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many problems with files ( copy to pc , copy to usb otg , copy to sd card )

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Oct 1, 2015
Since day 1 I have many problems with files in redmi note 6 pro

- no third party app have access to SD Card ! even if I gave it a permissions to storage
for ex. I can't extract a rar file to SD Card !

- another problem is when copying a file a usb flash drive using OTG it keeps copying but once I remove the usb drive ( even with safely remove ) and connect it to any other device (or even my device) I find out that there is no files were copied !

- finally , when I connect my phone to PC some folders doesn't show all files and even if I copy a folder it doesn't copy all of the contents ! although it shows all the files in file explorer on my phone but not on PC
for ex.
I had a folder of videos with size 4GB but it was shown on PC as 1.5GB but the others are missing !

any help how to fix all those problems !

my device runs on android 8.1 , MIUI
those problems not only on Redmi Note 6 pro some of my friends also face it with many different devices but all are Xiaomi !