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Question Manual installation of OTA without root?

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Mar 8, 2018
Hey folks,
I'm in a bit of a limbo atm. Got a brand new Nord CE that came with (EU) and the system side updater doesn't offer yet. Since I want to root before actually starting to use it I'd need a payload.bin for version 9.9 to patch the boot.img with Magisk, but from all I can find here and on the rest of the net there never was a full OTA release for the EU version of that update.
And using the 11.11 boot.img with Magisk just "soft-bricks" the system, either leading to an endless reboot loop, or when it sometimes boots into the system it's half broken and a lot of stuff including wifi doesn't work...

So the big question is: can I somehow install 11.11 manually? Already tried with Fastboot Enhance, but when I set the phone to fastboot mode FE complains about unknown partitions, and in fastbootd mode I can't find any fitting driver. Already tried the qualcomm driver package that was mentioned in one thread, but other than setting my Win10 installation into test mode it didn't change anything...

edit: ugh... ok, sorry that I completely overlooked that 11.11 was officially released not even a week ago. Kind of understandable that the OTA isn't offered on the system updater yet then, guess google takes some time until they offer it to everyone. But my question still stands: any way to install the OTA before the system updater offers it? Does anyone have a working driver for fastbootd mode? Would flashing TWRP be an option? I've used it before on my older phones, but only because it was necessary for rooting, not optional as with the Nord CE.
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