[MAR0812] AmeriCanAndroid AOSP HD2 GB2.3.7 CM7.2 | bk2sdext [KERNEL:ACA823]

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Dec 3, 2007
Ok I did have a x.xx.51.xx from a prior attempt at upgrading.

Just formatted my card, reflashed TMOU 3.14x and copied extracted the download to SD\Android After running each it's back to a gray map with "powered by AmeriCan Android" on it.

I pulled the battery and went back into settings. Radio version is
Just jumping in, I am not an expert........ but how long are you waiting for the first install?.... sometimes it takes a while.
Oh, and Kung Pow was a funny movie!
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May 21, 2005
inside the Grid
Epic post 2k!

Hello my friends! WASSSSSSSSSSSUP!

Tonight I greet you with my 2000th post @ xda.
Thats 333 posts/year over 6 years if you average it out, but ..
most of my posts have been in the last 2 years. <-- useless info.. sorry. :)

I want my 2000th post to be epic.. lol in some way or another, so lets begin.
-there is a new build on its way to the internets as I type this. Look for the first post to change right away here with a new build. its been on the testing shelf for a bit now and ive only had one issue and its been fixed. (thanks evo1rs)
-there are plans for ics in the works so you dont all have to jump ship in search for a tasty treat. (and its way to cold to have ics thursdays, but.. who knows right?) ALL of the work so far, has been done by others, but most closest to us is Arif-Ali. We've got quite the "organization" going and are helping each other out where we can. That said, it will be his build compiled from source, but done to ACA specs. NOW .. so you dont all get to anxious, its not ready yet. The dev stages put it on par with the nexus/bravo ics builds, and its still going to be a while. But .. when its ready for the userbase, you will get it. Then after that, its onto CM9. So.. we arnt going anywhere, as promised.

because you are my #1 sd users, you get your first post update first. :)

thankyou for a great 2000 posts of service and I look forward to many more to come in the future. <3 u xda & android community. no homo.

yours, <-- for realz


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DSP offers a lot of versatility, it's reasonably full-featured and works pretty well. If sound quality is lacking for you; I think the best upgrade that can be had is the use of better headphones or IEM's. If the transducer/speaker sucks to begin with... how much can you expect an EQ app to improve it? I do use reasonably expensive IEM's (because they make a huge difference).

I always appreciate your comments my friend. Thanks, maybe I'll buy a beats audio earphones. :D
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Jan 19, 2008
su binary updater

The su binary updater started to run after the 12/7 build was installed. Updated to 3.03 from 3.0. beta 2. Also included a modified busybox.

Is that something the forum needs to know about?

Should I now not update busybox?


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Mar 7, 2010

Thanks again for your, and the other devs, continued amazing work on this project. I know I'm probably just being inpatient, but I just wanted to let you know [edit: kernelbase beat me to this :)] that the multiupload download link on the first post is linked to the previous version of the rom 112911 and not the latest version 120711 that you tantalizingly referred to in your latest post. Thanks and keep up the great work!


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Aug 14, 2007
Omaha NE
Ok, so it turns out that I am going to need to get a new phone and I am leaning towards the HTC eVO 4G. Does any one now of a similar ROM that would be available for use on the eVO? I've been with AmeriCanAndroid since I started with android and I really don't want to give it up, but I didn't see one in th eVO area. Any sugesstions of what I should try out?



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Oct 24, 2007
Just jumping in, I am not an expert........ but how long are you waiting for the first install?.... sometimes it takes a while.
Oh, and Kung Pow was a funny movie!

30 minutes the first time... an hour the 2nd time. After rebooted into WinMO there is no SD\Android\Data folder or anything else to suggest it was building.


Feb 23, 2010
Download link is still reffering to older version :(

I look forward to see it, because 112911 build cause me some difficulties with SD card, but I used even older build of AmeriCanDroid for about month and it is the fastest one I ever tested. Only withdraw was little bit unstable camera app.


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Aug 21, 2007
I always appreciate your comments my friend. Thanks, maybe I'll buy a beats audio earphones. :D
Andy, I really appreciate the compliment. Thanks! ...Let me return the favor and suggest you do not buy that brand or the marketing hype associated with it. Whatever your budget is; there's far better sound quality to be had for the same, or more, or less $.

Suggest you do your homework. Have some fun with it... here's two sites; one an enthusiast site, and one a vendor site with a broad product line-up and lots of comparison reviews by both users & staff. I'm sure you'll be able to find your way around. Fwiw, and to be clear... I'm not shilling for the vendor (they're just one of many who are reputable), but they are a good source of info.

1.)www (dot) head-fi (dot) org
2.)www (dot) earphonesolutions (dot) com

Personally, I would stay away from the least expensive offerings of any brand. I favor models from: Westone, Sennheiser, Shure and Audeo. These are personal choices and there are many truly good products from a number of companies... I just wouldn't recommend Beats to a friend.
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Jun 6, 2008
Look for the first post to change right away here with a new build. its been on the testing shelf for a bit now and ive only had one issue and its been fixed. (thanks evo1rs)

It's always flattering when I get mistaken for evo :)

To clarify evo has produced a long line of excellent bootanims for the build, whereas uzi has spotted the occasional bug and provided some support here and there...

Don't worry about the filename - it is the new build.
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Jan 30, 2010
Trying this now.

---------- Post added at 04:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:17 PM ----------

Having trouble with the market place on the new version, keep getting error "your device is not compatible" I have changed the language, also installed the lcd density and tried 240 but still no luck, any ideas?
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Mar 24, 2008
...Having trouble with the market place on the new version, keep getting error "your device is not compatible" I have changed the language, also installed the lcd density and tried 240 but still no luck, any ideas?

Revert to Old Hacked Market 2.3.6

Use Titanium Backup to freeze market updater thus disabling automatic upgrading to version 3.

Also for those having unusual battery drain issues. The culprit (in my case at least) was Email.apk v.2.3.4. I used Root Explorer to delete it (make sure you set RW) and replaced it with Email 2.3.5r1

No more 60mA drains, I get 10mA at the most :D

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    Introduction & Disclaimer:
    If you've ever flashed a new rom, updated a firmware, or plain reformatted - all because you just had to have the newest __blank__? Then you have come to the right place.
    Nightlies are addictive and exciting, but can be unpredictable and sometime unstable. We take no resposibility for what you do or what happens when you do it.

    xda member Docent has kindly prepared an easy to follow faq tailored to the AmeriCanAndroid userbase.
    You can find (and please DO find) his FAQ here

    Older FAQ's by copenhagen: here, here, and here.
    (Most of the tips are still pertinent to this build)
    Cope's SD Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=898831
    WarrenBread Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=927671

    Cyanogen CM7 (Gingerbread 2.3.7) 100% HTC-LEO cm base
    latest updates always compiled from git source.
    changelog: CM7 Changelog WIKI

    Warrenb213's AmeriCanAndroid Kernel r823

    Includes optional rootfs.img that allows to boot build from magldr (!readme! in /sdcard/Android/SDMAGLDR)

    Ad-blocking hosts file (inc. audiogalaxy friendly)

    PPP data implemtation

    Optional automatic data/app backup and restore (bkup2sdext)
    you do NOT have to partition your sdcard to run this build. All you need is a single fat32 partition, however extended features are available to those who sport a partitioned sd card

    Check post 3 for user modifications such as sense theme and round battery icons.
    Current Release:
    03.08.12 - Update
    -cm code updates from jan 19 to march 08

    ??-hd recording still flakey, use high??
    -included a themed htc_ime generated from the online generator install apk from /sdcard/android/androidapps or /sdcard/backup/app. (activate through settings->keyboard after installed) ***the htc_ime keyboard is amazing btw the features are incredable test it even for a minute and youll understand***
    Credit goes to gimpsta for this lovely keyboard. >> http://www.gimpsta.com/themer/

    -*GSensor-Calibration tool: To use it
    In terminal emulator type, su (return)
    bma150_usr( lay phone flat on back and hit return )
    exit(return), exit(return and close).

    ===ALL users read below===
    its important that you read the section in
    the installation and updating section before updating.
    Previous Releases:
    01.19.12 - Update
    -cm code updates from jan 11 to jan 19
    -new boot animation from evo1rs! so good.
    -updated the builds implimentation of sqlite which should give it a bit better performance
    01.11.12 - Update
    -cm code updates from jan 02 to jan 11
    01.03.12 - Update
    -cm code updates from dec 20 to jan 03
    Installation & Updating:
    Installation & Updating Proceedure is the same!:
    Download the build to your pc.

    1. americanandroid.7z -> unzip!
    2. copy folder unzipped\AmeriCanAndroid\Android -> to -> \sdcard\Android
    (!If you are UPDATING.. choose overwrite when prompted - no need to delete anything!)
    3. in winmo, run clrcad.exe and haret.exe in the \storage card\Android\ folder. OR
    (alternatively install exceller bootloader for winmo for one click or AUTO launch of Android OS)

    first boot always takes a long time be patient, it will work, and future boots do not take as long.

    bkup2sdext users read below
    - To enable backup of apps and data to your sd-ext partition edit /system/build.prop change
    @ the bottom aca.bkup2sdext.enable to =1 (change back to 0 to disable)
    *to enable restore of /data/data edit /system/etc/shutdown.d/02shutdown and add data after
    for i in app app-private so you end up with
    for i in app app-private data;
    save, then reboot.

    -!! During day to day use; it is MOST important to SHUTDOWN and not pull batt,
    as this is when your data gets backed up to the sd-ext partition.. !!

    - Your device will auto restart after about 5 to 10 minutes from when android starts loading.
    This shut down is required to complete the restore of existing data to a new build.​

    if you truly feel we are deserving, your donations are appreciated <--clicky!.
    Coffee to keep us awake and working :)
    THANKYOU to those who have already done so. We'll keep working on making you a better build as best we can.
    Major thanks to:​
    google - obviously...
    cyanogenmod team - for the great effort they put into their very high quality work. the ground floor to the roof and then some. Amazing Amazing.
    copenhagen - I saw we needed to thank you too Mr Canadian. ;) haha. You rock.
    warrenb213 - its great working with you... its way better to have an team mate for these projects. and you've brought alot to this build. thankyou so much
    mdj - researching your builds have helped us tremendously in accomplishing this.. major thankyou.
    lithid - your guidance and straight forward tips have been most beneficial
    shub - for the great builds till u nixed them.
    mattfmartin, noellen, docent - xda bruthers from another mother.
    michyprima - you started copes love for nightlies.. its your fault! and he thanks you.
    diem - for the gps fix
    linus torvald - for starting something so amazing!
    tytung - for sharing your great work on the hd2's gps implementation
    ianscott888 - for the fantastic blender tutorials and 3d android rig set for our animation!
    pwhitrow(bootlogo), evo1rs(bootanimation), uzi2(support), docent14(support), playstation(support), krisdelisle(support), and the many other (sorry if i forgot u) users who have helped maintain the sanity.
    xda - for the forums.. the info.. and the users
    to everyone else we missed. Thankyou
    working for a community on a community project; to those who came before us, thankyou for everything you have done.. Thankyou.

    The AmeriCanAndroid build and Warren's kernel are online @ gitorious:
    changelog archive

    User Modifications: (under dev)

    100 point Circle Battery Notification Bar
    modded by cmillens

    HTC Sense Theme For AmeriCanAndroid
    modded by Anthonayy

    T-Mo USA Netflix App
    maintained by Sprintusa
    maintained user modifications are listed here
    (pm us if you have something worth posting)​

    Changelog Archive:
    [color=grey]Previous Releases:
    12.20.11 - Update
    -cm code updates from dec 7 to dec 20
    12.07.11 - Update
    -cm revision updates from nov 29 to dec 7
    -evo1rs caught a small init.d error - have corrected
    11.29.11 - Update
    -cm revision updates from nov 27 to nov 29
    11.27.11 - Update
    -cm revision update to 7.2
    -cm updates from nov 7 to nov 25th
    11.07.11 - Update
    -new super user app 3.0.6 and su binary 3.0.3
    -new market 3.3.11
    -added "fixed" vold until we can find the proper source code -thx evos!
    -updated boot animation from evo1rs
    -cm revision update to 7.1
    -cyanogenmod updates from oct22 to nov6th
    10.22.11 - Update
    -cm updates from oct 17 to oct 22
    -Evo1rs fixed the pixels in the boot animation thx buddy :)
    -changed the lcd density to 160 to avoid the market "this device is not compatible" error message. YOU MAY HAVE TO clear data & defaults in settings appli market+reboot.
    -35 kernel NOT ready to boot sd yet but its being looked into.
    10.16.11 - UPDATE:
    -new revision of gingerbread 2.3.7 :)
    -cyanogenmod changes from 0828 to 1016!
    -welcome back! :) man that felt like forever.
    [B]-New Revision of Android 2.3.7 MAY require a fresh install, so backup your data. New market may require a fix permissions / and or clear data in settings->applications.
    -Starting with 080111 and later, users can edit /sdcard/android/startup.txt [I]prior to booting [/I]to adjust LCD_DENSITY, GPS_ZONE, and DATA_SIZE (data.img)
    (ie: the default lcd_density of ACA is 167.  Edit the lcd_density= value to 240 to get standard sized icons and fonts)[/B]
    08.28.11 - UPDATE:
    ACA Build updates:
    -Added Tytungs GPS 2.1
    Kernel Updates: r823
    -Implemented RNDIS again(tried long ago), just Tytung's working
     version. Kudos to tytung for the candy settings.
    -Set config_hz back to 1000.
    -Sourced from jdivic and mdebeljuh: Wakeup Lag Fix for AUO panels
    Cyanogenmod Updates: (some may not apply to us - Updates from 081711 to 082811)
    -SystemUI: Add 4g iconography 
    -telephony: add support for HSPA+ 
    -Merge "telephony: add support for LTE and EHRPD" into gingerbread 
    -add missing prototype from OMAP4 FM header merge 
    -telephony: add support for LTE and EHRPD 
    -Merge "Log Wifi NativeCommand exceptions" into gingerbread 
    -Merge "Fix: Do not change music volume if screen off and no music playin... 
    -Merge "Fix exception in legacy USB support" into gingerbread 
    -Merge "SystemUI: Show mic-less headphone icon in status bar (1/2)" into ... 
    -Merge "Notification PowerWidget: Additional SoundMode: Vibrate/Silent" i... 
    -Merge "Revert "Change Finnish time format to use ':' instead of '.'"" in... 
    -Merge "frameworks/base: bluetooth: AVRCP 1.3 feature changes" into ginge... 
    -Fix: Do not change music volume if screen off and no music playing Comment
    -Log Wifi NativeCommand exceptions 
    -Fix exception in legacy USB support 
    -SystemUI: Show mic-less headphone icon in status bar (1/2) 
    -Notification PowerWidget: Additional SoundMode: Vibrate/Silent 
    08.17.11 - UPDATE
    ACAKernel r816 updates:
    - kgsl updates:
        *msm_kgsl: Move kgsl_sharedmem_init to module load
        *kgsl_sharedmem_init/kgsl_sharedmem_close only need to be called once,
         so move them to the the module load and close functions so they can be
         available through the life of the module.
        *msm_kgsl: Optimize TLB flushing
         Only flush TLB when it is absolutely nessasary as opposed to
         flushing it on every map and unmap
        *msm: kgsl: Fix a potential subtraction overflow issue
        *msm_kgsl: Reuse vmalloced memory buffers
         Memory buffers that are vmalloced and can be freed are put
         into a free list and reused later if an allocation of same size
         is required.
    - Tweaked the Audio levels a bit more.
    - Added the HTC Auto White Balance Calibration to the leo.
    - Modded compile script a tid bit
    ACABuild Updates 081711: 
    - various aca build tweaks
    - cyanogenmod updates from 0812 to 0817
    08.12.11 - UPDATE
    adjusted lcd auto backlight levels
    adjusted light sensor lux levels
    adjusted some notification led settings in the build
    enabled mms content disposition support (lets see if this fixes our mms issues)
    added some changes from [url]https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_leo/commit/2629ed278367ef1ce4993a329546e0b47757adfc#diff-11[/url]
    cyanogenmod changes from Aug 7 to Aug 12
    080711 - UPDATE
    -massive cyanogen mod updates from aug 01 to aug 07
    -updated gpslib to 2.0 (thx tytung)
    080111 - UPDATE
    -ability to edit the startup.txt in /sdcard/android/startup.txt prior to booting to adjust: (thx shosts and satan!)
    lcd density (ie 167 to 240)
    gps region (ie us to eu or ca)
    data size (in MB)
    -cyanogenmod source updates from 0729 to 0801
    -gps cleanup fix applied in the build
    -removed the davik2sdext was causing boot issues.
    072911 - UPDATE
    -new version number GRJ90 and Gingerbread 2.3.5
    -cyanogenmod updates from Jul 22 to July 29
    -you may need a new data img. (but as usual try ur existing first.. make a backup before you try)
    -found and fixed an issue that caused "can only boot once" issue for some sd users
    -updated to tytungs gps libs 1.9
    -fixed VPN (tun module wasn't loading)
    -added Jag's Fancy Schmancy Compass (Thanks Jag!)
    -disabled bk2sdext by default. it can be enabled in build.prop 
    -device only shuts down on first boot/upgrade if u have bk2sdext enabled
    -added some checks against double mounting sdcard to sd-ext (no longer will happen)
    -re-enabled backup of /data/-->data<-- in bk2sdext routine, but left restore out. (its good to have a backup of your data just in case)*
    -still looking for the lib audio fix that is fixing this crash with skype.. (looking for the source code to fix it not a .so file)
     ^^however.. its probably something cyanogen will fix before i find it.
    072211 - UPDATE
    -new kernel from warrenb. ACAKernel r0719
    -cyanogenmod updates from july 15 to july 22
    -completely rebuilt from scratch. build now has permissions / ownership on OS files- set as per cm's specifications.
    071511 - Update
    -new kernel from warrenb. ACAKernel r0714
    -added gsensor calibration tool[B]*[/B] - thankyou for the tip evo1rs :)
    -updated gps libraries[B]**[/B].  thanks tytung and dan1j3l ([url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1100114[/url])
    -cyanogenmod updates from july 11 to july 15
    070911 - Update
    -rootfs now 7mb
    -updated boot logo :) thanks to xda user pwhitrow
    -swapped in a different default acdb file for louder sound
    -cyanogenmod updates from july 05 to july 09
    070511 - Update
    -kernel now brought back up to date. with additional updates
    -smaller rootfs
    -cyanogen mod updates fomr june 23 to july 05
    062311 - Update
    -updates from june 10 to june 23 (lots of updates from them) lol may
    -work done on kernel to bring it back.  It is going to get updated again,
    but its going to take time and lots of testing. however. I must say. YAY.
    so. back to 0512andAbit.
    -update like normal. no extra stuff needs to be done.
    061011b - Update
    ===b release
    -past 12 hours or cyanogenmod code updates
    -updated kernel from warren addressing a few issues
    -using a different ip-up-vpn file now in the compile... hopefully resolves vpn issues.
    ===inital release
    -vpn more work done on vpn
    -usb mass storage more work done here
    -we added "push back button to ignore incomming call"
    -did some more tweaking to the boot animation to bring it down in size a little
    -incorporated past 12 hours of cyanogenmod code updates
    -work on our implementation of the notification led code
    -new kernel r610 from warrenb213
    060911 - Update
    -cyanogenmod code updates from June 8 to June 9 2011
    -attempts to resolve vpn implementation issues
    060811 - Update
    -cyanogenmod code updates from June 7 to June 8 2011
    -new kernel from warren r608*
    *removed 2 git patches which were causing potential stability issues 
    *interactive gov: lowered sample rate from 80000 to 40000 
    *added TinyRCU
    *added jhash3
    *reintroduced 128mhz option(currently set as default lowest in build)
    *updated ppp driver
    060711 - Update
    -cyanogenmod changes from June 5 to June 7
    -new kernel from warrenb r0607
    -fixed twitch in the boot animation during the dance (thx evo's)
    -thread has now passed 1000 pages. and over 1 million views. ;)
    060511 - Update
    -cyanogenmod changes from may26 to June 5
    -optimized the build for size in mb (total dl size) (system.ext2 is smaller now down to 192mb from 224mb)
    -optimized boot animation .. less loops on flag part
    -build is speedier then last two releases
    052611 - Update
    -cyanogenmod changes from may 21 to may26
    -new kernel 526 warrenb213
    -new bootanimation by evo1rs
    -thx to ACAdevteam the rotary lock is now working (and fix currently pending approval for push into cm7 code for all smartphone devices with similar symptoms.
    052111 - Update
    -cyanogen mod updates from may 19 to may 21
    check our git for changes (link @ bottom of post)
    -updated kernel from warrenb213! solves previous timeout issue "F.C/Wait" Screen / among other changes.
    check out warren's kernel git for changes (link @ bottom of post)
    051911 - Update
    -cyanogen mod updates from may 16 to may 19
    -check the first post for link to ACA's git for more info
    Kernel Updates ACA kernel 518c:
    -[B][U]major major improvements to bt.[/U][/B]
    -check first post for link to warrens kernel git for more info
    051711 - UPDATE
    -cyanogenmod changes from may 12 to 16
    -new custom high-res fullscreen boot animation (its not finished yet / evo1rs & I are working on this atm)
    -highest quadrant score we've ever achieved.
    -enabled low power mode for bt radio/drivers
    -removed unused shutdown options ie: recovery and bootloader
    -including netflix app
    -mms receive changes.. hopefully this cures our inability to download mms messages once and for all
    -tweaked mediaprofiles.xml by evo1rs! Thx brother :) nice work.
    Kernel Updates ACA kernel 516:
    -tun support now built into kernel (no module file needed)
    -improved task schedualing and io handling
    -improved memory optimization
    -ethernet updates
    -overclock the camera
    -sensors, cpu governer, usb updates
    051211 - UPDATE
    -fixed usb to pc functions.
    -cyanogen mod updates from may 10 to may 12
    -new 3d rendered boot animation from evo1rs (amazing i have to say.. your in for a treat)
    Kernel Updates ACA kernel 512:
    -stop WiFi from dieing. Originally from CM kernel.
    -ext2: Fix link count corruption under heavy link+rename load
    -vfs_rename_other() does not lock renamed inode with i_mutex. Thus changing
    i_nlink in a non-atomic manner (which happens in ext2_rename()) can corrupt
    it as reported and analyzed by Josh.
    -msm: i2c: Hold mutex around i2c_xfer and during suspend/resume.
    -ip6ip6: autoload ip6 tunnel
    -Add necessary alias to autoload ip6ip6 tunnel module.
    -USB: f_mass_storage: Disable write cache support
    -ARM: 6490/1: MM: bugfix: initialize spinlock for init_mm.context
    -ARM: Stop irqsoff trace on return to user
    -cpufreq: Prevent memory leak in cpufreq_stats on hotplug
    05/10/11 - UPDATE (* = changes since last [B]official[/B] release)
    -cyanogenmod changes for past 12 hours
    05/09/11* (050811c - this was a typo on my part sorry)
    -warren has done up a new kernel with bt specific changes. ACA Kernel 508 - by warrenb213
    -also did work on PPP data reordering.... check his kernel git for more details (link in first post)
    -lots of overlay changes in the git.. again link in first post to our git for more details.
    -removed lithid's gapps.. to many issues.
    -cyanogen changes from the past 12 hours.
    -included latest titanium backup again /sdcard/android/androidapps/ (this will auto install on first boot and be subsequently moved to /sdcard/backup/app/HERE on first shutdown.
    -cyanogen updates since last compile
    aca changes:
    -changed max connection in audio.conf back to 1 to test
    -the ACA default cricket notification sound is back. found a duplicate entry in build.prop
    -updated gapps with lithids precompiled packages dated 05/04/11 donno what his date convention is either way its newer then ours.
    lithid builds for supersonic device. [url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1056101[/url]
    (has the exact same googletalk2 we've included for the past week
    other gapps have been updated including vending)
    cyanogen updates from may 7 to may 8 inc:
    hci (bt components)
    settings app
    cyanogen updates from may 6 to may 7 inc:
    aca changes:
    -changed to master=true
    in system/etc/bluetooth/audio.conf
    05/06/11 - UPDATE
    -additional data stability changes (see ACA git for details)
    -cm updates to may 6
    -updated some components in the rootfs
    -another improvement on speed and response with this build.
    05/05/11 - UPDATE
    -GB revision update from GB H40 to GB I22
    -cyanogen changes from may 1 to may 5
    -new kernel: includes unique bt mac addressing 504
    05/01/11 - UPDATE
    -GB build revision update to 2.3.4
    -Cyanogenmod revision update to 7.1
    -includes cedesmiths v8b5 ril_wrapper
    -fix for gps by diem & gaunner still being used
    -cyanogen mod changes from April 27 to May 1
    -added tcpthrough put tweak to rootfs
    -added show real number for VM retrieval to build.prop
    -nowgoogle talk voice & video chat capable
    [B]AmCanAndroid Kernel v501 - Presented by Warrenb213:[/B]
    [I]enabled oc'ing[/I] - (use oc'ing at your own risk) 
    [I]older history moved to post #3[/I]
    04/27/11 - UPDATE
    -default lcd density for ACA is now 167 (didnt forget this time)
    -gps fixed (sorry about last build... transition period.. ironed out)
    -cyanogenmod updates from april 25 to 27
    -updated rootfs
    -tweaked hd recording/playback settings for your testing
    -hidden wifi & adhoc networking is comfirmed now working
    (thanks to our updates over the weekend and warrens brilliance!) * sparkle sparkle *
    -made major changes to the gps.conf file to allow for faster gps lock times [B](fasterfix / any gps fast fix software is now NOT RECOMMENDED) the only gps changes you should be making is the old style where you edit gps.conf and change the "us" entries to your own.. ie "gb" "pl" "ca" etc.[/B]
    04/25/11 - UPDATE
    -default lcd density for ACA is now 167 (dont say anything until you see it)
    -missing pixels are NOW gone (filled in rather) in the notification bar (haha i double checked this time.... im NOT mistaken)
    -resized the system.ext2 to be a multiple of 16. It is now 224mb instead of the 230 it used to be. results:  system is speedier... 
    -warren has updated his kernel again 424 (Changelog to come when he wakes up)
    -cyanogen did some work on gps we included in this build and it broke our ****
    -cyanogen mod changes from april 23 to april 25th
    04/23/11 - UPDATE 
    -cyanogenmod changes from 04/22 to 04/23
    -updated BT audio.conf to attempt AVRCP capability
    -engaged more backend WiFi Calling functionality(it's coming along folks)
    -introduced cm's mobile data interfaces(thanks for the indirect reminder in git Chas)
    [B] AmCanAndroid Kernel v424 - Presented by Warrenb213:[/B]
    -updated bcm4329 driver to latest aosp, then modded it a bit(thanks Tytung for a working reference)
    -updated netfilter
    04/22/11 - Update 1:30PM  
    -cyanogenmod changes from 04/18 to 04/22
    -decreased a sleeptimer from 30sec to 7 seconds in rilwrapper to decrease time between reconnecting data (testing stages.. so far so good for results)
    -added a function to automatically inject ISP based dns entries into build.prop
    appears to have stabilized data a bit more. (ACA!)
    -warren has removed the low bat fix from his kernel for now (was causing issues with wireless bt devices being able to connect
    -updated wifi tether apk in /system/app & v3pre tether in /android/androidapps
    -issues with adhoc networking have been sorted out with the assistance of [B]darkalex[/B].  THANKYOU brother.
    -fix_permissions script now runs for ALL users (partitionedSD or not) when updating to a new build (if you follow the update instructions you will have no problems and this will run automatically) - you will not see it run FYI.
    -swype down action in homescreen via adw is working again
    [B] AmCanAndroid Kernel v4.20 - Presented by Warrenb213:[/B]
    [strike]power drain @ 60mah fix(thx tytung and chastarin)[/strike] [I](removed for now - users reported connectivity issues with some bluetooth enabled devices.)[/I]
    updated battery parameters temp reading(thx linux-on-wince team)
    Added 2300mah extended battery support(thx Arne182)
    fixed AC charging on boot and cleanups(thx Markinus)
    04/18/11 - UPDATE:
    -cyanogenmod changes from 04/13 to 04/18   --   (sorry those that got the early 18 release the following was not in it... redownload ;) )
    - [B]A Present from Warren: Kernel AmCanAndroid r4.18[/B]
    04/13/11 - UPDATE:
    -freeze on shutdown. (hopefully have this solved)
    -minor work done to rootfs and data files
    -cyanogenmod changes from the 11th to the 13th.
    -evo1rs has done EXTENSIVE testing on the video camera. we have made adjustments based on his findings. ([B]NOTE we are enabling HD 720 recording for you but currently it is only working @ about i think evo1rs said 1.5 frames a second ;/ but all the current modes that you have will work much smoother and better in quality then before. really really good work evo1rs [/B])
    [B]-we no longer require 2 seperate builds. 1 for all. :)[/B]
    04/11/11: Update
    -cm updates from april 10 to april 11
    -adhoc functionality added via modified source code
    thanks to daveba for the suplicant v6 patch found @ [url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7711198&postcount=6961[/url]
    04/10/11: Update
    -cm updates from april 8 to april 10
    -bkup2sdext working again (all issues resolved)
    -pretty much this will be the best build to date we've released. ;) YAY!
    04/07/11: Update
    -ka_GE local has been added by the cm team
    -cm updates from april 6 to april 8
    -major changes made ppp/data (changes were found on cyanogen dl mirror in the leo section - not really sure who's to thank for this as there was no names attached.. but i assume someone on the cm team spent some time on our device. so thankyou to them.. and if not then to whomever is responsible. !!!)
    -various other changes to init.d files 
    -test the video recording settings, I updated the media_profiles.xml file, this should allow for higher quality recording (this is new and untested)
    -updated a firmware file we were missing (this may not effect anything at this point)
    04/06/11: Update
    -lots of cyanogenmod updates from April 2 to April 6
    -more work done on data to improve data freeze.  also incorporated (for testing) a new reconnect method pointed out by xda user [B]nygmam[/B]. [B][U]THANKYOU nygmam![/U][/B]
    04/02/11: Update
    -cyanogenmod updates from March 29th to April 2
    -updated rootfs (new adb binary,  various other changes to make our rootfs more closely match cyanogenmod's rootfs)
    03/29/11: Update
    -cyanogenmod update from march 26 to 29th
    -updated boot animation thx evo1rs ;) nicely done
    -did some more work on data... positive results so far.
    -added SD Card fix speed read fix. All credit for settings adjustment goto [B]xda user brainmaster[/B]. Details found here: [url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1010767[/url]
    03/26/11: Update
    -cyanogenmod upates from march 20 to 26th :) lots
    -removed news section from main post
    -added "installation and updating" section to main post
    03/20/11: Update
    -cyanogenmod7 updates from mar19 to mar20
    -fixed previous builds voice search issue
    -cyanogenmod7 updates from Mar 17 to Mar 19th.
    -updated busybox to version 1.18.4 (compiled by copenhagen)
    03/17/11: - Update
    -cyanogenmod7 upates from march 14 to march 17
    -reimplemented data fix (gone since march ~8th meh!)
    -cyanogenmod updates from march 12 to 14
    -added new section for forum ([url=http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=11417885&postcount=3]post 3[/url]) for user modifications.
    -cyanogenmod updates from march 9 to 12th.
    as cyanogen has been making several changes each day, it is still a worthwhile update.
    -bkup2sdext re-enabled by default for magloader users. 
    -included widescreen camera to test [B](copy sdcard/android/CAMTEST/root to sdcard/android/HERE so you see /sdcard/android/root and reboot) THX JHB!![/B]
    -at the moment all other existing issues (tho very few exist) are either out of our control, or bound for greatness with the next kernel update from warren 
    -cyanogenmod updates from march 8 to 9th.
    as cyanogen has been making several changes each day, it is still a worthwhile update.
    -no other changes at this time ;) this is nice to see actually. thankgoodness.
    -at the moment all other existing issues (tho very few exist) are either out of our control, or bound for greatness with the next kernel update from warren (not yet tho ;)) - which is a good place to be at with any build.
    -users already on 030811 can update like normal just copy all new build files to sdcard. and boot.
    03/09/11: UPDATE!
    -cyanogenmod updates for last 48 hours
    -included wifi tether v3 experimental build
    -made change to location of wifi tether apk to correct install issues now located in /android/androidapps to be installed on first boot
    (we've done this before with wifi tether and it worked) if not other fix still applies*
    -reintroduced gsm(2g) fix into build
    03/08/11: UPDATE!
    -RTL support i hear is now working.. please provide feedback! (my friends in the east, I hope you are still with us! is it really working??)
    -major cyanogenmod updates from march 5 to 8th
    -new kernel from warren
    -wifi should now show hidden networks
    -bt quality should also be improved
    -gps smooth as silk now
    -overhauled data to sd-ext feature
    -avrcp still notworking
    -decreased boot time with new backup2sdext feature (except first boot)
    -fixed voice search function.. (solution was to compile libaudio.so from AOSP instead of CYANOGen GIT)
    -reports from users that RTL is now working..... would appreciate more feedback on this please
    03/05/11: Update!
    -RTL support i hear is now working.. please provide feedback!
    -version update from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3
    -major cyanogenmod updates from march 1 to march 5th
    -work done on avrcp, early tests suggest not working tho
    -added cleanup feature to tend to various tasks
    move androidapps/* to /backup/app
    move android/root to android/.root
    remove .rec files from / 
    -new kernel (by the one and only WarrenB) AmCanAndroid r3.01
    (not sure whats exactly been updated in this baby.. but Warren can update the OP with the details for you) Um YAY!
    -Major Major Cyanogenmod Updates from Feb 26 to March 1st
    -more work done on bkup2sdext to guarentee no loss of data
    -camera fix included in the build, you dont have to do it yourself.
    (and THANKYOU for providing what I needed in order to go ahead with this fix you know who u are)(who gets the thanks for bringing this to our attention?)
    -removed some useless files - remnants of earlier builds no longer being used.
    -removed button savior.. you can get it from the market
    -further tweeking on data has done to again increase reliability of the data connection
    -as far as I can tell the rogue data on problem is gone
    -cyanogenmod updates from feb 24 to feb 26
    -build now prevents bkup2sdext enable for anyone using magldr rootfs.img 
    -more data stability work has been done.. improvements seen again
    -wierd data auto reconnect bug gone now.. (not sure what was causing it... ah well gone now)
    -cyanogenmod updates from feb 24
    various updates inc: mms systemui systemsetup framework and improved italian support
    - cyanogenmod updates from feb 21st to 24th
    - added missing gps files (sorry bout last time)
    - added data to bkup2sd so now all user data and app settings are saved to sd-ext ;) (partitioned sdcard users)
    - added solution to my senario 4. now uninstalling an app normally uninstalls it from sd-ext partition on device shutdown. ;) so try not to pull your battry if you just uninstalled some stuff, otherwise it will be back when you reboot as the device didnt go though a proper shutdown.
    - adjusted the timer on the data reconnection from 3 to 4 seconds.  hopefully wont be short enough to not get annoying, but long enough to let the connection completely die before rebuilding it. (blah blah geek speak.... i am playing with data... you probably wont even notice anything!)
    - (partitioned sdcard users only)
    NEW app & dalvik-cache auto backup to sd-ext (early stages EXTREMELY 
    promising !! - this replaces app2sdext feature introduced in feb 11 build.)
    if you lose your data.img or format your fat32 partition or upgrade your build. (will work for this build # and moving forward)
    all your apps and their program files, all data from your dalvik-cache, is all restored on first boot. (first boot will take some time) this restores the speed of prior to aps2sdext, but now works for us instead of against us
    - Fixed Voice Capability
    - Docent has updated is swap partition feature (partitioned users only)
    - New kernel. WarrenB r2.21
    - UTF8 & tun working again.
    - cyanogenmod7 RC1 updates from Feb 16 to Feb 21
    - Much Much faster then prior release.  an HD2 on crack.
    - warren's data fixes are still holding up. best data functionality in an android hd2 build we've ever seen.
    - [B]we both recommend installing setCPU to extend battery life. (we do NOT recommend changing ANY settings at all.  Set to interactive and walk away.[/B])
    - thats all i can think of for now.
    -cyanogenmod updates from feb 4 to feb 16. inc version update to CM7 RC1.
    -kernel updated to v2.9
    -ppp fixes (warren) compiled from source (cope) to bring you the best SD PPP build to date for the HD2.
    -building process refined ten fold. much cleaner.
    -apps2sdext* added.  [B]only effects users with a partitioned sd card[/B]. 
    *your apps can essentially survive fat32 partition corruption & format /(and or) data.img loss) makes for updating builds a DREEEEAM!.
    Users w/o partitioned sdcards dont worry just proceed as you always have.
    -all other features carry over from WarrenBread and Cope's SD builds.
    gps, bt (no AVRCP yet), wifi, data 2G(with reconnect after call as it should be), data 3G(no dropped data on call or end call), camera & video camera.
    02/14/11 - o.m.g! supersecret internal build
    02/11/11 - internal test build
    02/09/11 - loyalty build iii
    02/05/11 - loyalty build ii
    02/01/11 - loyalty build i[/color]

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 blah
    Cleaned at request of the good Canadian.
    just dropped a new kernel on Copenhagen.

    Testing. We may release again tonight.
    C'mon guys... let's push Cope over the 1000 thanks mark. Only 3 to go as of this post. And thank Warren as well... with the stuff he's done lately he more than deserves it.

    Lets get Cope and I both over 1,000. :p
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