev note: graphics files: 1b8f4bec_manila, 55b3bed2_manila, 710705ec_manila)
    -[new] addon cab: alternative lockscreen for WM6.1 users (thanks to Kenia1234 for testing this)
    -[new][dev] the analog clock has it's own mode9 and script file (mode9: 1E1A6CCD_manila, lua: 1EC5924B_manila)
    -[change] weather animation on the lockscreen now plays even if weather is off on the home tab
    -[change] music player (or any element) will no longer be loaded on startup if it's not visible on any layout
    -[fixed] analog clock hand alignment (thanks to rat_2665)
    -[fixed] wallpaper selection on WM6.1
    -[fixed] VGA: all tabs wallpaper, add toggle menu, titlebar disappears
    -[fixed] photos tab picture position for both VGA and WVGA
    -[fixed] clock highlight getting stuck
    -[fixed] tab change side swipe not responding after unlock
    -[fixed] analog clock resize button shows in non-edit mode
    -[fixed] quick links disappear in landscape
    -[fixed] appointments/tasks slim header autohide
    -[fixed] previous track button disabled image on manila 19xx (dev note: for skinned players 59B6BB1D_manila needs to be copied and renamed to 10B1B92F_manila) 
    -[fixed] white wallpaper when rotating with hdwall
    -[fixed] test appointments don't show up sometimes
    -[fixed] tasks sorting and range
    -[fixed] if home menu was open when locking the unlock slider would be missing
    -[fixed] slider bar appears on white menus with no tabs
    -[fixed] phone toggle doesn't turn off if data was connected
    -[fixed] weather animation freezes on comm switch
    -[fixed] music info not updating
    -[fixed] lockscreen bottom bar bug
    -[fixed] uninstall problem on some ROMs
    #v1.8.0 - 06/06/2010
    -[new] many lockscreen improvements
    -[new] new quick link types: switches, notifications and misc
    -[new] wallpaper controls: home, all tabs, lockscreen
    -[new] wide scrolling home wallpaper
    -[new] 4 home levels and landscape are customizable
    -[new] tasks
    -[new] new list control for appointments and tasks (unlimited item count)
    -[new] anything will hide behind the expanded app/tasks list (not just quick links)
    -[new] music player with 3 layouts
    -[new] text color settings
    -[new] analog clock is x-axis movable and resizable
    -[speed] significant boost to quick links animation speed/smoothness
    -[change] tab slider is now always visible on white submenus (related to retractable slider)
    -[fixed] many lockscreen related problems
    -[fixed] highlights that stick
    -[fixed] second hand freezing
    -[removed] animated wallpapers (not weather wallpapers, just the 3 animated ones)
    #v1.7.1 - 18/04/2010
    -[new] voicemail program link
    -[new] notification support for more than 100 sms/mms/email
    -[new] sun rays animation option
    -[fixed] advanced layout menu not working
    -[fixed] black bar in submenus
    -[fixed] music problem with locker
    -[fixed] full screen animation showing wrong weather
    -[fixed] program selector in VGA
    -[fixed] clock becomes rotated sometimes
    -[fixed] weather hit area removed from no weather clock
    -[fixed] page indicator shows up after unlock
    -[fixed] retractable slider bugs
    -[fixed] clock weather text overlap
    -[removed] dim backlight option (using system setting instead)
    -[removed] suspend timeout option (using system setting instead)
    #v1.7 - 13/04/2010
    -[new] moveable and customizable home items
    -[new] 6 clock layouts (including analog)
    -[new] 2 or 3 quick links rows in main view
    -[new] notification icons
    -[new] customizable lockscreen with 3 unlock modes
    -[new] more than 3 quick links pages
    -[new] retractable slider
    -[new] parameter support for button program links
    -[new] automatic VGA mode detection
    -[new] added voicemail notification
    -[changed] position of more appointments indicator arrow
    -[changed] adjusted 3x3 quick links layout
    -[fixed] exchange policies related issue
    -[fixed] bug with appointment range set to 1
    -[fixed] miscellaneous smaller bugs
    #v1.6.1 - 07/03/2010
    -[new] option to hide or auto hide appointments
    -[new] added more appointments indicator for main view
    -[fixed] call history related bugs (rounded edge, overlap)
    -[fixed] date button now always shows month view in calendar tab
    -[fixed] removed side scroll animation from animation level 0
    -[fixed] corrected quick links scrolling in landscape
    #v1.6 - 04/03/2010
    -[new] 3x3 layout added and 5x5 repositioned slightly
    -[new] reworked animations with 4 levels and an animation toolkit
    -[new] dynamic notifications - autohide call history and quick links
    -[new] up to 5 appointments in extended view, 2 in main view
    -[new] enabled swiping between tabs from home
    -[new] option to set the number of quick link pages
    -[new] option to hide shortcut text and text background
    -[new] option to hide page indicator
    -[new] weather animatin on/off switch
    -[new] localization support
    -[new] setting for date, clock and weather buttons
    -[new] option to set a custom operator name
    -[fixed] leftmost and rightmost column sensitivity on 4x4 layout
    -[fixed] wrong date for multiday appointments
    -[fixed] quick links bug on up key / volume key
    -[fixed] appointments now always update on home tab load
    -[fixed] added back htc start menu shortcuts
    -[fixed] unfinished animation before switching to remove/rearrange view
    -[fixed] re-enabled operator logo
    -[fixed] a few bugs in VGA mode
    #v1.5.4 - 13/02/2010
    -[fixed] crash on start up (thanks to caliban2)
    -[fixed] crash on swiping
    -[fixed] past/future appointment mix-up with 12-hour format
    -[fixed] bug when dragging appointment across pages
    -[fixed] default page reg setting
    #v1.5 - 10/02/2010
    -[new] 3 pages of quick links
    -[new] 5x5 link layout
    -[new] drag and drop to rearrange
    -[new] dated appointment for more than 2 days
    -[new] call history button
    -[new] configurable alarm, call history and calendar buttons
    -[new] basic VGA support
    #v1.0.1 - 31/01/2010
    -[fixed] clock distortion bug
    -[changed] 16 links is now default
    #v1.0 - 30/01/2010
    -initial release

    Registry settings for reference
    Settings are located in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila\
    Restart Manila for the changes to take effect. Available settings:

    Settings format: reg_value_name (type) (default value) description
    Notes: bool => 0 or 1, color => a color code string
    ### email - both general mail and specific email widget settings
    CHT.Email.TextSizeSender (20-30) (24) - email widget text size adjustment
    CHT.Email.TextSizeDateTime (12-24) (18)
    CHT.Email.TextSizeSubject (14-28) (20)
    CHT.Email.TextSizeBody (10-22) (16)
    CHT.Email.TextColorMain (color) ("")
    CHT.Email.TextColorSub (color) ("")
    CHT.Email.MarkRead (bool) (0) - mark email as read when selected
    CHT.Email.MarkReadTimeout (0-20) (2) - seconds timeout to mark as read
    CHT.Email.ExcludeOutlookCount (bool) (0) - if turned on, email notifications on the home tab and lockscreen will not count outlook items
    ### messages - sms/mms
    CHT.SMS.TextSizeSender (20-30) (24) - widget text size adjustment
    CHT.SMS.TextSizeDateTime (12-24) (18)
    CHT.SMS.TextSizeBody (10-22) (16)
    CHT.SMS.TextColorMain (color) ("")
    CHT.SMS.TextColorSub (color) ("")
    CHT.SMS.MarkRead (bool) (0) - mark as read when selected
    CHT.SMS.MarkReadTimeout (0-20) (2) - seconds timeout to mark as read
    ### notification bar is now configurable
    CHT.NotifyBar.HideMissedCalls (bool) (0)
    CHT.NotifyBar.HideSMS (bool) (0)
    CHT.NotifyBar.HideEmail (bool) (0)
    CHT.NotifyBar.HideVoicemail (bool) (0)
    ### widget page and level controls 
    --- pages - separate controls for portrait, landscape and lockscreen
    CHT.WPages.Portrait.NumPages (1-7) (3)
    CHT.WPages.Portrait.DefaultPage (1-7) (2)
    CHT.WPages.Lockscreen.NumPages (1-7) (1)
    CHT.WPages.Lockscreen.DefaultPage (1-7) (1)
    CHT.WPages.Landscape.NumPages (1-7) (1)
    CHT.WPages.Landscape.DefaultPage (1-7) (1)
    CHT.WLevels.Circle (bool) (0)
    CHT.WLevels.Min (0-3) (3)
    CHT.WLevels.Max (0-3) (3)
    ### general widget settings
    CHT.Widget.SnapX (1-100) (1) - snap widgets to x-axis of alignment grid - size in pixels
    CHT.Widget.SnapY (1-100) (1) - snap widgets to y-axis of alignment grid - size in pixels
    CHT.Widget.DisableNonEditPopup (bool) (0) - disables the non edit mode popup menu
    ### quick links - no more QLMode - instead just set the desired number of rows and culumns (different column num settings for portrait and landscape)
    CHT.QuickLinks.MaxNumRows (1-6) (4) - this is called "maximum" because the number can be made lower in CHT layout edit mode
    CHT.QuickLinks.NumColumnsPortrait (1-5) (4)
    CHT.QuickLinks.NumColumnsLandscape (1-4) (3)
    CHT.QuickLinks.HideEmptyShortcuts (bool) (0)
    CHT.QuickLinks.HideIconFrames (bool) (0)
    CHT.QuickLinks.HideShortcutTextBack (bool) (0)
    CHT.QuickLinks.HideShortcutText (bool) (0)
    CHT.QuickLinks.VibrateOnPress (bool) (0)
    CHT.QuickLinks.Independent (bool) (0) - when turned on the quick links grid will stay on one wdget page and swipe left/right independently of the widgets
    CHT.QuickLinks.NumPages (1-7) (3) - number of quick links pages
    CHT.QuickLinks.DefaultPage (1-7) (2) - default quick links page
    CHT.QuickLinks.SelectionGrid (0-2) (1) - for the "add a quick link" menus
    ### free links
    CHT.FreeLinks.HideIconFrames (bool) (0)
    CHT.FreeLinks.HideShortcutTextBack (bool) (0)
    CHT.FreeLinks.HideShortcutText (bool) (0)
    CHT.FreeLinks.VibrateOnPress (bool) (0)
    CHT.FreeLinks.snapX (1-100) (30) - snap to position length in pixels (x-axis)
    CHT.FreeLinks.snapY (1-100) (30) - snap to position length in pixels (y-axis)
    CHT.FreeLinks.LockSlidingEnabled (bool) (1) - enable slide to activate on the lockscreen
    CHT.FreeLinks.LockTargetOffset (30-350) (80) - how long the slide should be (in pixels)
    ### redesigned softkeys + tab slider
    CHT.Softkeys.Enabled (bool) (0)
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyHeight (48-80) (64) - softkey height in pixels
    CHT.Softkeys.MenuHeight (48-80) (64) - menu item height in pixels
    CHT.Softkeys.Key1 (key) ("") - these 5 let you choose the keys in the softkey bar (leave blank for default)
    CHT.Softkeys.Key2 (key) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.Key3 (key) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.Key4 (key) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.Key5 (key) ("")
    *** key: a string value - it can be: 
    -standard keys:
      Menu, Phone, TabSlider, LockDevice, Web, StartMenu
    -special keys:
      DummyKey - leaves a blank spot (if you have key1-something, key2-DummyKey, key3-something, there will be a empty space between key1 and key3)
      None - removes the key completely (if you have key1-something, key2-None, key3-something, key1 and key3 will end up next to each other)
      Custom1, Custom2, Custom3 - user defined custom keys defined by:
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom1.Path (string) ("") - path to executable
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom1.Args (string) ("") - cmd line arguments
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom1.Icon (string) ("") - path to key icon
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom2.Path (string) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom2.Args (string) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom2.Icon (string) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom3.Path (string) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom3.Args (string) ("")
    CHT.Softkeys.KeyCustom3.Icon (string) ("")
    ### lots of new options for the lickscreen
    CHT.Lock.Enabled (bool) (0) - enable CHT Lockscreen
    CHT.Lock.OnDispOff (bool) (0) - lock device on screen off **WinMo 6.5 only**
    CHT.Lock.OnStandbyWM61 (bool) (0) - lock device on standby **WinMo 6.1 only**
    CHT.Lock.OnPluggedInUnlock (bool) (0)
    CHT.Lock.OnPluggedOutLock (bool) (0)
    CHT.Lock.AfterPhoneCall (bool) (0) - lock after phone call **WinMo 6.5 only**
    CHT.Lock.ProximityBacklightOff (bool) (0) - while locked, turn off backlight based on proximity senser (good for pocket protection) - only works on devices with a proximity sensor
    CHT.Lock.TimeoutForProximityLock (0-5) (3) - seconds to delay lock after proximity triggered screen off
    CHT.Lock.UnlockMode (0-2) (2) - 0 is Manila style, 1 is WM style and 2 is the HDmini style unlocker
    CHT.Lock.SliderShortcuts (0-2) (2)
    CHT.Lock.VibrateOnPress (bool) (0)
    CHT.Lock.AnimationOnLock (bool) (0)
    CHT.Lock.InvertSlider (bool) (0) - invert the manila style slider to unlock from right to left
    ### switches - not for the editor
    CHT.State.ProximityActivate (bool) (0) - always turn off backlight based on proximity sensor (don't turn back on)
    CHT.State.ProximityRelight (bool) (0) - relight screen after move off from poximity sensor
    ### affects all lists
    CHT.Lists.ScrollEnabled (bool) (1)
    ### DoNotRepeatMultiday is new
    CHT.Appointments.DaysRange (1-31) (7) - days to look ahead for appointments
    CHT.Appointments.MaxCount (1-99) (20) - max number of appointments to load
    CHT.Appointments.OpenInAppEditor (bool) (0)
    CHT.Appointments.DoNotRepeatMultiday (bool) (0) - set to only show multiday appointments once
    CHT.Appointments.ShowAppointments (0-2) (1)
    CHT.Appointments.ShowCallHistory (0-2) (2)
    CHT.Appointments.ShowVoicemail (0-2) (2)
    CHT.Appointments.UpdateMode (0-1) (0) - 0 - manila 19xx appointment update mode, 1 - manila 20xx update mode
    ### new: task app integration, popup menu for complete/delete
    CHT.Task.Days (1-99) (7)
    CHT.Task.Max (1-99) (20)
    CHT.Task.WithCompleted (bool) (1) - show completed tasks in the list
    CHT.Task.ShowBothDates (bool) (0)
    CHT.Task.PopUpOnLongPress (bool) (1) - if enabled a popup menu will be available to complete/delete a task
    CHT.Task.Sort (0-1) (0) 0 - by due date, 1 - by start date
    CHT.Task.TodayColor (color) ("")
    CHT.Task.CompletedColor (color) ("")
    CHT.Task.DueColor (color) ("")
    CHT.Task.CmdLineEdit (string) ("") - cmd line for directly opening a task with app defined in program links
    CHT.Task.CmdLineNew (string) ("") - cmd line for creating a new task with app defined in program links
    ### clock settings
    CHT.ClockFlip.DisableDoubleFlip (bool) (0)
    CHT.ClockFlip.DisableMinuteFlip (bool) (0)
    CHT.ClockAnalog.ShowSecondHand (bool) (0)
    CHT.ClockAnalog.AMPMColor (0-10) (0)
    CHT.ClockAnalog.Location (0-numLocations) (0) - show time from different location on the analog clock ( 0 is the currect system time (be it "My Location" or a different selected location),
    																								1 is the first city (second item) in the World Clock menu, 2 is the second city (third item) etc.)
    ### misc settings
    CHT.Animations.Level (0-3) (2)
    CHT.Animations.WobbleWidgets (bool) (0)
    CHT.Misc.SunRaysEnabled (bool) (1)
    CHT.Animations.OriginalFlipClock (bool) (0) - restores the original flip clock animation
    CHT.Titlebar.ShowLockToggler (bool) (0)
    CHT.Titlebar.ShowCHTSIcons (bool) (0)
    CHT.Titlebar.ShowPageIndicator (bool) (1)
    CHT.Titlebar.ShowLevelIndicator (bool) (0)
    CHT.Titlebar.LevelIndicatorColor (color) ("")
    CHT.RetractableSlider.Enabled (bool) (0)
    CHT.RetractableSlider.Timeout (0-30) (2)
    CHT.Text.MainColor (color) ("")
    CHT.Text.SubColor (color) ("")
    CHT.Wall.Mode (0-2) (0) - changed the default to 0 (regular)
    WallpaperFolder (string) ("\My Documents\My Wallpapers\")
    CHT.Misc.CustomOperatorName (string) ("")
    CHT.Misc.LinkTabPriority (bool) (0) - if 1 tabs will take priority over widgets when pressing sms/email links
    CHT.Switch.BluetoothDiscoverable (bool) (0) - toggle swith turns on bluetooth in discoverable mode
    ### program links
    CHT.ProgramLink.Alarm (string) ("")
    CHT.Switch.BluetoothProgram (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Calendar (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.CallHistory (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Clock (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Date (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Email (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Messages (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Tasks (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Voicemail (string) ("")
    CHT.ProgramLink.Weather (string) ("")