March 14: New JAM upgrade available on Clubimate

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Today's chat with Omer:

Welcome Wiz, please wait while we get you in contact with one of our club advisors...

You're now talking to Omer

Omer> Welcome to Club i-mate. My name is Omer and I am a Club Advisor. What can I help you with?
Omer> Hi
Wiz> Hi Omer
Wiz> Quick question
Wiz> I am a copywriter for the Dutch Pocket PC Club
Wiz> and I have a quick question from our JAM users
Wiz> which version are the rom updates for the JAM on the FTP site?
Wiz> The thing I noticed is that they have today's date
Wiz> and that they replaced the ones dated 8-3-2005
Wiz> are they different?
Wiz> the 8 march ones had some bluetooth issues
Wiz> are these newer?
Omer> what is the current ROM and ExtROM?
Omer> start > settings > system > device information
Wiz> I don't know have not tried yet, am downloading them now
Omer> i mean the old one
Wiz> I just know that the date suddenly changed from March 8 to March 14
Wiz> the old one had 1.06 also
Wiz> 1.06 / 1.06.110 / 1.05
Wiz> and the filename has remained the same
Wiz> just the date suddenly changed
Wiz> Brian told me yesterday that in 3 days time a new rom version would be available
Wiz> so I don't know what to think about this version
Omer> yes, the one on the site now is the latest version
Wiz> is that newer than the one from last week?
Omer> the one at the last week has some issues, we removed it and fixed some issue
Wiz> so does this one correct the Bluetooth hardware not found issues?
Omer> yes
Omer> it is the one

Wiz> cool, well, I am going to announce it than! :)
Wiz> Both on xda-developers and on
Omer> most welcome
Omer> :)
Wiz> chukran!
Wiz> bye
Omer> Afwan
Wiz> :)

Mark One

Senior Member
Mar 11, 2005
If only I had a little more faith...still waiting for confirmation that it IS an updated 1.06.
Don't count on additional BT profiles, after all, we are talking Microsoft there ;-)

However, first impression:

Bluetooth is stable, no BT Hardware Errors anymore

PS My JAM was not in discoverable more, I fired up my BT Headset HBH-600 to pair it, and before I got to putting the HBH-600 in pairing mode, it's discovery-"beeps" were picked up by the JAM, that suddenly asked me whether I wanted to pair with the headset. Does anyone know whether that was already available in 1.03??


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2005
well, that sounds promising :)

wiz, thanks for your efforts in providing us with new information. would you be so kind to upload this fw to xda ftp? I dont have imate imei so i cant access their support site :-(




New member
Mar 14, 2005
uploading, under Magician/Shipped ROM upgrades/ma_cdlsku1_10600_110_10500_ship.exe - hope this helps.

and I hope this is right place to upload this sort of files, I'm a newbie !



Senior Member
Jan 8, 2004
I installed the "ma_cdlsku1_" ROM today, and I immediately got the BT Hardware no installed crap. Damn, I did not load the ROM Upgrade from last wekk, because I heard so many complaints and I heard there were BT issues.
Honestly I do not think this ROM Upgrade was developed to fix BT issues, but was focused on the audio problems.

How does all this work? Who controls ROM Upgrades? HTC or the Carrier-in this case I-Mate? I know the extended ROM is played with by the Carriers (I-Mate, T-Mobile, Qtek, etc), but who really drives the upgrade and how much ability does the Carrier (I-Mate) have to customize the ROMs or provide fixes?
For instance this ROM Upgrade was taken off so it could be fixed. Was I-Mate working on the fix or were they waiting on HTC to provide a fix?
If I-Mate is driving all this-God help us. I mean come-on they have yet to state any reason other than server download issues for removing last weeks rom and posting this weeks.


Senior Member
Jan 19, 2005
I`m thinking to downgrade to ver. 1.03 with radio stack 1.05...cause I have to soft reset 3-5 times a day with the 1.06 ROM updated.... :evil:


p.s. Has anybody tried the new 1.06.02 Qtek S100 french version?


New member
Mar 5, 2005
this rom is the same as previous. just check the checksums of files. they are identical. only thing that imate change is file name.

crc32: 5C09CB95
md5: BE1756A4A37C7B78FEC24372C3141F4F
sha-1: F891076E60F5CB7C57C193F591EA4C2B48F8E3B0

crc32: 5C09CB95
md5: BE1756A4A37C7B78FEC24372C3141F4F
sha-1: F891076E60F5CB7C57C193F591EA4C2B48F8E3B0


Senior Member
Oct 1, 2003
Pc78 said:
I`m thinking to downgrade to ver. 1.03 with radio stack 1.05...cause I have to soft reset 3-5 times a day with the 1.06 ROM updated.... :evil:


p.s. Has anybody tried the new 1.06.02 Qtek S100 french version?

Yes, me too. This rom upgrade is load of crap.

Imate --- sux, I'll not buy anything from them anymore...


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2005
Al Ain, U.A.E.
I haven't upgraded yet.. thank goodness and well I appreciate all your feedback so basically I am not forcing myself to upgrade.

I think it be best to have this in mind...

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Mine is still using the OLD rom and all, just glad that this thread has been very informative.