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[Mar.22] WP7 V1.09 EN NoAni-Tile / b100318 for Spb Mobile Shell [WVGA/Etc working]


New member
Jul 1, 2010
Good News

There is good news.
Live tiles, were successful in applying animation effects. :)
However, over time, but time will change the image tiles.
For example, XBOX Live Hub and contacts are available to overlap.

It's kind of bogus. ;)
Back to the image processing, applied digital clock was divided.
As a result, the atmosphere among the images xBox Live Herb was a good change.
1 second animation to be possible, but did not found it yet.
Next version. Expect different.:cool:

And the previous version was re-attached. Current resolution, custom work was not finished.

[Update Note]
:( # Install Windows Mobile 6 SDK and QVGA, WQVGA resolution began to work.
Do not get the terminal's test was a stupid idea.
T_T...(Buy busy for my baby, Breastfeeding also took a cold cut. Baby sitting is hard.)

- Troubleshooting Multilingual Fonts (for 2 Byte Language/ ex. margin, fit...)
- And a modified version before the update was working.
- Test Equipment : Xperia X1i (WVGA)
- Live tiles working : Contract people in Home hub, xBox Live, Pictures, Zune..etc
- As the source of my new job again will be packing. Mtstmp more MSkip and do not steal the source.

- Resources is working to change.
- Are tested using the emulator.
- QVGA, WQVGA and in order to work.
- the resolution is different for each installation files. Image resources are also modified.
- WVGA versions are supported from the Live tiles. Support version is 1.2.


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New member
Dec 1, 2010
I've been using your RC2_ENG and it was so nice. just now I tried your new release today and it's pretty much better and more beautiful.Highly recommended for SPB users and WP7 lover.


New member
Feb 2, 2010
Does "After other res (QVGA)" mean that you are working on it? I really hope so.

Amazing job, anyway. I was impressed this morning when I came into the Forum.

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